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January 2006

Angmering Community Association - Formation

Angmering Village Life is pleased to be the first to announce the formation of the Angmering Community Association. This is a group of villagers who have got together with the aims of promoting and arranging activities in Angmering for all ages relating to the Arts, education, parish heritage, and leisure, and raising funds primarily to assist towards the furnishing of a community centre in Angmering for the benefit of its residents which Angmering Parish Council hope to build. The Association, a totally independent group, is now looking for people to join it who will actively work to achieve its aims. It does not matter whether you are 20 or 70, or whether you have just moved into Angmering or have lived here all your life. There is just one criterion for joining - Enthusiasm; that is enthusiasm to work to achieve the Association's aims for the benefit of the whole community.

If you have a few hours to spare each month and are interested in getting in on something new and exciting from the very start of its life, or wish to know more about the Association, email Carole at or 'phone Neil on 771935.

(31 January 2006)

Opening of Bramley Green to Mill Road Footpath

The footpath between Bramley Green (from Grooms Close) to Mill Road was finally opened late yesterday afternoon. This will provide a safe and clean route from Bramley Green to the village centre. The path between Mill Road and Carina Drive opened at the same time which will allow residents of north Bramley Green a clean and well lit route through The Dell to Angmering Station. We regret that there is still no news of when the more southerly path between Greenwood Drive and The Walkway (Bramley Green) will be opened. (Read the Angmering Forums for further comment on these footpaths)

(31 January 2006)

Soles for Souls!

Headteacher of St Margaret's CEP School, David Boreham, tells us that yesterday the children at the school held a Mufti Day in support of the RNLI SOS national appeal (Soles for Souls) whereby the children were allowed to wear footwear other than their usual school black or brown regulation shoes. A total of £375 was raised for this very worthy cause. Another wonderful effort by St Margaret's School.

(28 January 2006)

Honour for the Angmering Chorale

The Angmering Chorale, together with the Billingshurst Choral Society, has been invited to perform Karl Jenkins' "The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace" at Carnegie Hall, New York, the world famous concert hall. The two choirs will perform the work in January 2007 at a special concert in memory of Dr Martin Luther King, the civil rights leader who was assassinated in 1968. The choirs first performed this work in Arundel Cathedral last year. The Angmering Chorale, which has 120 singers from all over West Sussex, is now starting a fund-raising programme to support the trip to New York and is also looking for sponsors.

(27 January 2006)

Weather Camera

As mentioned on 29 December, we were aiming to introduce improvements, new material, and innovations to this website in January. Changing to new web hosts has speeded up the downloading of pages and has given us room to expand. More new local history articles have been added as has the new Angmering Discussion Forums which we are pleased to note are being used by residents and others discussing some controversial issues.

We are now pleased to introduce a Weathercam which will monitor the skies to the south-west where much of our weather comes from. The link to the camera is at the top of our Angmering Weather Summary page or by clicking on the camera icon in the sidebar to the left of this News page. The still picture changes every 20 minutes or so and the current temperature is also shown. The camera effectively only provides meaningful pictures during daylight hours and you will see nothing (apart from the streetlamp!) when it is dark.

(26 January 2006)

Snippets from the Parish Council's Highways Committee Meeting of 12 January

Footpaths - The Council is contacting WSCC to see what can be done about the state of the footpaths between Honey Lane and Bramley Green, and between the "Texaco" and Roundstone roundabouts on the A259.

Speeding Traffic - Sussex Police have advised that the hand held radar monitor devices are no longer approved and are suggesting that Parishes band together and jointly purchase a Speed Indicator Device (SID) for a cost of £2495.00 plus VAT. Six parishes are interested so the cost per Parish would be £415.83 each plus VAT.

Streetlighting - The Council are joining the WSCC Electricity procurement scheme which will give a saving of 4.41p per KWHr.

(26 January 2006)

Housing Development on A259 - Is Angmering Asleep?

