Businesses and Organisations in 1962

Below is a list of businesses and organisations in Angmering extracted from the 1962 Kelly's Directory.

It is interesting to note that out of approx 100 businesses listed in the Directory, one third of them are nurseries. Horticulture was Angmering's principal industry. AG Sparkes based in Roundstone Lane alone employed 200 workers growing chrysanthemums all the year round and selling some as cut flowers, some in pots to the market and some as cuttings to other growers. They also sold carnations and other flowers. Darlingtons who were located to the north of Roundstone Lane employed 70 workers growing mushrooms. Altogether, 30 acres of Angmering were at this time covered by glasshouses and approx 450 men and women were employed in the industry. Within 10 years, many of these nurseries had gone out of business due to continental competition. From the Traders' Directory on this website, it will be noted that there are now only 4 nurseries left in Angmering and 3 garden centres growing some plants.

It will also be noted in the businesses listed below that some are today located in East Preston or Rustington. This was not always the case. Up until the 1985 boundary charges, roads such as Angmering Way and Worthing Road (not Old Worthing Road) were part of Angmering.

  Angmering Development Ltd - Weavers Ring
  Angmering Boy Scouts (B.P.) - Arundel Road
  Angmering Club Ernest C Pelham (sec) Arundel Road
  Angmering Older's Primary School (junior mixed & infants) (Church Hill)
  Angmering Village Hall AH Bowker (hon.sec.) Station Road
  Angmering Women's Institute Mrs R Owen (hon.sec) Village Hall, Station Road
  Bentley, VE HE Bentley, Nurseryman Daneacre Nursery, Roundstone Lane
  Bewsey, William JR insurance agent 9 Weavers Hill
  Blue Star Garages Ltd motor agents Station Road
  Bowerman, FM farmer Old Place Farm
  Boxall, GW & Sons Ltd nurserymen Lansdowne Nurseries, Dappers Lane
  British Legion (Angmering Branch) AH Bowker (sec) Temorah, Station Road
  British Railways (Southern Region) AW Boothroyde, stationmaster Angmering Railway Station
  Broadlees Nurseries Col SC Tomlin, nurseryman Dappers Lane
  Candys confectioners, Mrs AE Steel High Street
  Carnegie, JK stationer & post office High Street
  Carroll, Basil G nurseryman Chapelfield Gardens, Station Road
  Chalk Bros & Son coal, coke & wood merchants & fruitrs. High Street
  Cheesman, W (Angmering) Ltd grocers The Stores, The Green
  Chequered Flag Club (The) - Station Road
  Children's Shop Mrs K Sturgess, toys, baby linen, wools & household linens etc 1 Church Hill
  Corner Shop (The) JH Ellis, tobaconist The Green
  Coxon, H & T - Mile Ash Nursery, Station Road
  Cragg, Ernest solicitor & commissioner for oaths Ham Manor Cottage, Ham Manor Way
  Culberry Nursery Ltd Nurserymen Dappers Lane
  Cundy, Kenneth farmer Avenals Farm, worthing Road and Glebe Farm, High Street
  D.B.S. Garages Ltd motor engineers & agents (Renault distributors & Rover agents) Water Lane
  Darlington, Capt Harold W mushroom grower Lucksfield Nurseries, Roundstone Lane
  Downlands Nurseries Ltd nurserymen Roundstone-By-pass
  Flair of Angmering OC Boyce & VJ Le Maistre, antiques & boutique (ladies' fashion wear) 2 Church Hill, Arundel Road
  Gander, G haulage contractor (furniture removals, building materials supplied) Angmering Way (Rustington)
  Glendevon Nurseries Ltd - Roundstone Lane
  Graham Franks Scott-Smith & Co NW Ramus, autioneers & estate agents, valuers & surveyors The Square
