Village Centre Shops

From the late 19th century to the present day


Prior to the later part of the 19th century, the majority of Angmering's shops were to be found in the High Street and Arundel Road. Of course, there were not so many as we see in the village today but the ones that were established were essential to everyday life in the village such as butchers, bakers, general provisions, saddler, coal merchants, drapers, shoemaker, etc.

The location of the shops may be a surprise to us today as virtually all of the village shops are to be found in The Square.

But first, perhaps, we should define the areas known as The Green and The Square. The Green is the triangle of land in the centre of the village containing the war memorial while The Square is whole of the area comprising all the shops in the village centre (but not those on Church Hill), The Green, the houses opposite The Green to its east, Eachways, The Lamb, Pooks Hill Cottage, and Blaber House.

So why the change? The principal reason for this was that The Square, as we know it today, was subject to regular flooding. Even now, every few years, The Square can become a lake after a severe deluge of rain.

June 2012
June 2012

In the 19thC, a rowing boat was employed for taking people from one side of The Square to the other when the roads were impassible. A stream called Black Ditch (also known locally by some as Patching Stream) runs from Patching Pond through the village centre before winding its way west and into the River Arun. Up to the mid-19thC, there was a pond in the area where The Green is situated today, but this often was considerably larger under flood conditions. The pond was fed by the stream coming down from Patching and it continued from the pond's southern side across the Ham Manor estate.

Pond in 1813
Village centre in 1813 showing pond

It can be seen from the map above that few buildings bordered The Square in 1813 and those that did, including the Elmgrove houses, were on higher ground; others were farm buildings. On the eastern side of the pond, in the middle of the thoroughfare, a building can be seen. This is believed to be a forge which utilised water from the stream. The old public houses - The Lamb to the north of the forge and The Red Lion to its south - were situated on slightly higher land.

This flooding affected the everyday life of villagers and so, in the mid-19thC, the stream was culverted under the village centre from the rear of the property Eachways on the eastern side of The Square to the rear of The Big Fry shop on the western side. The pond was filled and, at the turn of the 20thC, the pond's former area was landscaped and lime trees planted. With the stream culverted, the flooding in The Square was minimised which encouraged shops to be opened there. Gradually, over the next century, virtually all village shops migrated to The Square to the extent that there are no longer any shops in the High Street or Arundel Road except those adjoining The Square at the foot of Stubbs Hill and Church Hill.

The Shops in the village centre

The shops' histories are set out below using the following map to identify their locations:

Map of shops.

Building histories

[dates do not necessarily suggest date business commenced in location, just the time or approximate time when the business was there]

Red Lion1.
(Built part-18thC)
1845 “The Red Lion” [ John Nye, publican ]
1867 “The Red Lion” [ William Cheesman, publican ]
1890 “The Red Lion” [ Charles Cheesman, publican ]
1914 “The Red Lion” [ Philip Maison, publican ] [Licence transferred to The Fletcher Arms (near Station) in 1933]
c1933 Todman, butcher
1952 Antique shop (Mrs Rowe)
1955 Luke’s Newsagency
2002 Woodies Newsagents
2017 The Enchanted Florist
2020 The Resourceful Squirrel, coffee shop & micro-bar

1938 Miss Lydia Voller, pastries

Red Lion buildings2.
(Built early-19thC)
1890 Todman, butcher
c1933 Mortimer’s Dairies
1938 JE Norris, fried fish
1959 TE Norris, fried fish then wet fish
c1969 Holmes Estate Agents
c1972 Michael Simmonds, Solicitor
c1995 Hills Publicity Services
2000 Angmering Parish Council


Framing & Stitches3.
(Built mid-19thC)
1939 E Peskett, ironmonger
1961 E Peskett, ironmonger
1989 Wests, ironmongers
2000 Angmering Framing & Stitches


(Built mid-19thC)
1939 Peskett & Sons, offices
1961 E Peskett, ironmonger
1989 Wests, ironmongers
2000 Henry Adams, estate agents
2008 dizzy, charity shop
2010 Graham Butt, estate agents

(Built c1922)
1922 Lloyd’s Bank
1990 Blumes, florists
c1995 Bridal Wear
c2001 Hot Records
2003 Marguerite’s, florists
2008 Maverick Hair & Beauty Studio
2019 Margeaux David, glassware


(Built c1922)
1922 Barclays Bank
1927 Westminster Bank
1946 Scott-Smith & Co, Estate Agents
1956 National Westminster Bank
1962 Graham Franks, Scott-Smith & Co, Estate Agents
c1972 – c1978 Holmes Estate Agents
1985 Gateway Building Society
1989 TA Hill, insurance brokers
c2001 Hot Records
c2004 Maverick Hair & Beauty Studio


Dench's StoresDench's Stores 7.
(Built late-19thC)
1891 Arthur Elliott, grocer & draper
1901 Frederick Hodges, grocer
1911 James W Dench, grocer
1925 William Marsh, grocer (The London Stores)
(new building 1955 - left hand side)
1955 Edward Peskett & Co, cycle dealer
c1957 Peskett’s Cafe
1959 Scott-Smith & Co, estate agents
1961 M. Graham Franks & Co, estate agents
1967 PW Hagmaier, chemist
1989 Country Chemists Ltd
c1996 Lloyds, chemists
2010 Sight & Sound, opticians and audiologists
2013 Vintage on The Green
2016 Juna Home & Garden

