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On this page you will find details of "What's New" in this website's History Centre and also new local and family history initiatives. While they centre on Angmering, from time to time they will feature items from nearby parishes.

(The picture on the right is that of Bill Edmunds, Angmering's postman - taken in approx 1895.)

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What's New on the history pages of this website

March 2024
Allotments, The History of Angmering's - The various garden allotments in Angmering from the late-19thC to today and some allotment holders

October 2023
The Victorian re-building of St Margaret's - (Masonry carving, James Forsyth, etc., and the mystery of the vanishing)
The Victorian building of William Older's Charity School - (and its transition to a Public Library)

August 2022
Markets & Fairs - Ancient and Modern - (An update to add 20th and 21st century markets)

October 2021
WW2 - Angmering's Civilian Volunteers - (List of ARP, AFS, WVS, Red Cross volunteers in 1939)

May 2021
The Peskett Family of Angmering - (Information on this family who had shop in village for 120 years)

April 2021
Archaeology on land south of Water Lane - (Excavations by TVAS on land destined for housing development)

January 2019
Penfolds Winery - Its link to Angmering - (The founder's link to his Angmering ancestors)

June 2015
St Nicholas Church - (Now includes an update on the 2015 excavations)

May 2015
Businesses & Organisations (Kelly's 1974) - (A list of businesses and organisations operating in Angmering in 1974)

May 2014
WW1 Centenary - Angmering's Fallen - (A list of Angmering's war dead containing as much information as possible about each of them, including some photos)
WW1 Centenary - Angmering's Survivors - (A list of Angmering's war survivors containing as much information as possible about each of them, including some photos)
WW1 Centenary - A View from Home - (News articles giving war related happenings in the parish of Angmering)
WW1 Centenary - Stanley Messenger Correspondence - (The poignant correspondence between Stannley Messenger and his mother and, after his death, her attempts to locate his burial place)

January 2014
Angmering - Then & Now - (A photo history comparing old and new images with desciptive captions)

September 2012
Village Centre Shops - (The history of Village Centre Shops from the late 19th century)

February 2012
Hammond Family - memories of early-20thC Angmering - (Letters from Mrs Grace O'Neill (née Hammond) to her sister-in-law, Celia Hammond, from 1986 to 1988)

January 2012
Angmering's American Horton familly ....and a stained glass window - (An extraordinary family and its association with the Church's oldest stained glass)

September 2011
Angmering Village Hall - (The history of the building and management of the Village Hall)

May 2011
When the Manor Ruled - (An initial assessment of Angmering Court Rolls 1483-1508)
Angmering Park & the Knights Hospitaller - (A new article based on revelations from the 16thC Court Rolls)

December 2010
1953 Coronation Celebrations - (Revised - An expanded article with three additional photos)

November 2010
Angmering Memorial Churchyard Inscriptions (Resource) - (A further 60 names and inscriptions added for Areas 10/3 and 10/4 covering burials mainly between 1950 and 1960)

August 2010
Chantries of Angmering, The - (An article that endevours to identify the old Angmering Chantries and land)
Angmering Mill & Old Mill House - (An article on Jerusalem Mill and the miller's cottage close to it which poses some interesting questions)
Hearth Tax 1670 - Angmering - (An article and resource containing names of some residents in 1670 and the number of hearths in their dwellings)

July 2010
Ham Village in 1724 - (The recent discovery of a 1724 estate map throws light upon Ham's development and subsequent decline)
Angmering Memorial Churchyard Inscriptions (Resource) - (A further 60 names and inscriptions added for Areas 10/1 and 10/2 covering burials mainly between 1950 and 1960)

June 2010
1930 Electors' List - (A very useful list of Angmering residents who were qualified to vote in 1930)

May 2010
1925 Electors' List - (A very useful list of Angmering residents who were qualified to vote in 1925)
1885-1915 Electors' Lists - (A list of Angmering property owners who were qualified to vote between 1885 and 1915)

March 2010
Clement Chaplin (1876-1949) - (An article on Angmering's doctor for 42 years and his involvement with the Paish Council)
War Memorial - (Updated page containing photos of memorial inscriptions and Military Cross citation and photo of Major George Chaplin)

December 2009
Introduction - (A revised introduction to the Virtual History Book to reference and introduce the newly published Victoria County History Vol. 5 Part 2. )

November 2009
Parish and Union Poorhouse - (An article on the effects of Poor Law Reform on the parish, poor rates, and the local Union workhouse -(part of Virtual History Book) )

October 2009
Poverty & Overseers - (An article on poverty and poor relief in Angmering -(part of Virtual History Book) )

