Register of Electors - 1925

Transcribed by R W Standing


The Electoral Reform of 1918 eliminated the old form of ownership electors and brought in all males over the age of 21 as well as women over 30, for national elections.

The lists indicate the basis of a person’s qualification, by residence or occupation of a house or by that of a  husband, but that indicates where a person was qualified to vote in parliamentary elections not the fact of property providing the right to vote. The list was therefore much expanded to include adult children and servants living in a household. 

However the qualification for Local elections was still based on property, and therefore R – simple residence, was no qualification, and ownership of a house can be deduced from the qualification letters for local elections  - that is the Letter O, but in some cases the husband is not on the list being presumably absent for some reason. The occupiers were not always husband and wife, but family relations, and so it is not always clear what the relationships were.


Men – six months occupancy of premises or land in the area

Women – as for men, or else as a wife of a man qualified to vote, if she was over the age of 30


This Transcript of Angmering electors includes all names list as qualified for Local elections – O and HO.

The numbering therefore omits those relating mainly to assumed servants, children and others residents.

Addresses are still very uniformative, often only giving the street name, or the house name. However, we have added some road names where known, e.g. [High Street], to assist researchers.


Some names left out may be of interest when the full series is transcribed; several mariners etc were absent.


1O Abrahams Ernest The Fox Inn
3HO Ackerman Annie 26 Cressinghams [Weavers Hill]
4O Ackerman Reginald 26 Cressinghams [Weavers Hill]
5O Allen Alfred Bennington [High Street]
8HO Allen Jane Eliza Bennington [High Street]
9O Amoore Frances Emily Poundville [Roundstone Lane]
11O Ayling Fanny Maria 4 Barrack Yard [High Street]
12HO Bagnall Annie Manor Cottage
13O Bagnall William Manor Cottage
14HO Baker Annie Laurie Woodman’s Arms
15O Baker Albert Victor The Square
16HO Baker Janet The Square
17O Baker Peter Woodman’s Arms
18O Barnes-Lawrence Mildred The Little House [Lansdowne Road]
19O Barnes- Lawrence Muriel Library, Arundel Road
20O Barnett Charles 7 Barrack Yard [High Street]
21O Barnett Charles New Place
22HO Barnett Edith 7 Barrack Yard [High Street]
25O Barnett Sarah 5 Barrack Yard [High Street]
26O Bastable Leonard 4 Water Lane
27HO Bastable Mary 4 Water Lane
28HO Beauchief Charlotte Adeline The Rosary [The Square]
30HO Bentley Ellen 197 Arundel Road
32HO Bentley Louisa Elm Grove [The Square]
33O Bentley William Wilfred Elm Grove [The Square]
34O Berry Louisa Eliza Ecclesden Common
36O Berryman Andrew Mark Land Angmering Park (abode Dover Cottage Warningcamp)
37O Bishop George Hangleton
38O Bishop Rose High Street
39O Bockett Charlotte Roberta The Retreat [Roundstone Lane]
40HO Bonnett Florence Elizabeth Belmont Villa [Roundstone Lane]
41O Bonnett Frank Belmont Villa [Roundstone Lane]
42O Bonnett George Samuel Rose Villa [Roundstone Lane]
43HO Bonnett Jane Rose Villa [Roundstone Lane]
44O Booker Albert Edward 4 The Cottrells
45O Booker Alice Church Road
46HO Booker Edith 15 The Cottrells
47HO Booker Ellen Elizabeth 4 The Cottrells
48O Booker Sidney Charles 15 The Cottrells
49O Boore Alice 5 Weavers Hill
50O Boore Clara Ellen Weavers Hill
51HO Boore Elizabeth Wood View
52O Boore Frank Ernest Wood View
53O Boore George Frederick 5 Weavers Hill
54HO Bowditch Annie Water Lane
55O Bowditch William John Charles Water Lane
56O Bowers Frederick 3 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
