Register of Electors - 1930

Transcribed by R W Standing


The Electoral Reform of 1918 eliminated the old form of ownership electors and brought in all males over the age of 21 as well as women over 30, for national elections.

The lists indicate the basis of a person’s qualification, by residence or occupation of a house or by that of a  husband, but that indicates where a person was qualified to vote in parliamentary elections not the fact of property providing the right to vote. The list was therefore much expanded to include adult children and servants living in a household. 

However the qualification for Local elections was still based on property, and therefore R – simple residence, was no qualification, and ownership of a house can be deduced from the qualification letters for local elections  - that is the Letter O, but in some cases the husband is not on the list being presumably absent for some reason. The occupiers were not always husband and wife, but family relations, and so it is not always clear what the relationships were.

In 1928 the franchise was extended to permit women over 21 to vote in local elections. It was not until 1945 that everyone registered for parliamentary elections could vote in local elections – which brought in adult children of households.

O          Occupation qualification
D          Qulification through wife's occupation
OW       Occupation qualification
DW       Qualification through husband's occupation
i.e. Occupation of the property or D being the wife of husband of the occupier, and over the age of 21

Qualification was generally based on houses but could also be based on land.

R or residence occupation for national elections not included

NM – naval and military absent voters transcribed separately.

Addresses are still very uniformative, often only giving the street name, or the house name. However, we have added some road names where known, e.g. [High Street], to assist researchers.


2O Abrahams William The Fox Inn
3O Ackerman Reginald 2 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
4DW Ackerman Annie 2 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
6OW Allen Jane Eliza Bennington [High Street]
7OW Amoore Frances Emily Poundville [Roundstone Lane]
8DW Andrews Alice Jane Goldstone Lansdowne Road
10O Andrews Henry Goldstone Lansdowne Road
11O Atkinson Arthur Walter Hildaslea Station Road
12DW Atkinson Hilda Susannah Hildaslea Station Road
13O Avis Herbert Redvers 3 Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
14DW Avis Frances Emily Jane 3 Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
15OW Ayling Fanny Maria Eagle Cottage [High Street]
19O Baker Albert Victor Vesta Cottage High Street
20DW Baker Janet Vesta Cottage High Street
21OW Ball Rhoda The Haven Lansdowne Road
22O Barnett Charles 6 New Cottages Water Lane
23O Barnett Charles 14 New Cottages Water Lane
24DW Barnett Rdith 14 New Cottages Water Lane
26O Barnett George Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
27DW Barnett Emily Mary Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
29OW Barnett Sarah 17 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
30OW Bartleet Marjorie The Littlehouse [Lansdowne Road]
32O Bastable Leonard 4 Water Lane
33DW Bastable Mary 4 Water Lane
34OW Beauchief Charlotte Adeline The Rosary [The Square]
40OW Bentley Alice 197 Arundel Road
41O Bentley Ernest Henry 3 Church Road
42OW Bentley Frances 197 Arundel Road
43DW Bentley Louisa Jane Elm Grove [The Square]
44DW Bentley Violet Eva 3 Church Road
45O Bentley William Wilfred Elm Grove [The Square]
46OW Berry Louisa Eliza 18 Ecclesden Common
50OW Best Mary Eliza Russets [High Street]
51DW Bewsey Annie Ham
52O Bewsey William  Ham
53O Biggs Henry Wilfred 9 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
54DW Biggs Florence 9 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
55OW Bockett Charlotte Roberta The Retreat [Roundstone Lane]
58DW Bonnett Florence Elizabeth Belmont Villa [Roundstone Lane]
59O Bonnett Frank Belmont Villa [Roundstone Lane]
60O Bonnett George Samuel Rose Villa [Roundstone Lane]
61DW Bonnett Jane Rose Villa [Roundstone Lane]
62O Booker Albert Edmund 4 The Cottrells
63DW Booker Edith 15 The Cottrells
64DW Booker Ellen Elizabeth 4 The Cottrells
66O Booker Sidney Charles 15 The Cottrells
67OW Boore Alice Mary 5 Weavers Hill
68OW Boore Clara Ellen 4 Weavers Hill