August 2009
Longback Cottages - (An article on Angmering's poorhouses built in 1728 -(part of Virtual History Book) )

July 2009
Poling Parish in Angmering - (An article on Poling's outliers in Angmering and other enclaves -(part of Virtual History Book) )

June 2009
Poling Outlier Cottages - (An article with plans and photos on Poling's Cottages situated in the centre of Angmering -(part of Virtual History Book) )

May 2009
The Lamb Inn - (A substantial article with plans and photos on history and development of The Lamb Inn -(part of Virtual History Book) )
Barrack Yard and a Barn - (An article with plans and photos on Barrack Yard Cottages and a nearby barn -(part of Virtual History Book) )
Roundstone House - (An article with plans and photos on Roundstone House near the railway crossing -(part of Virtual History Book) )

April 2009
1679 Manor Surveys - (A substantial article with maps on William Westbrooke's 1679 Manor Surveys -(part of Virtual History Book) )
1814 Bishopp Estate Map - (An article on the 1814 Cecil Bishopp Estate Map -(part of Virtual History Book) )

March 2009
Angmering Tithes - (A substantial article on the 1836 Tithe Act and Angmering Apportioments plus 65 Tithe maps of Angmering -(part of Virtual History Book) )

January 2009
Cricket in Angmering - (An article on Angmering and district cricket from the 18thC -(part of Virtual History Book) )

December 2008:
Virtual History of Angmering - (The commencment of an ongoing project - a "virtual" history book of Angmering by RW Standing)
1953 Coronation Celebrations - (An article by NA Rogers-Davis on Angmering's programme of celebrations)

November 2008:
Quarter Sessions - (An index of people/cases extracted from the Quarter Sessions records 1661-1800)
Christopher Tillier - A Poor Cleric? - (An article by RW Standing on a 17th/18thC Angmering Rector)

October 2008:
Wartime Angmering - (An article by NA Rogers-Davis on the impact of WW2 on Angmering and the lives of villagers)

August 2008:
Angmering Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions (Resource) - (Areas 3/4, 5/2, 7, 8/1, 8/2, 8/3, 9/1, 9/2, 9/3, 10/1, 10/2, 10/3 and 10/4 churchyard memorial inscriptions added)
St Margaret's - Churchyard Personalities - (Some notes by NA Rogers-Davis on some interesting burials or people commemorated on memorials)

July 2008:
Angmering Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions (Resource) - (The start of a major ongoing project recording gravestone/tomb inscriptions in St Margaret's churchyard - Areas 1 to 6)
Angmering Churchyard Memorials (Article) - (A new illustrated article by RW Standing on memorials in the churchyard subtitled "A Village Society at Rest")

June 2008:
Church Memorials - (Information has been added on pre-1853 memorials together with an associated article by RW Standing entitled "Moving Memorials!")

May 2008:
Charities for the Poor - (RW Standing looks at Angmering's ancient charities and some not so old.)

April 2008:
Inns & Pubs (Past & Present) - (An article by NA Rogers-Davis on Angmering's past and present watering holes!)
Gilbert Union Workhouse (1791-1869) - (This is a substantial article by RW Standing on the Workhouse at East Preston that housed Angmering's many paupers.)

March 2008:
Poor Rate and the Price of Labour - (An analysis by RW Standing of the impact of wheat prices on Angmering's Poor Rate between 1779 to 1863, and effects.)
Carnivals - Hospital & Church Parades - (An article by RW Standing which looks at the growth of parades in the Angmering area, many supporting the hospitals.)

January 2008:
When the Lamb became a Lion! - (RW Standing resolves a mystery about two of Angmering's old hostelries)

December 2007:
Major Francis Skeet (1869-1943) - (a short biography by NA Rogers-Davis of Skeet - a soldier, devout Catholic, Jacobite and Angmering historian)

October 2007:
Schools - (an article on the history of education and schools in Angmering by NA Rogers-Davis which supersedes the previous Older's School article)
Land Tax 1805 - (a new resource - transcribed by RW Standing)
The Church Bells' Court Case of 1785 - (a new article by RW Standing reviewing the Churchwarden's Presentment of 1784 and the ensuing court case)

September 2007:
Businesses & Organisations in 1962 (Kelly's Directory) - (a new resource - transcribed by NA Rogers-Davis with comments on horticultural change.)
Angmering Photo Quiz - (a photo quiz by NA Rogers-Davis with a distinctly historical flavour!)

August 2007:
St Margaret's Church - C15 to C19 - (a substantial revision to RW Standing's May 2007 article )
The Organ of St Margaret's - (a new article by RW Standing)
Pew Owners in 1850 - (a new article by RW Standing)

July 2007:
The Bells & Bellringers of St Margaret's - (a new article by RW Standing)

June 2007:
St Margaret's Churchyard or Litten - (a new article by RW Standing plotting the 19th and 20th Century extensions to the churchyard).
St Margaret's Stained Glass Windows - (an new illustrated article by NA Rogers-Davis giving details of the Church's stained glass windows and their makers).
St Margaret's Tower Clock - (a new article by RW Standing)

May 2007:
St Margaret's Church - C15 to C19 Changes) - (a new illustrated article by RW Standing, providing an explanation of the structural changes made to St Margaret's Church after c1450. Also includes details of some church furnishings in that period).
Wealth & Poverty in Angmering (C16-C19) - (a substantial article by RW Standing in which he challenges some of the claims made by village historian, Edwin Harris, as to the cause of poverty in Angmering. Contains information on farms and families who owned or worked them, and provides a fascinating insight into the effects of land enclosure and why areas of the parish de-populated)
Land Enclosure and its effects - (an article by NA Rogers-Davis which explains land enclosure (or inclosure) and which complements Mr Standing's article).

January 2007:
Churchwardens' Presentments (16th & 17th Centuries) - (a major update from RW Standing which now includes Detections and additional Presentments and Church Inspections.)

December 2006:
"Pulling wool over their eyes!" - (an article by RW Standing discussing Angmering's so-called weaving industry and some entries from the Angmering 'Burial in Wool' Register.)

September 2006:
St Wilfrid's RC Cemetery Transcriptions - (a major resource - transcribed by NA & R Rogers-Davis)
Angmering Apprentices - (names of 326 Angmering apprentices between 1820 and 1838 added - from WSRO records)

June 2006:
1901 Census - (a major update - now the full census transcribed by RW Standing))

May 2006:
The Square and The Green - (an substantially extended article by RW Standing)
The Parsons Family of Angmering - (new article with resources by NA Rogers-Davis)

April 2006:
The Butchers of Ecclesden Manor (20thC) - (new article by NA Rogers-Davis)

March 2006:
Bakers Row (now Church Road) - (new article by RW Standing)
Square, Early History of - (revised article by RW Standing )
Tax, 1910 'Domesday' - (a new major resource page providing local details of this 20thC tax, by RW Standing)

January 2006:
Highdown Roman Bath House - (new page)
The Lamb Inn and its landlords - (new page - includes information on landlord Thomas Wilkinson (1826-1909) )
Electors' Register, 1918 (Servicemen) - (new page )

December 2005:
Roman Villa - (a substantial re-write of this page with greater emphasis on its excavation)
Freeland Family of Angmering - (new page)
Old Angmering Location Map - (image map showing locations of archaeological sites and historic buildings)

November 2005:
St Nicholas' Church - (a substantial re-write of this page with greater emphasis on its excavation)
Churchwardens' Presentments (17thC) - (new page giving churchwardens' return of parish wrongdoers)
Churchwardens - (A list of Angmering's churchwardens from 16th - 20th Centuries)

October 2005:
Windmills of Angmering - (updated page to include details of Jerusalem Mill)

September 2005:
Ham Manor - lands and house - (updated page - new detailed history of ownership through centuries and an article on its origins)
Barpham & Thornwick - Some Questions - (A completely new appraisal by Mr RW Standing)

August 2005:
Angmering Baptist Chapel & Church - (new page - includes transcriptions of 7 gravestones)
Angmering Road Names - (new page - derivation of names)
War Memorial - (updated page - some WW1 photos and new material)
1851 Census - (updated page - additional entries and corrected names)
Residents and Businesses in 1852 (Kelly's) - (new page)
Residents and Businesses in 1878 (Kelly's) - (new page)
Residents and Businesses in 1927 (Kelly's) - (new page)
Subsidy Rolls - (updated page - taxpayers for Eccelsden in 1327 added)
Harrow Hill - Its hill fort and flint mines - (new page)
Electors Register 1920 - (new page)

July 2005:
Land Tax 1816 - (new page)
Linfield Family of Angmering - (new article)

June 2005:
Land Tax 1810 - (new page)

New Books

Book Title: "Col. Sydney Charles Tomlin (1894-1985) - Server of Country, Church and Community"
Author: Neil Rogers-Davis
Publisher:Neil Rogers-Davis

This new booklet was written by Neil Rogers-Davis - owner and editor of the Angmering Village Life website.