57HO Bowers Sarah Jane 3 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
58HO Box Ada Louisa Shop Lane End Cottages (abode Storrington)
59O Box Leonard Gould Shop Lane End Cottages (abode Storington)
60HO Boyce Florence Water Lane
61O Boyce William Water Lane
62HO Bradley Ibbice Aberdeen House [Arundel Road]
63O Bradley James Frederick Cecil Aberdeen House [Arundel Road]
64O Bradley Lilian Aberdeen House [Arundel Road]
66HO Bridger Emily Olive 189 Hammer Pot
67O Bridger John Charles 189 Hammer Pot
68O Bridger John Thomas Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
69O Bridger Lucy Elm Grove [The Square]
70O Britt Adelaide 16 The Cottrells
72HO Brockhurst  Florence Kate The Cottage Ham Pot
73O Brockhurst Frederick Henry The Cottage Ham Pot
74O Brockhurst Harry 196 Arundel Road
75HO Brockhurst Harriett 196 Arundel Road
77HO Brockhurst Sarah 183 Angmering Park
78O Brockhurst William 183 Angmerng Park
80HO Brown Ellen 194 Yarmer Arundel Road [A27]
81HO Brown Ellen 195 Yarmer Arundel Road [A27]
82O Brown George 194 Yarmer Arundel Road [A27]
83O Brown George Joseph 193 Yarmer [A27]
84O Brown Herbert John 195 Yarmer Arundel Road [A27]
85HO Brown Rose 193 Yarmer [A27]
86O Burchfield Charles Edward 207 Arundel Road
87HO Burchfield Emily Blanche 9 The Cottrells
88HO Burchfield Flora  3 Barrack Yard [High Street]
89O Burchfield Frederick Nelson 9 The Cottrells
90O Burchfield Mark William 3 Barrack Yard [High Street]
92O Burt Barbara Elm Grove [The Square]
93HO Butcher Margaret Ecclesden Manor
94O Butcher Walter Ecclesden Manor
95O Campbell Gladys Pook Hill [Church Road]
96O Card John Stephen Council Cottages Arundel Road
97HO Card Lucy Council Cottages Arundel Road
98O Carver Arthur Henry High Street
99HO Carver Harriett Ann High Street
100HO Chalk Ellen Hollingside [High Street]
101O Chalh George Hollingside [High Street]
102O Chalk Jesse 2 Woodford Villas [High Street]
103HO Chant Charlotte Rebecca 22 Chalks Cottage [High Street]
104HO Chant Frances Maud 29 Ecclesden Farm
105O Chant George 22 Chalks Cottages [High Street]
106O Chant George William 29 Ecclesden Farm
108HO Chaplin Agnes Winona [High Street]
109O Chaplin Clement Woodthorpe Winona [High Street]
112O Cheeseman [sic] Charles 2 The Cottrells
113HO Cheeseman Sarah 2 The Cottrells
114HO Cheesman [sic] Hannah Louisa Blaber House [The Square]
115O Cheesman James Anns Cottage [The Square]
116HO Cheesman Sarah Jane Anns Cottage [The Square]
117O Cheesman Walter Blaber House [The Square]
119HO Clear Jane The Bunns [High Street]
120O Clear Thomas The Bunns [High Street]
123O Clements Jane New Place
124O Clements Lewis New Place
127O Clowes Mary Goddard Walnut Tree Cottage
128HO Cobby Kathleeen Veronica
129O Cobby William Frederick Veronica 
130O Collins Edward 117  Upper Barpham
131O Collins Elizabeth Ann Grey Barn [Rectory Lane]
132HO Collins Esther Jane Barrack Yard [High Street]
133O Collins Frances Lilian Angas [sic] Garden House [High Street]
134O Collins Frederick George Barrack Yard [High Street]
135HO Collins Rose Mary 117 Upper Barpham
139HO Coulthard Alexander Mary Mill House Croft [Station Road]
140O Coulthard Ernest Norman Mill House Croft [Station Road]
141HO Cozens Caroline Kate Lane End Cottages [High Street]
142O Cozens Frank Lane End Cottages [High Street]
144HO Cragg Nellie 5 The Cottrells
145O Cragg William Mark 5 The Cottrells
147HO Croucher Rose Wood Chips
148O Croucher William Wood Chips
149HO Dack Alice Amy 209 Old Place
150O Dack Walter John 209 Old Place
151HO Dale Annie Maria Station Road
152O Dale John Thomas Station Road
153O Dale Walter Frank Station Road
154O Dalmon David New Barn Worthing Road
155HO Dalmon Frances New Barn Worthing Road
157O Dare Burchell John Land Woodhouse Farm (abode Poling)