69DW Boore Elizabeth 3 Wood View Weavers Hill
70O Boore Frank Ernest 3 Wood View Weavers Hill
71O Boore George Frederick 5 Weavers Hill
74DW Bowditch Annie Water Lane
75O Bowditch William John Charles Water Lane
76O Bowers Frederick 3 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
77DW Bowers Sarah Jane 3 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
78O Boyce William Water Lane
79DW Brewster Flora 3 New Cottages Water Lane
80O Brewster George Thomas 3 New Cottages Water Lane
82DW Bridger Emily Olive 189 Hammer Pot
85O Bridger John Thomas Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
86OW Bridger Lucy Elm Grove [The Square]
88OW Briggs Edith Pooks Hill [The Square]
89DW Brockhurst Florence Kate The Cottage Ham Pot
90O Brockhurst Frederick Henry The Cottage Ham Pot
91O Brockhurst Harry 196 Arundel Road
92DW Brockhurst Harriett 196 Arundel Road
93O Broughton-Adderley Arthur Ralph Elmhurst [Arundel Road]
94DW Broughton-Adderley Chloe Elmhurst [Arundel Road]
95DW Brown Bessie Arborfield Lansdowne Road
96DW Brown Elsie Evelyn May East End Cottages [High Street]
97O Brown George Joseph 193 Yarmer [A27]
98O Brown Henry East End Cottages [High Street]
99O Brown Herbert Henry 192 Yarmer [A27]
101DW Brown Mabel Mary 192 Yarmer [A27]
102DW Brown Rose 193 Yarmer [A27]
104O Brown Walter Ernest Arborfield Lansdowne Road
106O Burchfield Charles Edward 207 Arundel Road
108DW Burchfield Emily Blanche 9 The Cottrells
109DW Burchfield Flora 7 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
110O Burchfield Frederick Nelson 9 The Cottrells
114O Burchfield Mark Williams  7 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
117DW Burrage Margaret 21 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
118O Burrage William Alfred 21 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
119DW Burton Emma 4 New Barn Cottages Worthing Road
120O Burton James 4 New Barn Cottages Worthing Road
121DW Butcher Margaret Ecclesden Manor
122O Butcher Walter Ecclesden Manor
124DW Butler Eliza Charlotte High Street
125O Butler Frederick 3 New Barn Cottages
126DW Butler Margaret Helen 3 New Barn Cottages
130OW Caplin Beatrice 15 Council Cottages [High Street]
132O Card John Stephen Somerset House [High Street]
133DW Card Lucy Somerset House [High Street]
135O Carver Arthur Henry High Street
137DW Carver Harriett Ann High Street
138DW Chalk Emma Elizabeth 1 Gladstone Cottages [sic name twice] [Arundel Road]
139DW Chalk Ellen Hollingside [High Street]
140DW Chalk Emma Elizabeth 1 Gladstone Cottages [sic name twice]
141DW Chalk Florence 2 Woodford Villas [High Street]
142O Chalk George Hollingside [High Street]
143DW Chalk Harriett Edwina 11 Water Lane
144O Chalk Jesse 2 Woodford Villas [High Street]
146O Chalk William 1 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
148DW Chant Charlotte Rebecca 22 Chalks Cottages [High Street]
149OW Chant Frances Maud 20 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
150O Chant George 22 Chalks Cottages [High Street]
152DW Chaplin Agnes Winona [High Street]
153O Chaplin Clement Woodthorpe Winona [High Street]
158OW Cheeseman Sarah 2 Cottrells Cottages
159DW Cheesman Hannah Louisa Blaber House [The Square]
160O Cheesman Walter Blaber House [The Square]
161O Cheney Albert Edmund Aberdeen House (abode Gardenia S Down Rd Bognor) [Arundel Road]
162DW Cheney Mary Jane Aberdeen House [Arundel Road]
163O Cheney Wallace Aberdeen House [Arundel Road]
166DW Clavey Daisy Mary Ysiad Lansdowne Road
167O Clavey Herbert Henry Ysiad Lansdowne Road
168O Clear Charles George Beechwood [Station Road]
169O Clear Ernest 16 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
170DW Clear Dorothy 16 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
173DW Clear Jane The Bunns [High Street]
174O Clear Thomas The Bunns [High Street]
176O Clements Lewis 201 New Place
177DW Clements Mabel 201 New Place Cottages
178DW Clifton Dollie Woodchips
179DW Clifton Eva Keeper's Lodge Angmering Park
180O Clifton Fred Woodchips
181O Clifton Thomas William Keeper's Lodge Angmering Park
182OW Clowes Harriett Goddard Bungalow Arundel Road
184DW Coccy Kathleen Veronica Weavers Hill
185O Cobby William Frederick Veronica Weavers Hill
187O Coles Charles George Nine Elms Cottage [Roundstone Lane]
188DW Coles Minnie Nine Elms Cottage [Roundstone Lane]
189O Collins Alfred Bertie Post Office [Water Lane]
191O Colins Edward 117 Upper Barpham