  Green, Dora (Mrs) MRCVS veterinary surgeon Decoy Cottage, Poling
  Hagmaier, PW chemist The Square
  Halfpenny, EG & Sons nurserymen 3 Acre Nurseries, Roundstone Lane
  Ham Manor Farm (Hesketh Estates Ltd) farmers Ham Manor
  Ham Manor Golf Club - Ham Manor
  Hammerpot Garage - Arundel Road
  Hammond, George (Elecrical) Ltd electrical engineers & contractors, radio & television engineers Arundel Road
  Herbertson, CJL grocer 2, 3 & 4, The Green
  Horton, Jack nurseryman The Bungalow Nurseries, Arundel Road
  Hunt & Barnett glasshouse builders Arundel Road
  Johnson, Kenneth nurseryman Millfield Nursery, Station Road
  Jones, Group-Captain G Williamson nurseryman Flint Cottage Nursery, Roundstone Lane
  Jones, RW draper High Street
  Kessler, JL mushroom grower Freshacres Nurseries, Roundstone Lane
  Knaggs, John Barron nurseryman Chantryfield Nursery, Arundel Road
  Lamb Inn - The Square
  Lee, WVL nurseryman Crete Nurseries, Dappers Lane
  Lloyds Bank Ltd - The Square
  Lukes Newsagency (Angmering) - High Street
  Macintyre, M (Miss) SRN nurse St Andrews, Worthing Road (East Preston)
  Marsh's Stores grocers The Square
  Merry England Nurseries Ltd - Dappers Lane
  Miles, Edwin farmer Lower Barpham
  Mockford, Donald AJ hairdresser Arundel Road
  Murphy Chemical Co. Ltd (The) insecticide manufacturers Goods Yard, Angmering Station, Station Road
  Newman, Henry private car & taxi service Nineack, 36 Angmering Way (East Preston)
  Norris, Thomas E fried fish shop The Square
  North Angmering Nursery Ltd nurserymen Arundel Road
  Paget, C & Son Ltd nurserymen Half Moon Nurseries, Roundstone Lane
  Parish Council Brian Long, clerk Thray Cottage, The Parkway (Rustington)
  Passmores Nurseries Ltd nurserymen Roundstone Lane
  Penn, A builder High Street
  Percivals Nurseries Ltd - Station Road
  Perkyns, Chas. E grocer Angmering Way
  Peskett, E & Co ironmongers The Square
  Peskett, Z & Sons Ltd building & civil engineering contractors & funeral directors The Square
  Pound Riding School (The) J D'Arcy-Browne & W Paget Station Road
  Puttock, Basil nurseryman Hawthorne Nurseries, Dappers Lane
  Roundstone Inn - Roundstone By-pass
  Rowell, Peter FW physen. & surgeon Fairfield, 3 Mill Road
  St Denys Nursery - Dappers Lane
  St Wilfrid's (RC) Primary School (junior mixed & infants) (Arundel Road)
  Seaward Nursery (A.C. Alby Ltd) nurserymen Station Road
  Seymour & Girling Ltd nurserymen Angmering Nurseries, Roundstone Lane
  Seymour & Sons nurserymen Roundstone Lane
  Seymour's Nurseries Ltd fruit growers Dell Nursery, Station Road
  Silver, AH fishmonger 1,The Square
  South Coast Dairies Ltd dairymen The Square
  Sparkes, AG (Smugglers Farm) Ltd nurserymen West End Nurseries, Roundstone Lane
  Sparkes, AG farmer Preston Place Farm, Worthing Road (East Preston)
  Spotted Cow P.H. - High Street
  Station Nurseries Ltd nurserymen Station Road
  Syon House Convent High Street
  Thair, A wood merchant Oakhurst, Hammerpot
  Thair, H (Miss) confectioner Hammerpot
  Tree Specialist Co. Ltd tree specialists Nursery, Roundstone Lane
  Unsted, EW & Son building contractors & decorators, plumbing & heating engineers Angmering Way (Rustington)
  Village Hall Station Road
  Waight, H nurseryman Brookmead Nurseries, Station Road
  Wood, GE (Mrs) butcher Arundel Road and 2 The Square
  Woodman Arms P.H. - Hammerpot
  Wooten, AG nurseryman Land Acre Nursery, Station Road
  Worthing Rural District Council, Water Works Dept JS Chirgwin, surveyor Worthing Road (East Preston)

Neil A Rogers-Davis
September 2007.