Register of Electors 1920

The following list has been transcribed from the 1920 Register of Electors for Angmering. This document may be found at the West Sussex Record Office (doc ref. WDC/C673/1/60)

Allan                   Emily & William                                               Wood Chips

Amoore              Frances Emily                                                 Poundville

Barnes                Mildred                                                           The Little House

Bentley              Louisa  &  William                                           Woolven’s Lne

Bockett               Charlotte Roberta                                           The Retreat

Boore                  Elizabeth  &  Frank Ernest                             Wood View

Brown                 Edith                                                               The Rosary

Card                   John Stephen  & Lucy                                     Council Cottages,  Arundel Road

Chalk                  Ellen Kate & George                                       Hollingside

Clark                   Herbert  & Olive Elizabeth                              Malta House

Clements            Jane                                                               201  Old Place

Clements             Lewis                                                            New Place

Cobby                  Kathleen  &  William Frederick                     Rosary

Dimsdale             Adelaide  &  George                                      Aubrey Cottages

Fairs                     Herbert  &  May                                            Pheasant Rue

Feist                     Sidney William                                             Commerce House

Golds                   Alice Esther  & Frederick Botting                  Norfolk House

Green                   Frederick  &  Minnie Ellen                             Green Lodge

Green                   Harry  &  Martha                                           The Gardens

Green                   Thomas Benjamin                                        The Gardens

Green                   Florence  & Joseph                                       Pigeon Cottage

Hackett                 George                                                         The Gardens

Hammond             Patrick Joseph                                            Council Cottages

Hammond             Thomas                                                      Council Cottages

Hanson                 Sidney                                                         Aubrey Cottages

Haywood              Horace William  & Ada Maria                     Station House

Heaseman            Edward Charles  &  Sarah Ann                 Commerce House

Hill                       Ann                                                              Park Cottages

Horne                   Edith Caroline  &  Frederick Walter            Wood Chips

Howick                 Edward George  &  Wilfred Alick                 Roundstone

Hutton                  Charles Woolaston  & Sophie Isabella Mary  Clew Cottage

Field                     Arthur  &  Ernest  & George  & Owen          3 Church Road

Field                     Frederick                                                      Rose Villa

Jenkins                 Emily Jane  & Frank                                    Kit Peas

Langrish               John William                                                 2 Council Cottages,  Arundel Road

Linstead                Gustave Victor                                             The House

Locock                  Leicester  &  Reginald                                 Kildorough

Luck                     Annie  &  Frederick                                      Church Hill House

Luck                     Arthur  & Ellen                                             Hill Crest

Mills                      Elizabeth  & Harry                                       Hog Troughs

Mills                      Herbert                                                        Shop,  1 Elm Grove

Pardoe                 Amy  &  George Theodore                          Segovia

Parsons               Albert  &  Edward  &  Harry                         2 Council Cottages  Arundel Road

Parsons               James  &  Marion                                        23,  Chalks

Parsons               William                                                        New Mill

Pellen                 Ada Marian  &  John                                     New Mill

Rapley                 Emily &  Robert                                           1,  Old Mill Cottages

Rapley                 Frederick                                                      Mill Cottage

Reeves                Albert George  & Gertrude                           Wellbeck

Roberts               William Etherington  &  Rose                       Bellevue

Ruff                     Archibald                                                       Commerce House

Searle                 Benjamin                                                       Park Cottages

Smith                  Charles   &  Edith                                          Woolvens  Lane

Sompter              Ada                                                              Bramleyte

Stanford              Anna  Maria    &  Charles                            Givaons

Strong                  Mary                                                            Draycott House

Thair                    George Smith  & Henrietta Ellen                  The Rosary

Thair                    Maurice                                                         Ash Tree Cottage

Thair                    May Harriett  & Percy                                            ditto      Ham Pot

Thair                    William                                                          Meadow Bank

Trimmer               Emma  & Harry  & Harry Thomas                Pound Cottage

Walsha                Caroline                                                          Kinnoull Cottage

Welburn               George                                                          Kilborough

West                   Ada Annie  &  Charles Henry                         2  Mill Cottages

Whittington          Charles                                                        1  New Mill Cottages

Whittington          Jane                                                              New Mill

Yeates                 Charles  &  William                                        New Barn,  Worthing Road


First Uploaded: 26 August 2005