Further to my news item of 12 January, I yesterday looked at Arun District Council's open file on the proposed social housing development in Angmering on the A259, this side of the Wyevale Garden Centre. There were lots of letters objecting to the scheme from Ferring residents but, disappointingly, not a single one yet from an Angmering resident. Do Angmering residents really feel that this development will have no impact on them? Not only will the four blocks of houses scar the side of the Downs in our parish, it will create a precedent for further building along the whole length of the A259, it will create further traffic on this dangerous segment of the road with the likelihood of further casualties, and probably hit the pocket of Angmering residents as it will ultimately have impact on the parish precept element of the rates. The development is not needed at the proposed location - social/affordable housing has recently been provided on Bramley Green and more is soon to be provided at Titnore Lane (Durrington) and at the new development next to the Body Shop HQ (Toddington). These three development alone will account for nearly 400 new units of social/affordable housing. So come on Angmering residents don't leave it all up to our Ferring neighbours - let Arun District Council have your comments on this development (Planning Application No. A/153/05) before 2 February - the address to write to is: The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF. As Delia Smith might have said "Come on Angmering - let's be 'aving you".

(25 January 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 3)

A/2/06/A - 2 no. non-illuminated fascia signs and 1no. non-illuminated pole v-sign (Re-submission following A/115/05/A) at The Car Care Centre, Roundstone Farm, Littlehampton Road. For Michael Milnes.

A/4/06 - Double storey side extension as kitchen and garage with bedrooms over at 6 Shardeloes Road. For Mr & Mrs Lamb.

Observations on these Applications must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 16 February 2006.

(25 January 2006)

Snippets from the Parish Council's Environment & Leisure Committee Meeting of 11 January

Public Conveniences - The Parish Council is to ask ADC to continue to keep the conveniences at The Lamb open with an annual grant of £1250.00 towards costs.

Christmas Decorations - The Parish Council will investigate the provision and sponsorship of new Christmas lighting in The Square. They will also write to local traders about their Christmas window displays and also with a view to holding a competition for the best dressed window.

Youth Shelter on Fletcher's Field - Councillor Edwards was asked to investigate different types of shelter and to consult with the young people concerned. It was also suggested that Palmer Road recreation ground might be an alternative site.

War Memorial - The Monumental Company will clean the war memorial and the two memorial seats 3 times during the year for £117.50. (Note - specialist cleaning is required so as not to damage the lettering carved by Eric Gill, who was amongst the greatest designers and practitioners of letter cutting of his generation ... Ed)

Spring Bulbs - Haskins Garden Centre had very generously donated a selection of spring flowering bulbs.

Lime Tree - The quotation of £301.00 + VAT for the replacement Lime tree on The Green was approved and planting arrangements are being arranged.

The full minutes of the meeting may be viewed on Angmering Parish Council's website or on the Notice Board in Angmering Library.

(24 January 2006)

Snippets from Parish Council Minutes of 10 January

Twinning Association 30th Anniversary - 120 people are expected to attend the reception for the Twinning Association and their French guests on 25 August.

Mapping - Little progress has been made with the maps for the village centre and Bramley Green.

New Staff Member - The Council will be advertising shortly for an additional member of the administrative staff. The aim was to have someone in place by 1st April. It is felt necessary to have this additional assistance if the Council is to achieve Quality Status.

Parking on Grass Verges - District Councillor Julie Hazlehurst asked the Parish Council to consider a policy to prevent cars being parked on grass verges in the village.

Newsletter - The next Parish Council Newsletter is due for distribution during the first week of February.

Arts in the Community - Councillor Carole Mason was holding an informal meeting on 10 January for those interested in the subject.

Sainsbury's Traffic Scheme - WSCC had agreed the scheme (no details known .. Ed) but no date had been set for the work to begin.

The full minutes of the meeting may be viewed on Angmering Parish Council's website or on the Notice Board in Angmering Library.

(23 January 2006)

A259 Pedestrian Crossing

The debate over the proposed Toucan crossing near the footbridge over the A259 south of The Angmering School shows no sign of abating. Many children from the school and adults will not use the bridge for varying reasons, the principal one being that it is quicker to cross the road, especially if you have a bicycle. The police believe the identified location for a Toucan crossing is unsafe, particularly in view of the fact that the road may be widened at that point leading to higher vehicle speeds and associated dangers, and this view is supported by Angmering Parish Council and District Councillor Julie Hazlehurst representing Angmering who lives in the village. The Parish Council are also concerned that such a crossing could lead to additional traffic congestion. Notwithstanding these objections, West Sussex County Council are refusing to give ground and are insisting that the crossing be implemented as it will be much safer, especially as the number of pupils at The Angmering School could increase by 20% in the next few years. One of the main supporters of the crossing is County Councillor Oliver Wingrove who is also a District Councillor representing Angmering.

Readers may wish to express their own opinion on the crossing in our Discussion Forums where a topic has been established. What do you think?

(20 January 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 2)

A/143/05/L - Application for Listed Building Consent to take down an existing wall in the kitchen and move a downstairs toilet forward at Pound House, Roundstone Lane. For Mr V Hope.

A/155/05 - Extension and alteration to rear elevation at Culbin, The Thatchway. For Mr & Mrs DF McKenzie.

A/156/05 - First floor extension over existing single storey and new garage at 2 Lloyd Goring Close. For Mr A Wase.

A/1/06 - Single storey extension to east elevation at 35 East Drive, Ham Manor. For Mr & Mrs Gilaberte.

Observations on these Applications must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 9 February 2006.

(18 January 2006)

Holiday Win

Congratulations to Nikki Standing of Angmering who won a free activity holiday this morning for herself and her partner, Will, at the Egyptian resort of Dahab later this year. The prize was won on Southern FM's "The 10th Question" game during the "Danny & Nicky in the Morning" programme. The 7-day holiday includes activities such as dinghy sailing, mountain biking and windsurfing with equipment, RYA tuition and bike guiding, but the major activity is a ten-hour beginner kitesurfing course.

(18 January 2006)

Angmering Medical Centre

Yes, that's the name by which the surgery and pharmacy will be known. The construction of the pharmacy is progressing and the floor has been laid today. It can already be seen that the area of the Lloyds pharmacy is larger than the premises they currently occupy in The Square.

(17 January 2006)

Syon House Licensing

Further to our news item on 12 January, the appeal was held yesterday, but time ran out before the matter was resolved. We conclude that either another date would be arranged to complete the hearing or that the appeal magistrates would make a decision later.

(17 January 2006)

Angmering Discussion Forums

There seems to be quite a few people visiting and reading the topics on our new discussion forums but there appears to be some reticence about starting a new topic or adding to a "thread". It maybe because readers want to keep their identity secret. If this is the case, you can register using any User Name you wish, say "ginger", "knowitall", or "blairite123" etc. No one else will know your real identity. So go on, have your say on Angmering matters. Click here to access the Forums.

(17 January 2006)

Local History

Three new pages of local history have been added so far this month to our History Centre. Firstly, there is an article on The Lamb Inn and its Landlords. Next, there is an article on the Highdown Roman Bath House - this is a small bath house complex near Ferring and not to be confused with the elaborate Roman Villa and Bath House near Poling. Finally, for family history researchers, we have a list of Angmering Servicemen Voters from 1918.

(13 January 2006)

Planning Matters

Angmering, Ferring and Rustington residents should be concerned about two planning applications that have been submitted recently to Arun District Council, both of which are in the parish of Angmering but which are at the extremities of the parish. Both of these are departures from the Development Plan and outside the agreed building development area. If they are allowed, the Development Plan policy would be breached creating a precedent for building anywhere in the parish. Indeed it could cause a precedent for indiscriminate building anywhere in the Arun district. This could lead to housing or industrial developments in a field near you!

