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Felling of churchyard trees

Back in July 2018, St Margaret's Church was given permission by Arun District Council to fell 45 western red cedar trees which were situated in the churchyard lining Black Ditch. A resident of The Thatchway had challenged the planned removal of the trees and had hoped that, as nothing had been done for 2 years, the Church may have abandoned the trees' removal. However, in the last few weeks, felling has been in progress.

The Church explained they were doing the work now because August was the only month when the close-by Village Hall was not in use and when it is not nesting season, and last August negotiations with Angmering Parish Council and planners were still underway. The felling will conclude by the end of the month and a fence will be erected two metres from the adjacent stream (Black Ditch). A hedgerow will be planted in the autumn to act as a barrier between the churchyard and the stream and encourage wildlife to return.

12 August 2020

Snippets from the draft minutes of Angmering Parish Council's CLEW Committee remote Zoom meeting of 29 July 2020

Overgrown trees & shrubs - The Representatives from AIB raised the subject of overgrown trees, shrubs, hedges and verges around the village and asked if there was a program of works to make sure these areas were properly maintained. The Clerk explained what was already in place including the regular daily rounds that APCs grounds man undertakes and that he will bring anything that needs attention to the APC office. Particular mention was given to the trees in Bramley Green and the program already in place to look after them.

Dog waste bin at Lloyd-Goring Close - there would be no cost to APC i.e. the bin, its installation and the emptying of it will be paid for by ADC. After discussion it was agreed by all that this bin should be installed.

Allotments - community plot - Cllr. Reigate confirmed that APC could have a Community Plot but were presently number six on the waiting list. Nothing can be confirmed but hopefully we should hear something around November time when the plots come up for renewal.

Tree Planting - A259 Cycle Path - The Committee Clerk advised the committee that it would still be possible to plant trees in this area at a cost of £150.00 each, however a decision is needed soon as the trees should be planted in the winter months. It is thought that between eight to nine trees would be needed for this area. A possible adopt a tree scheme through WSCC was brought up, at a cost of £150 per tree. The Clerk commented that more information needed to be sought and would report back once APC had more information regarding the options open to them.

Blenheim Play Park re-design - The Clerk confirmed that the PO had now been sent over to the supplier which in turn would start the project. APC will work closely with the supplier to bring the project in on time and take advice on the best way to celebrate the opening and keep the residents informed re the works needed.

Mayflower Park - The Clerk commented that it had been identified that an extra litter bin would be of benefit in this area. After checking with ADC they have agreed to supply and fit one free of charge. The bin will be emptied by the APC grounds man during his usual rounds. In general littering seems to be getting better in this area but the APC office and grounds man will keep a close eye on this. The Clerk confirmed that no more reports on antisocial have been received from the PSCO and that she continues to patrol the area.

The full Minutes can be read here

12 August 2020

Planning Applications

A/97/20/HH: Single storey side extension, extension to front porch and addition of a rear dormer and exterior cladding. Downsview, Littlehampton Road.

A/109/20/RES: Approval of reserved matters following outline consent A/99/17/OUT for 175 No dwellings & associated infrastructure. This application may affect the setting of a listed building, may affect the character &appearance of the Angmering Conservation Area & falls within Strategic Site SD9, CIL Zone 1 (Zero Rated). Land South of Water Lane.

A/114/20/PL: New Net Adventure area together with entrance kiosk, store, seating area & fencing. This application falls in CIL Zone 3 (Zero Rated) as 'other development'. Rustington Golf Centre, Golfers Lane

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 4 September 2020.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility ", click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

12 August 2020

Cow Lane improvements

Angmering Parish Council is to be given £55,443 to renovate Cow Lane – the ancient footpath which was once the main road from the eastern villages into Angmering. The sunken lane, which runs west parallel to the A280 (Angmering bypass), is prone to surface water flooding in heavy rain. The money, from West Sussex County Council's Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund, will fund drainage works that are part of a larger scheme to improve the footpath, which includes resurfacing the lane.

6 August 2020

Planning Applications

A/107/20/PL: Variation of condition 4 imposed under A/154/17/PL relating to hours of operation. The Vinery, Arundel Road (A27).