158HO Davidson Emily High Street
159O Davidson Thomas High Street
160O Davidson Reginald George 22 The Cottrells
161HO Davidson Mary 22 The Cottrells
162O Dench Alfred Neal Land Woodhouse Croft (abode Poling)
163O Dench James William The Gables [Station Road] or [High Street]
164HO Dench Letitia Adeline The Gables [Station Road] or [High Street]
167HO Dimsdale Adelaide Aubrey Cottages [Ham]
168O Dinsdale George Aubrey Cottages [Ham]
169O Donaldson Florence Crompton Highfield
170HO Duley Anna Kit Peas
171O Duley Edward Kit Peas
172O Dumbrell Charles 21 High Street
173HO Dumbrell Fanny Jane 21 High Street
174O Eames Mary Crompton Highfield
175O Edmunds Henry Barrack Yard [High Street]
176HO Edmunds Louisa Barrack Yard [High Street]
177HO Edmunds Lydia Rose Cottage [High Street]
178HO Edmunds Martha The Bunns [High Street]
179O Edmunds Thomas Henry The Bunns [High Street]
181O Edmunds William Rose Cottage [High Street]
182HO Edwards May Nellie 17 Ecclesden
183O Edwards William 17 Ecclesden
185O Elliott Ethel Mary 1 Church Road
186O Fairs Herbert Pheasant Rue
187HO Fairs May Pheasant Rue
188O Faulkner Charles Owen Kinnoull Cottage [High Street]
189HO Faulkner Florence Maud Kinnoull Cottage [High Street]
190O Felton Ernest Mills Malta House [Weavers Hill]
191HO Ferris Alice Nellie 185 Swillage
192O Ferris Frank 185 Swillage
194HO Field Clara Ellen Rose Villa [Roundstone Lane]
195HO Field Emily May Priors Leas
197O Field Frederick Rose Villa [Roundstone Lane]
198O Field George Priors Leas
199O Field George 3 Church Road
201O Finch Ellen Chapel Cottage
203O Forster Charlotte Chyngton [Arundel Road]
204O Forster Ethel Chyngton [Arundel Road]
205O Fox Mary Eagle Cottage [High Street]
206O Gent Albert Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
207HO Gent Alice Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
208O George Clara Gratwicke [Lansdowne Road]
209O George Helen Gratwicke [Lansdowne Road]
210HO Gilbert Beatrice New Mill
211O Gilbert Charles New Mill
212O Gilbert Felix Hammerpot
213HO Gill Ellenor Emma Rectory Cottage [High Street]
214O Gill Florence Elizabeth White House [High Street]
215O Gill Margaret White House [High Street]
216O Gill William George Rectory Cottage [High Street]
217O Gladman Francis George Elm Grove [The Square]
218HO Gladman Hilda Vera Elm Grove [The Square]
220HO Golds Alice Esther Norfolk House [Swillage Lane]
221O Golds Frederick Botting Norfolk House [Swillage Lane]
222O Gordon George Rev Waterton [Arundel Road]
223HO Gordon Violet Aileen Waterton [Arundel Road]
224HO Graysmark Alice Thorpe Cottage [High Street]
225O Graysmark John Thorpe Cottage [High Street]
227HO Green Fanny Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
229O Green Harry The Gardens
230O Green Henry Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
231O Green Jesse Ham Lodge Station Road
232HO Green Margaret Ellen Ham Lodge Station Road
233O Green Sarah Ruth High Street
236O Greenyer Noah Station Road
237HO Greenyer sarah Jane Station Road
238O Hackett George The Gardens
239O Hammond Albert Water Lane
241HO Hammond Caroline Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
242O Hammond Edward Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
244O Hammond Edwin Joseph Arundel Road
245HO Hammond Elizabeth Arundel Road
246O Hammond George Edward High Street
247HO Hammond Kate Water Lane
248HO Hammond Lily High Street
249HO Hammond Martha Harriett Church Cottage
251O Hammond Sarah Jane 3 The Cottrells
253O Hammond Thomas Edward Church Cottage
254HO Hammond Lilian Mary 18 The Cottrells
255O Hammond Reginald Arthur 18 The Cottrells
256O Harber George William 192 Yarmer Arundel Road [A27]
257HO Harber Letitia 182 Yarmer Arundel Road [A27]
258O Harmer Alice Mary 7 Weavers Hill