Sydney Charles Tomlin, rose from a lowly bandsboy in the Royal Artillery to become the Military Commander of Rome - with the non-substantive rank of Brigadier - and later became one of Angmering's most revered and loved residents. Equally amazing is the included story how his wife, Margaret, gained rapid promotion from a clerk in the ATS to become a Chief Commander. After WW2, "Tommy" Tomlin established a nursery business at Broadlees in Dappers Lane, Angmering and tirelessly worked for St Margaret's Church, the British Legion, St Margaret's School, various charities, and other local organisations, supported by his most able wife, Margaret. In fact, he was "Mr Angmering" for many years.

The booklet is available to buy at Woodies News, Angmering Framing & Stitches, and Angmering Parish Council Office - price £2.00. Further details maybe obtained from the author on 01903-771935.

NRD 09 May 2013

* * * * *

Book Title: "A Walk through Angmering's Conservation Area"
Author: Neil Rogers-Davis
Publisher: The Angmering Society

A new booklet, sponsored by The Angmering Society, was launched at their monthly meeting in April 2013. The booklet was written by Neil Rogers-Davis - owner and editor of the Angmering Village Life website. It had minor revisions in 2022.

The booklet takes readers on a leisurely walk through Angmering's Conservation Area and describes the architecture or building materials of over 60 houses, their history, and some occupants of note or interest who resided in them. Pages are illustrated with drawings by Angmering artists Maurice (Bill) Brayley and Terence Kay. A map of roads within the Conservation Area is also provided together with a glossary of terms to assist readers.

The free booklet is available from the Angmering Parish Council Office. Further details maybe obtained from the author on 01903-771935.

NRD 09 May 2013

* * * * *

Book Title: "Victoria County History, Vol 5 Part 2: Littlehampton and District"
Editor: Dr C P Lewis
Publisher: Published for the Institute for Historical Research by Boydell & Brewer, 2009

The County History series really did begin in Victoria's reign, and aimed to cover the whole of England. Littlehampton Swing Bridge 1926The first Sussex volume was published in 1903 and part 1 of volume 5, covering Arundel and the coastal parishes between Littlehampton and Bognor, was published in 1977. Part 2 covering Littlehampton to Goring, Angmering and the smaller parishes west of the river Arun has just been published.

This is a real encyclopaedia of local history, thoroughly researched by scholars over the last ten years and based very firmly on original documents, maps and photographs. Everything has been reviewed by correspondents with detailed knowledge of individual parishes, and the editor Dr Chris Lewis has done a masterly job of pulling the whole volume together in a consistent format and highly readable style, as well as conducting much of the research himself.

The coastal plain between Worthing and the Arun is rich in history, and in source material - archaeological, documentary and, in more recent years, photographic. The book includes over 160 maps and photographs. Odeon Cinema High Street Littlehampton 1936Evidence of the South Saxons is everywhere (not least in place names like Goring, Ferring, Angmering, and Poling) and the influence of the Norman lords of Arundel and the mediaeval Bishops of Chichester, as major landowners and administrators persisted well into the 19th Century.

For all that period this was an agricultural community - arable farming on the plain itself and sheep on the outliers of the Downs. Only at the turn of the century did Littlehampton acquire any industry (even a substantial holiday industry) and only in the mid 1920s did the whole coastal strip begin to be covered in housing development. This latter period is as well described and analysed in the book as the long period of rural life in sleepy villages, and of course it is much better documented.

The book devotes 72 large pages to Littlehampton, from the Iron Age farmstead, through the development of the port in the 18th Century, to Billy Butlin in the 1930s and the decline of the holiday trade after 1960. The changing course of the river and the efforts to keep the river mouth open to shipping is particularly interesting. Goring gets 34 pages, and Angmering 31 pages, with similar comprehensive coverage, and the parishes of Burpham, Ferring, Kingston, Lyminster, Poling, East Preston, Rustington, North Stoke and Warningcamp all get proportionate treatment.Rustington Convalescent Home 1909 Each parish is dealt with in a systematic way, with sections on landownership, economic history, religious history, social life and other consistent categories.

This is an encyclopaedia, not bedtime reading; a source book, not a coffee table book. It is of enormous value to amateur local historians like this reviewer, and will be of great interest to the general reader who wants to know the detail of the past of this part of West Sussex or particular parishes. Even those who do not want to know the detail of the mediaeval or early modern period will be fascinated by the maps and photographs of the way things looked fifty or a hundred years ago. But excellence is expensive: the cover price of this book is £95. However, up to 31 March 2010, readers of Angmering Village Life can purchase the volume from Boydell & Brewer for £71.25 (+ £4.00 postage) by quoting the special offer code 09338 when ordering from them (Tel: 01394-610316).

Ed Miller
December 2009

* * * * *

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