A/110/20/RES: Approval of reserved matters following A/99/17/OUT for the Bridge over the Black Ditch providing access to the approved development. This application may affect the setting of listed buildings, may affect the character & appearance of the Angmering Conservation Area & falls within Strategic Site SD9, CIL Zone 1(Zero Rated). Land South of Water Lane.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 27 August 2020.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility ", click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

6 August 2020

Tea in the Square - another award

Congratulations to Tea in the Square who have been awarded their 4th Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence (now called a Travellers' Choice winner). Every year Tripadvisor pulls together all the reviews, ratings, and saves that travellers share from across the globe — and use that info to spotlight the very best. This puts Tea in the Square us in the top 10% of the restaurants category in the world, as well as being the current holders of Sussex Life Magazine's ‘Tea shop of the Year’ 2019/20.

Tea in the Square commented: "We are so super proud of what we have achieved as a team in the four and a half years we have been in Angmering but above all we are so very grateful to our loyal and faithful customers who support us and have put us where we are. The past few months have been very difficult for everyone, but from the minute we reopened our doors.... there you all were, supporting us and all the other small businesses in the village, buying local and helping us all make a living and stay open!".

6 August 2020

A259 dualling to recommence

After legal issues caused delays, the A259 dualling in Angmering and Littlehampton is set to re-start. Preparation work in Angmering was paused while a public inquiry into a Compulsory Purchase Order was held and a decision published. The Secretary of State confirmed West Sussex County Council had satisfactorily responded to objections raised, so the scheme can progress. Preparation work is set to re-start on 10 August. It will initially include tree and vegetation clearance, utilities work and archaeological evaluations between the A280 roundabout and Station Road in Angmering. The same works will also begin between Highdown Drive and the Body Shop roundabout in Littlehampton.

The Angmering section of the works runs from the Station Road roundabout to the A280 roundabout including the Roundstone roundabout. This will feature a new cycling and pedestrian route to the south, separated from the main carriageway by a verge. The existing controlled crossing connecting Angmering School and Downs Way will be upgraded to a Toucan crossing. New Toucan crossings will be provided near to Haskins and adjacent to the Station Road footbridge. Right turns across the carriageway, such as at Haskins, will be closed. The main part of the construction work is likely to start in the autumn and will widen the road to create dual carriageways in the current single-lane stretches along the Angmering section.

As well as benefits for motorised traffic, there will be a new pedestrian and cycle route on the south side of the improved road. Much of this will be segregated from the road by a grass verge. It is intended that this will improve access to local facilities for walkers and cyclists. Additionally, people will be encouraged to use the new footpath and cycle way to make local trips without using their car.

None of the trees being cleared are subject to Tree Preservation Orders and an ecologist will be on hand throughout the works to ensure any nesting birds are not disturbed. There will be a replanting scheme at the end of the project.

21 July 2020

APC Shop Local Scheme

18 July 2020

Snippets from the draft minutes of Angmering Parish Council Virtual meeting of 13 July 2020

Chandler's Site - The Clerk updated the committee on the current situation. An informal meeting is due to take place in the coming weeks regarding the site and the Clerk will report back when more is known.

Community Grants - An application for a grant has been received from Arun Community Transport for the sum of £500-£750. A discussion then took place regarding the application. After discussion it was agreed by all that a grant of £500 should be given.

The full Minutes can be read here

18 July 2020

Coronavirus - Update (18)

Tea in the Square has announced that they will be opening up again from Tuesday 7 July.

The Barbers Lounge will be opening fromSaturday 4 July but are now arranging appointments through their "booksy" app. They'll be open 7 days a week with extended hours.

Cloudberry Boutique intend to open again from Monday 6 July. Click here for more details of their new arrangements which include private appointments.

Jeffrey's Hairstylists will be opening from Saturday 4 July. Phone 01903-771666 (8am-2pm) to make booking. The Beauty Room, however, is unable to open at present.

The Lamb at Angmering has announced that they will be opening up again from Saturday 4 July. It is also planning a takeaway stone-baked Pizza service.

The Spotted Cow will be re-opening on Monday 6 July at noon.

Maverick Hair Studio will be opening again from Saturday 4 July. They are contacting past customers offering appointments.

Angmering Manor is opening its hotel, restaurant, and bar from Saturday 4 July.

The Fox Inn will be opening on Saturday 4 July. Food will be served in the the restaurant, the marquee, and the garden.

The Roundstone Inn will not be re-opening until Wednesday 5 August but will be taking bookings from 15 July

All these establishments will be adopting relevent Covid-19 guidance to enable customers and staff to remain safe as possible.