The first application (A/148/05) is for a massive car showroom and servicing area west of Windmill Bridge (by the Rustington by-pass). This application is being made by a local landowner in conjunction with a number of car sales companies. There would be four large showroom/workshop areas, one of 8000 sq metres and three of 4000 sq metres each. Entrance to the site would be from the west of Mill Lane, approx halfway between the top of railway bridge and and the roundabout by the Rustington Golf Centre/Esporta, a difficult stretch of road at the best of times. It is anticipated that 300 people actually working on the site would enter and exit the site each day as would car transporters of various sizes. Additionally, as a ball park figure, I would imagine that a good 1000 cars a week would enter and exit the site, these being potential buyers or people requiring their cars to be serviced. Mechanics will also take out cars for testing along the dual carriageway. Observations on this Planning Application must be lodged with Arun District Council by 23 January.

The second application (A/153/05) is for a dense social housing development at the Highdown & Cooper's caravan storage facility immediately to the west of the Wyevale Garden Centre on the A259. This is one of the most bizarre schemes I have seen. It has many eco-friendly aspects to it but that is where it all ends. It is aimed at housing largely the disadvantaged/single parents with low incomes of Ferring and nearby, but in reality there are relatively few of them. The intended density of population on the site is more than most inner city developments are now creating. It is planned that about 250 people would live on the site in four curved three-storey tenement buildings but few would be allowed to have a car - a committee would decide whether they could have one. Car sharing schemes would be encouraged as would the desire that the majority of people would cycle to work. Recreational space on the site is minimal. The developers hope they could persuade the bus companies to divert buses to stop nearby - a fat chance they've got of doing that based on Angmering people's experience! To crown it all, it is on a site of historical importance and in an area that is currently under consideration as being part of the South Downs National Park. How on earth young children would be easily able to get to school in Ferring is not addressed. Social and low cost housing has been provided recently in Angmering at Bramley Green, and will also be provided at the new large developments at Titnore Lane (Durrington) and Toddington (Littlehampton), only a few minutes away. Enough is enough - this development is not needed! Observations on this Planning Application must be lodged with Arun District Council by 2 February.

Plans of both these proposals may be inspected at Angmering Parish Council's Offices in The Square. Angmering residents are urged to fight these proposals by lodging their objection with The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by their due dates.

(12 January 2006)

Syon House - Licencing Appeal

As Angmering residents may recall, last year the Chapman Group obtain planning permission (change of use) to convert Syon House into a county house hotel, although the application was far from clear whether the Group intended the hotel also to be for used by non-residents. Planning permission was granted subject to a number of conditions being met. The Chapman Group subsequently obtained an entertainment licence from Arun District Council but, after many representations from villagers concerned about noise and parking in the High Street, the actual licence granted was more restrictive than the Chapman Group wanted. As a result the Chapman Group are appealing against the decision by Arun District Council. The hearing will be held at Worthing Magistrates Court this coming Monday. Should the Chapman Group be successful in the appeal, the Angmering Parish Council, the Angmering Society and many individuals believe that the fuller license conditions would be in conflict with the original planning application approval. This will be the first appeal against a decision made by Arun District Council since they were made responsible for local licensing under the new regulations introduced in 2005.

(12 January 2006)


A house was broken into in Greenwood Drive, The Dell, last Friday night. It is believed only a few small items were stolen. The thief/thieves gained entry by prising open a window at the side of the property.

(11 January 2006)

Arun Crime Prevention Initiative

A Community Marking of Valuables Day will be held in the village this Saturday, 14 January, at the Parish Council Offices in The Square, between 10am and 2pm. Residents will be able to take along items for marking which are commonly targeted by thieves. Such things include cycles, laptops, mobile phones, Playstation consoles, MP3 players, etc.

(11 January 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 1)

A/152/05 - Single storey rear extension at 33, Lansdowne Road. For Mr & Mrs Sluce.