259O Harris Edwin Albert Mont Coline [High Street]
260HO Harris Mary Mont Coline [High Street]
261HO Hayward Ada Maria Station House
262O Hayward Horace William Station House
265HO Head Elizabeth Green Lodge [A27]
267O Head Walter John Green Lodge [A27]
268O Heasman Edward Charles Commerce House [High Street]
269HO Heasman Elizabeth 14 The Cottrells
271O Heasman John 14 The Cottrells
272HO Heasman Sarah Ann Commerce House [High Street]
273O Henson Anna Mary Water Lane
276O Henson Obadiah Water Lane
277O Hill Frederick James Eagle Cottage [High Street]
278O Hill Teresa Eagle Cottage [High Street]
279O Hill Nina Frances The Hermitage
280O Hillier Harry Station Road
281HO Hillier Sarah Jane Station Road
282O Hillman Charles Church Road
283HO Hillman Fanny Church Road
284HO Hills Annie 11 The Cottrells
286O Hills Ernest Littleworth [High Street]
287O Hills Harold William 11 The Cottrells
288HO Hills mary Jane Littleworth [High Street]
290O Hills Sarah Jane Elm Grove [The Square]
291O Hilton Frank 1 The Cottrells
292HO Hilton Rhoda Elizabeth The Cottrells
293HO Holgate Gertrude Minnie Somerset House [High Street]
294O Holgate Herbert Wm. Somerset House [High Street]
295O Holland Arthur Philip White Cottage [Rectory Lane]
296HO Holland Dorothy Mildred White Cottage [Rectory Lane]
297O Hollis William Offices Station Road (abode East Preston)
298O Holloway Alfred Charles Ivy Cottage [High Street]
299HO Holloway Maria Ivy Cottage [High Street]
300O Horsman Charles Edward Angmering Park
301HO Horsman Emily Rosina Angmering Park
302HO Horton Annie Frances Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
303HO Horton Dorothy Mabel The Bunns [High Street]
305O Horton Jesse Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
306O Horton Thomas William The Bunns [High Street]
307O House George Hamilton Woolvens Lane [now Dappers Lane]
308HO House Katherine Woolvens Lane [now Dappers Lane]
310HO Howick Clara Elizabeth Roundstone Gates
311O Howick George Roundstone Gates
312HO Howick Ruth Station Road
313O Howick Walter Station Road
314O Hutton Charles Wollaston Clew Cotttage
315O Jago Chole Elmhurst [Arundel Road]
316HO Jarrett Annie Louisa Gothic House [High Street]
317O Jarrett Thomas Gothic House [High Street]
318O Kemp Frederick Barrack Yard [High Street]
319HO Kemp Jane Barrack Yard [High Street]
320O Kemp Richard Water Lane
321O Kentch Henry Pound Cottage [Roundstone Lane]
322HO Kentch Mary Jane Pound Cottage [Roundstone Lane]
323O Kewell Frederick Weavers Hill
324HO Kewell Mary Weavers Hill
325HO Kinch Annie Maria Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
326O Kinch Charles William Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
327O Langmead Walter James Corner House Farm (abode Wicks Yapton)
329HO Lansdell Jane Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
330O Lansdell Thomas Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
331O Leach Jessie Clara Eachways, Square
332O Legg Roland Peter Garage Dover Lane (abode Dover House Warningcamp)
333HO Leggett Edith Ellen Station Road
334O Leggett George Station Road
336O Linfield Cecil Thomas High Street
337HO Linfield Grace May Annie High Street
338HO Linfield Emily 20 The Cottrells
339HO Linfield Jane Pear Tree Cottage [Arundel Road]
340O Linfield Ralph Pear Tree Cottage [Arundel Road]
341O Linfield Robert Denn 20 The Cottrells
342O Locock Leicester Lansdown Road
344HO Long Fanny 7 Weavers Hill
345O Long James 7 Weavers Hill
346O Lord Emma Eleanor Grey Barn [Rectory Lane]
348HO Loveys Ethel Dunning Ecclesden Farm House
349O Loveys John Hannaford Ecclesden Farm House
350HO Luck Annie Church Hill House
351O Luck Arthur Hill Crest [Lansdowne Road]
352HO Luck Ellen Hill Crest [Lansdowne Road]
353O Luck Frederick Church Hill House
355HO Maison Jane Red Lion Inn
356O Maison Philip Porter Red Lion Inn
357HO Marsh Alice New Barn Worthing Road
358O Marsh Frederick New Barn Worthing Road
359HO Marston Martha Jane Ham
360O Marston Thomas Ham
361HO May Alice Ham Cottages
362O May Thomas Henry Ham Cottages
363O McFaddon Bertrand Rev St Wilfred’s Presbytery [Arundel Road]
364O McMulklen James Elm Grove [The Square]
365HO McMulllen Minnie Elm Grove [The Square]
366O Melville Alice Caroline Church House
367HO Merritt Celia Ham Cottages
368O Merritt Charles Walter Ham Cottages
369O Messenger Marion Roundstone
371HO Miles Alice Lower Barpham Farm
372O Miles Arthur Lower Barpham
373HO Miles Charlotte Lower Barpham
374O Miles George Edmund Lower Barpham Farm
376HO Mills Alice Betarice 4 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
377O Mills Charlotte Olive The Haven [Lansdowne Road]
378O Mills Harry Hog Troughs [Worthing Road]
379O Mills Herbert Shop 1 Elm Grove (abode Bridge Cottages Rustington)
380O Mills Percy Arthur 4 Lane End Cottages
381HO Millyard Flora 211 Old Place
382O Millyard Sidney 211 Old Place
383O Molson John Esdale Shooting Box Swillage (abode Goring Hall Goring-by-Sea)
384HO Morfey Lily Malta Cottages [Weavers Hill]
385O Morfey Yvor Surridge Malta Cottages [Weavers Hill]
386O Moorecraft Vera Arundel Road
388HO Munnary Sally New Barn
389O Munnary William New Barn
391O Myerson Mary Ann 19 The Cottrells
392HO Neale Elizabeth 12 The Cottrells
393O Neale Thomas Albert 12 The Cottrells
394O Newton Minnie 2 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
395HO Oakley Emily 202 New Place Poling
396O Oakley Frank Nathaniel 202 New Place Poling
397O Palmer Thomas Liddlesdale Rev The Rectory [Rectory Lane]
398HO Pardoe Amy Segovia [High Street]
399O Pardoe George Theodore Segovia [High Street]
400HO Parsons Anna Elizabeth Byfleet Cottage [The Square]
401HO Parsons Annie Harriett Arundel Road
402HO Parsons Charlotte Ham
405HO Parsons Eliza Ellen 10 The Cottrells
409O Parsons George Augustus East End House [High Street]
411HO Parsons Irene 3 Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
412O Parsons James 23 Chalks [High Street]
413O Parsons John 10 The Cottrells
415O Parsons Joseph William 3 Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
416HO Parsons Marion 23 Chalks [High Street]
417O Parosns Mary 3 Eagle Cottages [High Street]
418HO Parsons Maud Alice East End House [High Street]
419HO Parsons Martha Louisa 7 The Cottrells
420O Parsons Richard Ham
421HO Parsons Rose 3 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
423O Parsons Thomas 7 The Cottrells
424O Parsons Thomas Byfleet Cottages [The Square]
425O Parsons William Post Office Hill [High Street]
426O Parsons William Augustus 3 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
428HO Payne Fanny 2 Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
429O Payne Henry 2 Grove Cottages [Honey Lane]
431O Peacock Arthur Thomas Upper Barpham
432HO Peacock Elsie Upper Barpham
433HO Peacock Emily Angmering Park Farm
434O Peacock Thomas Angmering Park Farm
435O Pelham Albert  Elm Grove [The Square]
436O Pelham Charles 21 High Street
437O Pelham Charles Weavers Hill
438HO Pelham Daisey Elizabeth Weavers Hill
440HO Pelham Eva Weavers Hill
441HO Pelham Fanny 21 High Street
443O Pelham Frederick Charles 2 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
444O Pelham George High Street
445HO Pelham Hilda Annie 2 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
446O Pelham John 8 Barrack Yard [High Street]
447O Pelham John Water Lane
449HO Pelham Mary Elm Grove [The Square]
450HO Pelham Mercy Kate 8 Barrack Yard [High Street]
452HO Pellen Alice Marian New Mill
453O Pellen John New Mill
454HO Pelling Emily Ecclesden
455O Pelling George Ecclesden
457O Peskett Alice Maria 21 The Cottrells
458O Peskett Alice The Croft [Lansdowne Road]
459O Peskett Elizabeth The Croft [Lansdowne Road]
460O Peskett Edward The Laurels [The Square]
461HO Peskett Elsie The Laurels [The Square]
462O Peskett Sophia Jane The Cottage [Lansdowne Road]
463HO Pickard Ethel Frances 13 The Cottrells
464O Pickard Frederick 13 The Cottrells
465HO Pierce Eliza 27 Cressinghams [Weavers Hill]
466O Pierce James 27 Cressinghams [Weavers Hill]
469O Pocock Jane 2 Church Road
470HO Pocock Kate Blaber Cottage [Church Road]
471O Pocock Simeon Blaber Cottage [Church Road]
472HO Powell Beatrice Dane Villa [Roundstone Lane]
473O Powell Edwin Dane Villa [Roundstone Lane]
475O Puttock Arthur George Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
476HO Pyle Mildred Ecclesden Farm
477O Pyle Oscar Edward Avenalls Farm
478O Pyle Reginald Charles Talbot Ecclesden Farm
479HO Pyle Mary Land Avenalls Fram (abode Homefield Road Worthing)
480O Pyle Samuel Seller Land Avenalls Farm (abode Homefield Road Worthing)
481O Rapley Frederick South Lodge Ham
482HO Rapley Emily 1 Old Mill Cottages [Station Road]
483O Rapley Robert 1 Old Mill Cottages [Station Road]
484O Reed Arthur Eagle Cottages [High Street]
485HO Reed Ellen Eagle Cottages [High Street]
486O Reene Alfred High Street
489HO Reene Mary High Street
490O Reene William Church Cottage
491O Reeves Albert George Welbeck
492HO Reeves Alice Eliza The Vineries [Weavers Hill]
493O Reeves George The Vineries [Weavers Hill]
494HO Reeves Gertrude Welbeck
496HO Reeves Janie The Vineries [Weavers Hill]
497O Reeves William John The Vineries [Weavers Hill]
499O Riddles John 5 Water Lane
500HO Roberts Ellen Louisa Post Office Hill [High Street]
501O Roberts Frederick Charles 4 Council Cottages Arundel Road
502O Roberts George Post Office Hill [High Street]
503HO Roberts Harriett 4 Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
504HO Roberts Rose Bellvue [The Square]
505O Roberts William Etherington Bellvue [The Square]
506O Rogers Frank Edwin Rosemary Roundstone Lane
507HO Rogers Lilian Rose Rosemary Roundstone Lane
508HO Rusby Reginald Howard Lansdown Road
509O Russell Alfred George Ernest School House [Arundel Road]
510HO Russell Ethel School House [Arundel Road]
511O Sands Beatrice Mary Janet Pigeon House [High Street]
512O Saville Frederick James The Cottage Ham
513O Sayers Emily Littleworth [High Street]
515O Searle Benjamin 121 Upper Barpham
516O Searle Charles Henry 210 Old Place
517HO Searle Harriett 210 Old Place
518O Seymour Albert Nurseries Station Road (abode North Norris East Preston)
519O Seymour Charles Henry Station Road
520HO Seymour Louise Ann Station Road
521HO Shaen Elizabeth Louisa Caroline Spotted Cow Inn
523O Shaen Thomas Matthew Spotted Cow Inn
524HO Short Ellen Louisa Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
526O Shorth William George Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
527HO Skeet Ada Beatrice Zolila Syon House [High Street]
528O Skeet Francis John Angus Syon House [High Street]
529O Smart Bert 1 Woodford Villas [High Street]
530HO Smart Eliza 1 Woodfird Villas [High Street]
531HO Smart Emily Elizabeth 17 The Cottrells
533O Smart Stephen William 17 The Cottrells
534O Smart Thomas High Street
535O Smith Alfred Elm Grove [The Square]
537O Smith George Thomas Water Lane
538HO Smith Jane Elm Grove [The Square]
539HO Smith Olivia Water Lane
540O Smith Sarah Church Hill
541O Somerset Arthur William Fitzroy Groom’s Coppice (abode Castle Goring, Goring by Sea)
542HO Sparke Annie Gothic Cottage [High Street]
543O Sparke Philip Gothic Cottage [High Street]
544O Sumpter Ada Brambletye
545O Stacey Frederick Land Lee Farm (abode Chantry Lodge Storrington)
547HO Stanford Anna Maria Giveons
548O Stanford Charles Giveons
549O Strong Anna Maria Draycott [High Street]
552HO Stubbs Evelyn Hilda High Street
553O Stubbs George William High Street
555HO Swain Emma 182 Angmering Park
557O Swain James 182 Angmering Park
558HO Talbot Agnes Wood Chips
559O Talbot Richard John Wood Chips
560HO Terry Edith Emily The Square
562O Terry James The Square
565HO Tester Lois 121 Upper Barpham
566O Tester Owen 121 Upper Barpham
568HO Thair Elizabeth Meadow Bank [Hammerpot]
569O Thair George Elizabeth Meadow Bank [Hammerpot]
569O Thair George Smith Argyll [Weavers Hill]
570HO Thair Henrietta Ellen Argyll [Weavers Hill]
572HO Thair May Harriett Ash Cottage Ham Pot
573O Thair Percy Ash Cottage Ham Pot
574O Thair William Meadow Bank [Hammerpot]
575HO Thorp Helen The Decoy
576O Thorp Joseph The Decoy
578O Tizzard Arthur Frederick Station Road
579O Tizzard Frederick 181 Angmering Park
580HO Tizzard Rosetta 181 Angmering Park
581O Todman Charles Shop High Street (abode Thorp Cottage)
582O Tompkins Florence Curtis Church Farm House [Rectory Lane]
584O Ungless Albert Edward 186 Swillage
585HO Ungless Rose Ellen 186 Swillage
586O Uridge John Henry Old Place Farm
587HO Uridge Laura Ann Old Place Farm
588O Voller David Almore Rose Cottage [High Street]
589HO Voller Sarah Rose Cottage [High Street]
590O Voysey Charles Joseph Hangleton
591HO Voysey Grace Florence Hangleton
592O Wadey David 3 Woodford Villas [High Street]
593HO Wadey Mary 3 Woodford Villas [High Street]
594O Wadey Mark Station Road
595HO Wadey Nellie Florence 8 The Cottrells
596O Wadey Walter 8 The Cottrells
597O Webb Ernest William 191 Yarmer Arundel Road [A27]
599HO  Webb Maria Eliza 191 Yarmer Arundel Road [A27]
600O Welburn George 2 Lane End Cottages [High Street]
601HO Weller Ada Florence Swillage
602O Weller Arthur Albert Swillage
603O Wells George Albert Little Avenings [Church Road]
604HO West Ada Annie 2 Mill Cottages
605O West Alfred Edward 1 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
606O West Charles Henry 2 Mill Cottages
607HO West Mary Ann 1 Gladstone Cottages [Water Lane]
609HO White Mabel Esther 6 Cottrells
610O White William James 6 Cottrells
611HO Whitehouse Beatrice Glencoe [High Street]
612O Whitehouse John William Glencoe [High Street]
613O Whitfield Mary Cecilia Littleworth [High Street]
614O Whitfield Sarah Marian Greentye [Arundel Road]
615O Whittington Charles ! New Mill Cottages
616O Whittington Charles New Barn Worthing Road
617HO Whittington Edith Ellen New Barn Worthing Road
618O Whittington Jane New Mill
619O Wilkinson Ernest Lamb Hotel
620HO Wilkinson Jane Lamb Hotel
622O Willmer Alfred Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
623HO Willmer Harriett Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
624O Winton Edith 25 High Street
625O Winton Edward 25 High Street
626O Woolgar Alfred High Street
627HO Woolgar Rhoda Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
628O Woolgar William Longback Cottages [Arundel Road]
629HO Woolven Eliza Station Road
630O Woolven Joseph Charles Station Road
631HO Young Mary Ham
631O Young Thomas Ham


Naval and Military voters marked as absent

Chant Thomas
22 Clifton Cottages
Chappell Francis Henry
Arundel Road
122NM Clear William   The Bunns [High Street]
243NM Hammond Patrick Joseph   Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
252NM Hammond Thomas Council Cottages [Arundel Road]
270NM Heasman Frederick Graham   14 The Cottrells
467NM Pocock Arthur George    Blaber Cottage [Church Road]
546NM Stanford Albert Charles 2 Weavers Hill
561NM Terry Harry The Square
583NM Torode George Rose Cottage [High Street]
598NM Webb Frederick James  191 Yarmer Arundel Road [A27}


RW Standing
May 2010

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