24 June 2020 (updated 2 July)

Angmering Parish Council withdraws as joint developer of former 'Chandlers' site

Angmering Parish Council this afternoon (Wednesday) issued a statement that it is withdrawing as joint developer of the former 'Chandlers' site, after it became clear it could no longer guarantee that the council tax precept would not increase as a result - one of its key promises to residents.

The parish council was keen to ensure that the central location was developed into facilities which would benefit the village, including a multi-million pound 'Community Hub', featuring a business centre, toilets, shop, parking and 19 new homes. In order for the council to repay the loan needed for the development, it was relying on proposed new houses being occupied and generating additional precept funds, but the houses are yet to be built.

On May 29, planning permission to develop the site in Water Lane was refused by Arun District Council due to a lack of affordable housing and parking issues with the scheme. And the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has further complicated the issue, with demand for the planned business centre being thrown into question as many firms permanently switch to online working.

Angmering Parish Council Chair Nikki Hamilton-Street said: "Just over two years ago, Angmering Parish Council recognised that this scheme offered a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to shape how our village centre was developed, while providing much-needed facilities. During our consultation with parishioners, we pledged that this project would not increase the annual precept for residents. The situation has since changed and as the development is no longer financially viable, we do not believe that it is in the best interests of our residents to continue with it. We will work hard to influence any new plans that a developer may bring forward for the site, to have our community needs at the heart of it. While we are disappointed that the parish council will no longer be involved as joint developer, we are extremely positive about the future and what additional improvements can be made for the benefit of the village."

Mrs Hamilton-Street said the parish council would work closely with whoever develops the land, to continue to push for a convenience store, extra parking and toilets on the site. And results from the planned Angmering Neighbourhood Plan Review and household survey will provide 'a roadmap' of the areas people would most like the council to improve. The documents will now be amended to reflect changes brought about by the pandemic and to include the former 'Chandlers' site development, before being distributed by the council.

The parish council is already planning to invest in the play parks in Angmering and include more features such as disabled access items and improved equipment.

24 June 2020

Two saved but dogs die in fire

A Telecare alarm system saved the lives of two people yesterday (Thursday 11 June) after fire broke out in a first floor flat in Wilkinson Close, Bramley Green. The alarm automatically alerted the emergency services and West Sussex Fire & Rescue Services (WSFRS) units from East Preston, Littlehampton & Worthing, South East Coast Ambulance Service crews, and a helicopter rapidly attended the scene. Fire crews removed one resident to safety who was injured trying to get to another who was trapped. They then fought through the fire to rescue one person who was trapped in their bedroom and brought them out to the ambulance crews. The two residents were taken to hospital suffering from burns and smoke inhalation.

The fire crews managed to save the life of a puppy after oxygen treatment using specialist equipment, but another dog and a puppy died in the fire.

Adrian Murphy, WSFRS’s Area Manager for Protection, said: “Thanks to the Telecare smoke alarm we were alerted quickly which meant we were able to be on scene within a matter of minutes and rescue the couple. This goes to show the value of having a working smoke alarm, especially one linked to a Telecare system. We would like to wish these people a very speedy recovery.”

12 June 2020

Snippets from the draft minutes of Angmering Parish Council Virtual meeting of 8 June 2020

Election of Chairman - Cllr. Oldfield confirmed he would not be standing this year and thanked everyone for their continued support during his Chairmanship. Cllr. Oldfield nominated Cllr. N Hamilton-Street to be Chairman. This was seconded by Cllr. Marsh and unanimously agreed.

Election of Vice-Chairman - Cllr. Oldfield nominated Cllr. Reigate to be Vice Chairman. This was seconded by Cllr. A Evans and unanimously agreed.

Dips in Green by Community Centre - Cllr. Verrinder asked about the item on the Action List that referred to the dips on the green space next to the Community Centre. She wanted to know how this was progressing. The Clerk explained that the report had shown no reasoning as to why this was happening. A discussion then took place and it was agreed the APC should look at next steps to solve the problem.

Appointments to APC Committees
Governance & Oversight Committee: Cllr. L Hamilton-Street, Cllr N Hamilton-Street, Cllr. Verrinder, Cllr. Reigate, Cllr. Oldfield and Cllr. R Evans.
Housing, Transport & Planning Committee: Cllr. N Hamilton-Street, Cllr. Jones, Cllr. Verrinder, Cllr. Oldfield, Cllr. Marsh, Cllr. Harris, Cllr. Bicknell and Cllr. Carr
Community, Leisure, