Land Tax 1805 - Angmering

Land tax was first introduced in approx 1692 and not abolished until the 1950s. The rate was usually 4/- in the pound. Annual lists were maintained and many of these still survive in the County Record Offices. The list below relates to the Land Tax assessment for Angmering for 1805 and was transcribed by Mr RW Standing from the original document.

If the spellings look rather strange or inconsistent in some places, it is how they were recorded in the land tax records.


( £ - s - d )
Will Gratwicke Esq him Ham Farm £215.0.0
Will Gratwicke Esq him tythes £12.10.0
Will Gratwicke Esq him late Will Penfolds land £4.5.0
Will Olliver him land £40.5.0.
Martha Foreman her her farm £125.0.0
Rev Will Groome Jas Bennett his land £11.0.0
Exs of late Rich Walker [ ] Furs field and woodlands £81.10.0
Exs of late Rich Walker Geo & Wm French Upper Barpham farm £53.0.0
Exs of late Rich Walker Geo & Wm French part of Comb farm £7.0.0
Exs of late Rich Walker Will Luck part of Lee farm £60.0.0
Exs of late Rich Walker Thos Amoore Old and New Place farms £150.15.0
Exs of late Rich Walker John Tompkins Wood House farm £16.10.0
Sam Henty Tho Olliver late Winters land & Malt House £7.0.0
Sir Cecil Bishopp him Manor Serjants fields woodlands £24.0.0
Sir Cecil Bishopp him Barnstakes £5.0.0
Sir Cecil Bishopp him tythes £15.0.0
John Knowl Elliott Will Olliver his farm £23.10.0
Sir Cecil Bishopp Geo & Wm French Lower Barpham £50.0.0
Sir Cecil Bishopp Thos Olliver Chalks farm £25.10.0
Sir Cecil Bishopp John Penfold Avenals farm £61.0.0
Sir Cecil Bishopp John Holmwood Home farm £90.0.0
Sir Cecil Bishopp John Holmwood Swilig farm £24.10.0
Sir Cecil Bishopp Eliz Miles Ecclesden farm £112.10.0
Rev Mr Groom John Penfold Stile Fields £8.0.0
Rev Mr Groom John Penfold his mead £3.15.0
Thos Olliver him Cheesemans land £4.0.0
Thos Olliver him part of late Olliver Penfolds land £3.10.0
Rev Will Kinleside him glebe & tythes £84.0.0
Will Drewett John Penfold house and land £1.15.0
James Cortis Johnson & per him house shop and land £5.10.0
Will Gearing him his house £1.10.0
Eliz Hegher Will Hall her house 17.6
Eliz Hegher Geo Olliver her house 17.6
Eliz Hegher Geo Markwicke Chesemans land £[2].5.0
Geo Constable him house and brewhouse £2.10.0
John Penfold him late Crossinghams £6.0.0
Will Coote him the Fox house £1.10.0
Rich Davis him his house £2.0.0
Geo Markwicke him Pigeon House farm £6.10.0
Geo Markwicke him Buns fields £2.10.0
Geo Markwicke John Sneling his house £1.10.0
Will Amoore him house and malthouse £3.0.0
Will Amoore him Spitle croft and late Mills land 15.0
Will Amoore him Mill house and croft £1.5.0
Harry Baker him house and shop £4.10.0
Harry Baker him Conyers £3.0.0
James Short Wm Hollist his house £2.10.0
James Bennett him his land £3.0.0
John Peters Miss Keen his house £2.10.0
Arthur Pasco him excise office £35.0.0
John Smith him his house £3.0.0
Mary Best her late Penfolds house £1.10.0
John Perkins him his house £1.10.0
John Perkins Emery Baker his house £1.0.0
Geo Cortis him house and land £58.10.0
Geo Cortis him part of late Olliver Penfolds land 15.0
Geo Cortis John Bungard his house £2.10.0
Geo Woods Widow Woods his house £2.10.0
Will Humphrey Tho H[uds]on his house £3.0.0
Thos Clements him his land 15.0
Will Batcock him his land £2.10.0
John Baker him his land £1.15.0
Geo French Miss Hopkins his house £2.10.0
Geo Olliver Seller his house £2.0.0
James Sayers Wm Gearing his house  £1.0.0
Mrs Hart her her house £1.0.0
Thos Mills    him  house and land £2.10.0
Step Blunden    John Farley Wooden Chimney house 10.0
Thos Farley   him his land 5.0
 Jeremiah Lear  him  Priorslease farm £6.0.0

Total collected: £

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