(Built late-19thC)
1891 Arthur Elliott, grocer & draper
1901 Frederick Hodges, grocer
1911 James W Dench, grocer
1925 William Marsh, grocer (The London Stores)
(new building 1955 - right hand side)
c1978 Holmes Estate Agents
2017 Cooper Adams Estate Agents

Co-op 20129.
(Built 1950)
1950 Marsh’s, grocers
1970 Wavy Line, grocers (CH Stickland)
1974 Spar (Oakshotts)
1993 Wards Food Stores
199? Londis (Wards Stores)
2008 Co-op


Elmgrove10. to 13.
(Built 18thC - 19thC)
Residential houses


Dolphin Cottage14.
(Built late-18thC or early-19thC)
1899 Rose Best, confectioner
1922 Sarah Hills, sweets & drinks   


(demolished early 1950s)
1920 Herbert Mills, fishmonger


(Built 1934)
1911 George Bonnett, dairyman
(new shop)
1934 Mills & Son, fishmongers
1950 S Howard & Sons Ltd., fish, poultry & game
1953 SL Fudge, fishmonger & poulterer
1961 AH Silver, fishmonger & poulterer
aft 1968 Maurice Erret (fried fish) [for 5 years]
aft 1973 Jackson (fried fish)
1989  The Big Fry (Tony Sullivan)
2000  The Big Fry (Mark Edwards)

(Built 1934)
1934  Bonnetts, dairymen
1950 WH Cullen, grocers & fruiterers
1953 CJL Herbertson, grocers & fruiterers
1961 GE Wood, butchers
1993 Nigel's, butchers
c1995 Barry Youll, butcher
198? James May, butcher
c 2002 Café Feliz (3 owners operated under the name)
2014 That Little Cafe in The Square
2016 Tea in the Square

(Built 1934)
1934 Bonnetts, dairymen
1950 WH Cullen, grocers & fruiterers
1953 CJL Herbertson, grocers & fruiterers
1968 HW Sturt, greengrocer & florist
1971 FA Ledger, fruiterer & florist
1988 Penn's greengrocers & florist
1989 Nigel's, greengrocer & florist
1993 Springmont Fruits
1996 Katie's, fruit & vegetable
c2003 Jeffery's Hairstylists


(Built 1934)
1934 Bonnetts
1950 WH Cullen, grocers & fruiterers
1953 CJL Herbertson, grocers & fruiterers
c1972 Jeffery's Hairstylists


Meat in the Square20.
(Built 1933)
1938 Mortimer’s Dairies
1961 Mortimer’s Dairies
1963 South Coast Dairies (Highfield & Mortimer’s)
1972 Angmering Dairy (EVHarsley)
c1980 Unwins/Threshers, off-licence
2011 Meat in The Square, butchers


Regency Patisserie21.
(Built 1933)
1961 Corner Shop (JH Ellis), tobacconists & confectioners
19?? Angmering News
2010 Regency Patisserie, bakers
2014 Meat in The Square .....and More


(Built 1952) (1, Church Hill)
1952 Wool & Knitting Shop (Willis)
1961 The Children’s Shop (H Sains)
1962 The Children's Shop (Mrs MK Burgess)
19?? Stitches (Jan Searle)
1997 Angmering Framing & Stitches (Pat & John Turner)
2000 Angmering Cycles (Martin Richardson)
2010 The Wardrobe, ladies fashions
2016 Cloudberry Bags, fashion boutique


(Built 1952) (2, Church Hill)
1957 Flair (OC Boyce & VJ Le Maistre), antiques & boutique
1974 Skipper, C & Coulthard, M, physicians
c1975 Vetinary practice


(Built 1931)
1934 Cosh & Hammond, electrical engineers
1954-66 PW Hagmaier, chemist
1966-1970s George Hammond Electical
1977 Mary Anne’s Tea Rooms
1983 La Casita Restaurant
1992 Old Timbers Restaurant
c2000  Santa Maria Restaurant
2008 Shafiques, Indian takeaway


Blaber House - Bygones25.
(Built c1885)
1878 William Langley, grocer
1913 Alfred Langley, grocer
bef 1922 Walter Cheesman, grocer & greengrocer
aft 1993 Bygones, antiques
2007 Pearl Dental, dentists
2016 (private residence)


Pooks Hill Cottage26.
(Built 1929)
1929 Pooks Hill Tea Room & Hairdressers (Miss Briggs)


The Lamb27.
(Built 1780)
1780-2011 “The Lamb Inn”, public house
2012 “The Lamb at Angmering”, public house & restaurant


(demolished c1938)
1895 - 1938 Jesse Horton, shoemaker


There are probably inaccuracies in the above listing and certainly missing businesses. It would be appreciated if corrections and updates could be sent to me at Angmering Village Life (see Contacts page).

Neil Rogers-Davis
September 2012


I would like to thank Roy Green and Richard Standing for their assistance in identifying Angmering businesses. Also Sharon Francis

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