192OW Collins Elizabeth Alice Grey Barn [Rectory Lane]
193DW Collins Esther Jane 17 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
194DW Collins Flora Gray Post Office [Water Lane]
195O Colins Frederick George 17 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
196DW Collins Florence 195 Yarmer [A27]
197O Colins John Arthur 195 Yarmer [A27]
198DW Collins L. [sic] 17 Ecclesden Common
200O Collins P. [sic] 17 Ecclesden Common
201DW Collins Rose Mary 117 Upper Barpham
205O Cook Frank 22 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
206DW Cook Edith Mary 22 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
208O Cooper Albert Edward Victor Glencoe High Street
209DW Cooper Annie Roundstone Cottages
210DW Cooper Ethel Maud Glencoe High Street
211DW Cooper Delpha Amy Grey Barn Cottage [Rectory Lane]
212O Cooper Frederick Roundstone Cottages
214O Cooper William Charles Greybarn Cottage [Rectory Lane]
215DW Coulthard Alexandra Mary Mill House Croft [Station Road]
216O Coulthard Ernest Norman Mill House Croft [Station Road]
217DW Cozens Caroline Kate Lane End Cottages [High Street]
218O Cozens Frank Lane End Cottages [High Street]
220DW Gragg Nellie 5 The Cottrells
221O Cragg William Mark 5 The Cottrells
222OW Crole-Rees Charlotte Elizabeth Overdale Lansdowne Road
221OW Crole-Rees Charlotte Lilian Overdale Lansdowne Road
225DW Dack Alice Amy 209 Old Place [Rectory Lane]
226O Dack Walter John 209 Old Place [Rectory Lane]
229OW Dadswell Beatrice May Park Farm
230OW Dale Annie Maria Station Road
231O Dalmon Harry 6 New Barn Worthing Road
232DW Dalmon Jessie 6 New Barn Worthing Road
233O Dare Burchell John Land Woodhouse Farm (abode Poling)
235DW Davidson Emily High Street
236O Davidson Thomas High Street
238O Dench Alfred Neal Land Woodhouse Croft (abode Poling)
239O Dench James William The Gables [High Street]
240DW Dench Letitia Adeline The Gables [High Street]
241DW Dinsdale Betsey Adelaide Aubrey Cottages [New Road]
242OW Donaldson Florence Crompton Highfield Lansdowne Road
244O Dumbrell Charles 24 High Street
245DW Dumbrell Fanny Jane 24 High Street
246O Duxbury Frank Ivy Cottage Ham Manor
247DW Duxbury Kathleen Hudson Ivy Cottage Ham Manor
248OW Eames Mary Crompton Highfield Lansdowne Road
250O Edmunds Henry 6 Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
251DW Edmunds Louisa 6 Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
252DW Edmunds Lydia Rose Cottage High Street
253DW Edmunds Martha The Bunns [High Street]
254O Edmunds Thomas Henry The Bunns [High Street]
255O Edmunds William Rose Cottage High Street
256O Elliott Christopher 1 Church Road
257OW Elliott Ethel Mary 1 Church Road
258O Elliott Edwin Pound Cottage [Roundstone Lane]
259DW Elliott Fanny Pound Cottage [Roundstone Lane]
261O Ellis George Preston Place Farm
262DW Ellis Fanny Preston Place Farm
264O Etherington William 211 Old Place
265DW Etherington Fanny 211 Old Place
266O Everett Arthur 18 Water Lane
267DW Everett Eliza 18 Water Lane
268DW Everett Elenetta 18 Water Lane
269O Everett Stanley 18 Water Lane
270O Fairs Herbert Pheasants Rue
271DW Fairs May Pheasants Rue
273O Faulkner Charles Owen Garden Cottage [High Street]
274DW Faulkner Florence Maud Garden Cottage [High Street]
276DW Ferris Alice Nellie 185 Swillage
277O Ferris Frank 185 Swillage
278O Field Arthur High Street the Bunns
279DW Field Clara Ellen 7 New Cottages Water Lane
280DW Field Emily May Priors Leas
281O Field Frederick 7 Water Lane
282O Field George Priors Leas
283O Field George 3 Church Road
285DW Field Katherine Emily High Street The Bunns
286DW Finch Annie Kathleen Chapel Cottage
287O Finch Frederick James Chapel Cottage
291OW Forster Annie Greentye Arundel Road
292OW Forster Charlotte Jane Chyngton [Arundel Road]
293OW Forster Ethel Pugh Chyngton [Arundel Road]
295O Fuller Felix St Wilfrid’s [Arundel Road]
296DW Fuller Ethel Margaret St Wilfrid’s [Arundel Road]
298O Gent Albert Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
299DW Gent Alice Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
300OW George Clara Gratwicke [Lansdowne Road]
301OW George Helen Frances Gratwicke [Lansdowne Road]
303DW Gilbert Beatrice Annie 19 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
304O Gilbert Charles 19 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
305O Gilbert Felix Hammerpot
306OW Gill Florence Elizabeth White House [High Street]