A/153/05 - Outline Application for demolition of existing house & commercial buildings & caravan storage and erection of affordable housing in energy efficient scheme with associated car & cycle parking, amenity space, community facilities & associated infrastructure & implementation of community travel plan & community management scheme (Departure from the Development Plan). At Downsview & Coopers of Worthing site, Littlehampton Road (Ferring). For Mrs Van Der Vyver & Mrs Potts.

Observations on these Applications must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 2 February 2006.

(10 January 2006)

Angmering Discussion Forums

Yes, here they are at last. Your chance to comment on what is going on in Angmering or ask questions on Angmering related matters. We've started with 5 specific forums, namely:

To enter the Forums click here or on the "Forum" link on the sidebar to the left. Here's your opportunity to have a good old whinge about something in the parish. We've kicked things off by adding a couple of topics of our own.

(9 January 2006)

Road Works - Advance Notice

WSCC Highways have advised that re-surfacing work will take place on the A259 between the (old) Texaco garage roundabout through to the Roundstone roundabout, junction of Old Worthing Road and the Bypass. This work will commence on Thursday 12th through to Friday 20th January.

(7 January 2006)

Snippets from Parish Council Minutes of 12 December

Lime Tree on The Green - The Council are awaiting advice from WSCC as to the best site to plant the replacement lime tree.

Water Lane Bank - Contractors had started planting shrubs and small trees at the Water Lane site. The wild flowers would be sown in the Spring.

Lighting - There has been a request for improved lighting in the Cottrells. Lighting in the Cottrells was a WSCC responsibility.

Council Budget 2006-07 - The Parish Council has set its precept for 2006-07 at £185529.00. This represents an increase of slightly less than £0.23p per week for a Band D tax payer.

Fletcher's Field - The Environment and Leisure Committee will be discussing the possibility of a Youth Shelter on Fletcher's Field as a meeting place for local youths.

(7 January 2006)


Don't forget to look at our Policing page periodically. This covers specific police news. Two new items have been added today.

(7 January 2006)


We're sorry if you have not been able to access the site for the last couple of days. This was a result of our migrating to a new web hosting company - nobody's fault, these things just take a little while to achieve. However, if you had read our news article of 29 December earlier in the week, you would have been able to obtain access through a mirror site.

Theoretically, pages on the site should now be slightly quicker to access. We are checking to see if everything is working, but if there is anything (links etc) you find that aren't functioning, please let us know. We should also be pleased to learn whether pages are loading faster or slower. You can contact us by using the email link on our Contacts page.

(7 January 2006)

Angmering News in Brief

A259 Crossing - West Sussex Road Safety Committee want to spend £220,000 on a Toucan crossing near the A259 pedestrian bridge south of The Angmering School. Both police and Angmering Parish Council have cast doubts on the actual safety of such a crossing in that location.

Arson attempt - A man was arrested for setting fire to a Filofax at a house in Arundel Road in the early hours of New Year's Day. No major damage resulted.

Dappers Lane - Planning - The Government Inspector has rejected an appeal to build 5 houses on a plot of land where the bungalow at "Nima" is located. Both the Angmering Parish Council and The Angmering Society objected to the proposed development.

Lansdowne Road - Planning - The Government inspector has reject an appeal to build two chalet bungalows at the rear of a garden in Lansdowne Road adjoining the twitten behind the Lamb. The developers already had planning permission to build two single storey bungalows which presumably now go ahead.

(6 January 2006)

New Surgery - Update

We can now tell you that the new surgery in Station Road (by The Thatchway) is set to open on Tuesday 18 April. Prior to that, it is hoped to have one or two Open Days where villagers will be able to have a tour around the premises. We will let you have details of these when known. Those patients from Angmering who presently attend The Coppice Surgery in Rustington will receive a communication nearer the time telling them of the new arrangements so there is no need to make contact with The Coppice.

(3 January 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 1)

A/150/05/A - Shop fascia sign above main entrance with centralised illuminated projecting box sign at 5 The Square, Angmering (Threshers). For Mr P Howe (Threshers).

Observations on these Applications must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 2 February 2006.

(2 January 2006)