Angmering Photo Quiz

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Here's a fun quiz which may test your powers of observation - no prizes I'm afraid. All of the objects below can be seen within a few hundred yards of the village centre. Some are old and some are new. Some are very easy to see but others are not. One or two you may only see by peering over a garden wall! You probably walk by a number of them without noticing them. How many do you know? Answers are shown at the bottom of the page.



  1. A corbeil depicting a female figure on the outside of the porch on the south side of St Margaret's Church. The corbeil dates from 1853.

  2. One of the eagles on the brick piers next to Gothic House, High Street.

  3. A shield within tracery on the front of Chants, High Street. The shield represents a marriage between the Palmer family and the Stopham family c1400 and the stonework probably came from the Palmer residence at New Place, Angmering or the Palmer Chapel at St Margaret's (demolished c1780).

  4. Part of a base and column from St Nicholas Church which may be seen in St Nicholas Garden behind the Library. The church had Saxon origins and was demolished in the 16th century.

  5. The well in the garden of Old Well Cottage in the High Street. At the turn of the 20th century, a Mrs Winton is supposed to have fallen down her well - reputed to be 80 feet in depth but at the time only containing 3 feet of water. As she wore lots of voluminous underskirts, these acted as a chute helping to hold her up; she was rescued unharmed.

  6. This is a plaque of the Sussex Archeological Society (SAS) on the south wall of Pigeon House in the High Street, possibly the oldest house in the village. This was owned by the Society between approx 1940 and 1974.

  7. A stone with plaque on the small grass triangle opposite the Lamb Inn in The Square. The plaque commemorates the completion of the village enhancement in 1993.

  8. This in an ancient piece of tracery containing an eroded crown - possibly from the the Palmer residence at New Place, Angmering or the Palmer Chapel at St Margaret's (demolished c1780). This can be seen above the doorway to the St Margaret's Vestry Hall garden which faces Church Hill in Arundel Road.

  9. A worman with two children in a niche on the west wall of Angmering Library facing Church Hill in Arundel Road. The Library was the location of Older's Charity School until the latter closed in 1966. This building dates from 1853 but the original school was built close to the original building c1682.

  10. The old stone plaque (1916) on the wall of Fletcher's Field facing Arundel Road (opposite the entrance to Lansdowne Road). In view of its erosion, a new cast bronze plaque was erected on the brick pillar at the northern entrance of the field in 2005 by The Angmering Society.

  11. The remains of a blocked-up medieval window (with wooden central mullion) on the east side of Brocketts in the High Street. (rather overgrown in 2018)

  12. The datestone on the wall of Elmgrove Cottage in The Square close to the village sign. Sturt family may well have lived in this house.

  13. The Queen's Jubilee device on the Parish Council's Noticeboard on the wall outside the then Londis store (now the Co-Op ) in The Square.

  14. Aberdeen House in Arundel Road. The wooden framework is where butchers for many generations hung meat and poultry outside their shop.

  15. This house plaque is on the outside of The Enchanted Florist up Stubbs Hill in the High Street. The Red Lion PH embraced The Enchanted Florist and part of the Parish Council Offices and closed c1932.

  16. The top of the flagpole outside the Village Hall. The flagpole was permanently sited there by The Angmering Society in 2007.

(13 September 2007; updated November 2018)

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