307OW Gill Margaret White House [High Street]
308O Gladman Francis George Elm Grove [The Square]
309DW Gladman Hilda Vera Elm Grove [The Square]
311OW Goatcher Eve Church Hill House [Arundel Road]
312DW Golds Alice Esther Norfolk House Swillage
313DW Golds Frederick Botting Norfolk House Swillage
314O Gordon George Rev Waterton [Arundel Road]
315DW Gordon Violet Aileen Waterton [Arundel Road]
318O Graysmark John Thorpe Cottage [High Street]
320DW Green Caroline Phoebe 11 Water Lane
322DW Green Fanny Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
323DW Green Florence Annie 22 Cottrells
325O Green Harry The Gardens Honey Lane
326O Green Henry Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
327O Green Jesse Ham Lodge Station Road
328O Green Joseph 22 Cottrells
329DW Green Margaret Ellen Ham Lodge Station Road
331OW Green Sarah Ruth 13 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
332O Green Thomas Benjamin 11 Water Lane
336O Greenyer Noah Station Cottages
337DW Greenyer Sarah Jane Station Cottages
338O Hackett George Water Lane
339OW Hamblin Elizabeth 20 Water Lane
340O Hamblin William Walter 20 Water Lane
342Da Hamilton James Melville St Zita [Lansdowne Road]
343DW Hammond Ada Minnie 16 Council Cottages
344O Hammond Albert 12 New Cottages Water Lane
346DW Hammond Caroline Avalon High Street
347O Hammond Edward Avalon High Street
348O Hammond Edwin Joseph 3 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
349DW Hammond Elizabeth 3 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
352O Hammond George Edward High Street
353DW Hammond Kate 12 Water Lane
354DW Hammond Lilian Mary 18 The Cottrells
355DW Hammond Lily High Street
357DW Hammond Martha Harriett Church Cottage
359DW Hammond Minnie 4 Water Lane
362OW Hammond Phyllis Ann Avalon High Street
363O Hammond Reginald 4 Water Lane
364O Hammond Reginald Arthur 18 The Cottrells
365OW Hammond Sarah Jane 3 The Cottrells
366O Hammond Thomas Edward Church Cottage
368OW Harmer Alice Mary 6 Weavers Hill
369O Harris Edwin Albert Mont Coline [High Street]
370DW Harris Mary Mont Coline [High Street]
372DW Harvey Annie Kate The Hut Station Road
373O Harvey Frank The Hut Station Road
375O Hatherly Percy William Dellfield Station Road
376DW Hatherly Mary Lilian Dellfield Station Road
377OW Hayes-Sadler Alice Fairfax Ecclesden Farm House Worthing Road
379DW Head Ada Marie Ann’s Cottage Elmgrove [The Square]
380DW Head Elizabeth Green Lodge [A27]
382O Head Jack Elginald [sic] Ann’s Cottage Elmgrove [The Square]
383O Head Walter John Green Lodge [A27]
385O Heasman Edward Charles Commerce House [High Street]
386DW Heasman Elizabeth 14 The Cottrells
388O Heasman John 14 The Cottrells
389DW Heasman Sarah Ann Commerce House [High Street]
391OW Henson Anna Mary Water Lane
393O Henson Obadiah Water Lane
396O Hersee Alfred Water Lane
397DW Hersee Kate Water Lane
398O Hill Frederick James St Joseph’s Arundel Road
399OW Hill Nina Frances The Hermitage [Lansdowne Road]
400DW Hill Teresa Harriett St Joseph’s Arundel Road
402O Hiller Harry Station Road
403DW Hiller Sarah Jane Station Road
404O Hillman Charles 5 Church Road
405OW Hillman Emily 5 Church Road
407OW Hills Annie 11 The Cottrells
409O Hills Ernest Littleworth [High Street]
412DW Hills Georgina Kate 11 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
413OW Hills Mary Jane Littleworth [High Street]
415OW Hills Sarah Jane Elm Grove [The Square]
416O Hilton Frank 1 The Cottrells
417DW Hilton Rhoda Elizabeth 1 The Cottrells
419O Holloway Alfred Charles Ivy Cottage [High Street]
420DW Hollowway Maria Ivy Cottage [High Street]
421DW Horswood Annie London House The Square
422O Horswood John Thomas London House The Square
423DW Horton Annie Frances Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
424DW Horton Forothy Hilda Mabel 17 Water Lane
425O Horton Jesse Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
427O Horton Jack Gladman Bungalow Arundel Road
428DW Horton Mary Goddard Bungalow Arundel Road
429O Horton Thomas William 17 Water Lane
431DW Howick Ruth Station Road
432O Howick Walter Station Road
433OW Humphrey Jane Eagle Cottages High Street
434OW Hynes Rita Clare Garden House High Street
435O Imison Henry Ye Malt House [Weavers Hill]
436RW Imison Mary Ann Ye Malt House [Weavers Hill]
437O Jackson Clarence Ecclesden Farm House
438DW Jackson Gladys Jessie Ecclesden Farm House
439O James William 5 New Barn Cottages Worthing Road
440DW James Alice 5 New Barn Cottages Worthing Road
441DW Jarrett Annie Louisa Gothic House [High Street]
442O Jarrett Thomas Gothic House [High Street]
443O Jenkins Frank Kitpeas
444DW Jenkins Emily Jane Kitpeas
445OW Kebbell Amelia Keith Up Down Cottage [Arundel Road]
449O Kelly Douglas Norman Veronica Weavers Hill
450DW Kelly Kathleen Veronica Weavers Hill
451O Kemp Richard ! Water Lane
453OW Kinch Annie Maria Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
454DW Kinsley Ellen Aubrey Cottages [New Road]
455O Kinsley Sidney White Aubrey Cottages [New Road]
456O Kirby John 16 Water Lane
458DW Kirby Violeteen Maud 16 Water Lane
459DW Lambert Fanny 194 Yarmer [A27]
461O Lambert Lewis 194 Yarmer [A27]
462O Langmead Walter James Corner House Farm (abode Wicks Yapton)
463O Langrish John William 2 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
464DW Langrish Lucy 2 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
465DW Landsell Jane Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
466O Landsell Thomas Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
467O Last Harold Arthur 3 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
468OW Leach Jessie Clara Eachways Square
470O Le  Bas Edward White Cottage [Rectory Lane]
471DW Le Bas Anna White Cottage [Rectory Lane]
472O Legg Roland Peter Garage Dover Lane (abode Dover House Warningcamp)
473DW Leggatt Edith Ellen 2 Railway Cottages Station Road
474O Leggatt George 2 Railway Cottages Station Road
475O Linfield Cecil Thomas High Street
476DW Linfield Grace May Annie High Street
477DW Linfield Jane Pear Tree Cottage [Arundel Road]
479O Linfield Ralph Pear Tree Cottage [Arundel Road]
480DW Lloyd-Goring Dora Ye Malt House [Weavers Hill]
481O Lloyd-Goring Lewis Harry Goring Ye Malt House [Weavers Hill]
482O Locock Leicester Corners Lansdowne Road
483DW Locock Margaret Vera Corners Lansdowne Road
484DW Long Fanny 8 Weavers Hill
485O Long James 8 Weavers Hill
486OW Lord Emma Helena Grey Barn [Rectory Lane]
488DW Luck Annie Church Hill House
489O Luck Arthur Hill Crest [High Street]
490DW Luck Ellen Hill Crest [High Street]
491O Luck Frederick Church Hill House [Arundel Road]
492O Macey Frank Walter 187 Swillage
493DW Macey Mary Edith 187 Swillage
495DW Maison Jane Red Lion Inn [High Street]
496O Maison Philip Peter Red Lion Inn [High Street]
498DW Marsh Emma Laura New Mill Cottages [Highdown]
500O Marsh Herbert Charles New Mill Cottages [Highdown]
501DW Marsh Lilian Agnes New Mill Cottages [Highdown]
503DW Marston Martha Jane Ham
504O Marston Thomas Ham
505DW May Alice Ham Cottages
506O May Thomas Henry Ham Cottages
508O Mc Mullin James Elm Grove [The Square]
509DW McMullin Minnie Elm Grove [The Square]
512O Miles Arthur Lower Barpham
513DW Miles Charlotte Lower Barpham
514O Miles George Edmund Lower Barpham Farm
515DW Miles Mary Annie Jane Lower Barpham
517DW Mills Alice Beatrice 4 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
518O Mills Charlotte Olive Gothic Cottage [High Street]
519DW Mills Ethel Daisy Hog Troughs [Worthing Road]
521O Mills Harry Hog Troughs [Worthing Road]
522O Mills Herbert Shop 1 Elm Grove (abode Claigmar Road Rustington)
523O Mills Percy Arthur 4 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
526OW Molson Mary Elsdale Pound House [Roundstone Lane]
527DW Morfey Lily Wayside Cottage [High Street]
528O Morfey Yvor Surridge Wayside Cottage [High Street]
529O Morris Archibald John 10 Water Lane
530DW Morris Elizabeth Amy Elm Grove [The Square]
532O Morris Robert John  Elm Grove [The Square]
533DW Morris Winifred Annie 10 Water Lane
535DW Munnary Sally 9 Water Lane
536O Munnary William 9 Water Lane
537O Munro James 20 The Cottrells
538DW Munro Margaret 20 The Cottrells
539OW Myerson Mary Ann 19 The Cottrells
540OW Neale Elizabeth 12 The Cottrells
542OW Newton Minnie 2 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
543OW Nicolson Amy South Cottage Lansdowne Road
544OW Oatway Elizabeth Frances Applegarth Lansdowne Road
545OW Oatway Lucy Tyler Applegarth Lansdowne Road
547OW Ohrly [sic] Mary Dennis Garden House High Street
549O Palmer Thomas Liddersdale Rev The Rectory [Rectory Lane]
550DW Paine Fanny 2 Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
551O Paine Henry 2 Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
553DW Pardoe Amy Segovia High Street
554O Pardoe George Theodore Segovia High Street
555O Parry Albert George 19 Water Lane
556DW Parry Emily Marie 19 Water Lane
557DW Parsons Anna Elizabeth Overtheway Station Road
558DW Parsons Annie Harriett 2 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
559DW Parsons Beatrice Mary 2 Water Lane
561DW Parsons Charlotte Ham
562O Parssons David George 2 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
563DW Parsons Dorothy 5 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
565DW Parsons Eliza Ellen 10 The Cottrells
567DW Parsons Florence Violet 1 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
569O Parsons George 5 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
570O Parsons George 2 Water Lane
571O Parsons Harry 1 Council Cottages Arundel Road
572DW Parsons Irene 13 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
573O Parsons James 23 Chalks Cottages [High Street]
574O Parsons John 10 The Cottrells
576O Parsons Joseph William 12 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
579DW Parsons Marion 23 Chalks [High Street]
580OW Parsons Mary 3 Eagle Cottages [High Street]
581DW Parsons Martha Louisa 7 The Cottrells
582O Parsons Richard Ham
583DW Parsons Rose 3 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
585O Parsons Thomas Overtheway Station Road
586O Parsons Thomas 7 The Cottrells
587O Parsons William Augustus 3 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
588OW Patching Sarah Ann 1 Water Lane
589O Peachey William James 14 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
590DW Peachey Frances 14 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
591O Peacock Arthur Thomas Upper Barpham
592DW Peacock Elsie Upper Barpham
593DW Peacock Emily Angmering Park Farm
594O Peacock Thomas Angmering Park Farm
595O Pelham Albert Elm Grove [The Square]
596DW Peham Alice Honey Lane
598O Pelham Charles 21 High Street
598O Pelham Charles Weavers Hill
600DW Pelham Daisy Elizabeth Weavers Hill
601DW Pelham Eva Weavers Hill
602O Pelham Ernets Cecil Honey Lane
603DW Pelham Fanny 21 High Street
604DW Pelham Florence Harriett 16 The Cottrells
605O Pelham Frederick 16 The Cottrells
606O Pelham Frederick Charles 2 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
607O Pelham George High Street
608DW Pelham Hilda Annie 2 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
610O Pelham John Weavers Hill
611O Pelham John 1 Water Lane
612DW Pelham Mary Elm Grove [The Square]
613DW Pelham Mary Elizabeth High Street
614DW Pelham Mercy Kate 1 Water Lane
617DW Pelling Emily Ecclesden Cottages
618O Pelling George Ecclesden Cottages
620DW Penn Alice High Street
622DW Penn Bertha 13 Water Lane
624O Penn Frederick High Street
625O Penn Frederick Nelson 13 Water Lane
627DW Penfold Eliza 27 The Cressinghams [Weavers Hill]
628O Penfold Ernest John 27 The Cressinghams [Weavers Hill]
630O Pescott Arthur Edward 3 Verona Terrace Water Lane
631O Pescott Elizabeth May 3 Verona Terrace Water Lane
632OW Peskett Alice Harriett The Croft [Lansdowne Road]
633OW Peskett Alice Maria 21 The Cottrells
634O Peskett Edward The Laurels [The Square]
635DW Peskett Elsie The Laurels [The Square]
636O Peskett George Offices etc The Square (abode Kingston Gorse)
637OW Peskett Sophia Jane The Cottage Lansdowne Road
639OW Pickard Eliza High Street
640OW Pickard Ethel Frances 13 The Cottrells
641O Pierce Eliza 26 Cressinghams [Weavers Hill]
642DW Pierce James 26 The Cressinghams [Weavers Hill]
645O Pocock Frederick James 10 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
646DW Pocock Florence Annie 10 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
647OW Pocock Jane 2 Church Road
648DW Pocock Kate Blaber Cottage [Church Road]
649O Pocock Simeon Blaber Cottage [Church Road]
650O Porter-Phillips John Land Arundel Road (abode Bethlem Royal Hospital SE1)
652DW Powell Beatrice Dane Villa Roundstone Lane
653O Powell Edwin Dane Villa Roundstone Lane
655O Prangle George “ New Barn Cottages
656DW Prangle Emily 2 New Barn Cottages
657DW Price Evelyn Alice 18 Ecclesden Common
658O Price George 18 Ecclesden Common
659O Prince William Arthur Roundstone Gates
660DW Prince Amy Alice Roundstone Gates
665DW Puttock Alice Kate 5 Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
666O Puttock Arthur George 5 Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
668DW Pyle Emily Blanche Avenalls Farm
669O Pyle Oscar Edward Avenalls Farm
671O Rapley Fred South Lodge Ham
672DW Rapley Emily 1 Old Mill Cottages
673DW Rapley May Agnes South Lodge Ham
674O Rapley Robert 1 Old Mill Cottages
675O Reed Arthur Eagle Cottages [High Street]
676DW Reed Ellen Eagle Cottages [High Street]
677O Reene Alfred High Street
680DW Reene Mary High Street
681O Reene William 11 New Cottages Water Lane
682O Reeves Albert George Welbeck 1 Weavers Hill
683DW Reeves Alice Eliza The Vineries Weavers Hill
684O Reeves George The Vineries Weavers Hill
685DW Reeves Gertrude Phillippa Welbeck Weavers Hill
686DW Reeves Hilda Lucy Emily 5 Water Lane
687O Reeves James Harold 5 Water Lane
688DW Reeves Janie 7 Weavers Hill
689O Reeves William John 7 Weavers Hill
691DW Ritchie Alice Ethel Manor Cottage
692O Ritchie Donald Duncan James Manor Cottage
693DW Roberts Ellen Louisa Nevada High Street
694O Roberts Frederick Charles 4 Council Cottages Arundel Road
695O Roberts George Nevada High Street
696DW Roberts Harriett 4 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
698DW Roberts Rose Bellvue [The Square]
699O Roberts William Etherington Bellvue [The Square]
700O Rogers Frank Edwin Nine Elms Roundstone Lane
702DW Rogers Lilian Rose Nine Elms Roundstone Lane
703DW Rolfe Florence Maud 14 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
704O Rolfe Lionel 14 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
706DW Rusby Nell Pucks Corner Lansdowne Road
707O Rusby Reginald Howard Pucks Corner Lansdowne Road
708O Russell Alfred George Ernest School House [Arundel Road]
709DW Russell Ethel School House [Arundel Road]
710OW Russell Ida Frances Church House
711OW Sands Betarice Mary Janet Pigeon House [High Street]
713DW Savill Dorothy Mary The Cottage Ham
714O Savill Frederick James The Cottage Ham
715O Sayers Charles Fred 193 Yarmer [A27]
716OW Sayers Emily Littleworth [High Street]
717DW Sayers Mabel Florence 193 Yarmer [A27]
718O Searle  Charles  Henry 210 Old Place [Rectory Lane]
719DW Searle Harriett Esther 210 Old Place [Rectory Lane]
720OW Searle Kate Elm Grove Angmering [The Square]
721O Seymour Charles Henry The Dell Station Road
722DW Seymour Louise Ann The Dell Station Road
724DW Sheen Elizabeth Louisa Caroline Spotted Cow Inn [High Street]
725O Sheen Thomas Matthew Spotted Cow Inn [High Street]
726DW Short Cecilia Mary Littleworth [High Street]
727DW Short Ellen Louisa 4 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
728O Short Henry Littleworth [High Street]
729O Short William George 4 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
731DW Skeet Ada Beatrice Zolila Syon House [High Street]
732O Skeet Francis John Angus Syon House [High Street]
734OW Skinner Jane Water Lane
735O Small Edward Ernest Rectory Cottage [High Street]
736DW Small Eva Mary Rectory Cottage [High Street]
737O Smart Bert 1 Woodford Villas High Street]
739OW Smart Charlotte 15 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
741DW Smart Eliza 1 Woodford Villas [High Street]
744DW Smart Kate 15 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
745O Smart Stephen William 17 The Cottrells
748O Smith Alfred Elm Grove [The Square]
750DW Smith Annie Laurie Woodmans Arms
751O Smith George Thomas 1 Verona Terrace Water Lane
752O Smith George Woodmans Arms
753DW Smith Jane Elm Grove [The Square]
754DW Smith Kathleen Elizabeth 3 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
757DW Smith Martha Ashton The Braidings [Station Road]
758DW Smith Olivia ! Verona Terrace Water Lane
759O Smith Percival The Braidings [Station Road]
760OW Smith Sarah Church Hill [Arundel Road]
761O Snook Charles Samuel Ham
762DW Snook Blanche Ham
763O Somerset Arthur William Fitzroy Groom’s Coppice (abode Castle Goring)
765O Squibb Charles Edward 202 New Place
766DW Squibb Edith 202 New Place
767O Stacey Frederick Land Lee Farm (abode Chantry Lodge Storrington)
768O Standing Charles Station Road
769DW Standing Gladys Station Road
770DW Stanford Ann Maria Giveons 2 Weavers Hill
771O Stanford Charles Giveons 2 Weavers Hill
773OW Steele Eva Greentye Arundel Road
775OW Strong Anna Maria Draycott [High Street]
778DW Stubbs Evelyn Hilda High Street
779O Stubbs George William High Street
780OW Sumpter Ada Brambletye Lansdowne Road
782OW Sutherland of Forse, 
Louise Henrietta Lady St Zita’s Cottage Lansdowne Road
785DW Swain Emma 182 Angmering Park
786O Swain Harold 181 Angmering Park
788O Swain James 182 Angmering Park
789DW Swain Margaret 181 Angmering Park
790O Targett Clifford Alfred Aberdeen House (abode ? Street Littlehampton) [Arundel Road]
791O Targett George Frank Aberdeen House (abode Aldwick Road Bognor) [Arundel Road]
793DW Tee Ellen Zipporah Ecclesden Cottages
794O Tee Frederick Ecclesden Cottages
797DW Terry Edith Emily  The Square
799O Terry James The Square
802DW Tester Lois 121 Upper Barpham
803O Tester Owen 121 Upper Barpham
805O Thair Albert Meadow Bank [Hammerpot]
807DW Thair Elizabeth Meadow Bank [Hammerpot]
808DW Thair Elizabeth Mary Meadow Bank [Hammerpot]
809O Thair George Smith Argyll Weavers Hill
811DW Thair Henrietta Ellen Argyll Weavers Hill
812DW Thair May Harriett Ash Tree Cottage Ham Pot
813O Thair Percy Ash Tree Cottage Ham Pot
814O Thair William Meadow Bank [Hammerpot]
815O Thetford Harry Woolvens Lane [now Dappers Lane]
816DW Thetford Hilda Woolvens Lane [now Dappers Lane]
817DW Thorp Helen The Decoy
818O Thorp Joseph Peter The Decoy
819O Tizzard Arthur Frederick Hurstwood Station Road
820DW Tizzard Louise Annie Elizabeth Hurstwood Station Road
821O Todman Charles Shop High Street (abode Thorp Cottage)
822DW Tomlin Lilian New Place
823O Tomplin Walter New Place
824OW Tompkins Florence Curtis Church Farm House [Rectory Lane]
825O Tompkins John 4 New Barn Cottages
826DW Tompkins Gertrude 4 New Barn Cottages
827O Torode George Rose Cottage [High Street]
828DW Torode Emily 6 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
829O Trimmer Charles Wood Chips
830DW Trimmer Norah Woodchips [sic]
831DW Trudgett Fanny 15 New Cottages Water Lane
832O Trudgett James 15 New Cottages Water Lane
833O Turvey Harry William Morgan 18 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
834DW Turvey Rose Matilda 18 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
835O Ungkess Albert Edward 186 Swillage
836DW Ungless Rose Ellen 186 Swillage
837O Uridge John Henry Old Place Farm [Rectory Lane]
838DW Uridge Laura Ann Old Place Farm [Rectory Lane]
840OW Voller Sarah Rose Cottage Old Mill Road
841O Voysey Charles Joseph Highdown Nurseries
842DW Voysey Grace Florence Highdown Nurseries
843O Wadey David 3 Woodford Villas [High Street]
844DW Wadey Mary Elizabeth 3 Woodford Villas [High Street]
846O Wadey Mark Olders Cottage Station Road
847DW Wadey Nellie Florence 8 The Cottrells
849O Wadey Walter 8 The Cottrells
852O Watson Albert Victor New Mill Cottages
853DW Watson Milicent Annie New Mill Cottages
854O Watson Victor Lamb Inn [The Square]
855DW Watson Margaret Lamb Inn [The Square]
856OW Webb Maria Eliza 191 Yarmer Arundel Road
857O Webb William John Glencoe High Street
858OW Welford Elsie Ellen Wayside Cottage High Street
859O Wellburn George William  8 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
860DW Wellburn Lucy Edith 8 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
861DW Weller Ada Florence 187 Swillage
862O Weller Arthur Albert 187 Swillage
863DW Wells Eva Mary Little Avenings Church Road
864DW Wells Evelyn Myrtle Cottages
865O Wells Frederick George Myrtle Cottages
866O Wells George Albert Little Avenings Church Road
867DW West Ada Annie 2 Mill Cottages
868O West Charles Henry 2 Mill Cottages
872DW White Mabel Esther 6 Cottrells
873O White William James 6 Cottrells
874O Whitehouse John William Roundstone House [Roundstone Lane]
875DW Whitehouse Beatrice Roundstone House [Roundstone Lane]
876OW Whitfield Mary Cecilia Littleworth [High Street]
877OW Whitfield Sarah Marian Bredon Lansdowne Road
878O Whittington Charles New Mill Cottages
879DW Whittington Edith Ellen New Mill Cottages
880OW Whittington Jane New Mill Cottages
881O Wilkinson Ernest Lamb Hotel [The Square]
882DW Wilkinson Jane Lamb Hotel [The Square]
883DW Willcocks Annie May 7 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
884O Willcocks Leslie Vernon 7 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
885O Willis Henry William Knight Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
887OW Winton Edith 25 High Street
888O Winton Edward Arthur 25 High Street
889OW Witts Edith 16 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
891OW Woolgar Rhoda  3 Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
893DW Woolven Eliza New Cottages Station Road
895DW Woolven Joseph Charles New Cottages Station Road
896O Young Alfred Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]


RW Standing
June 2010

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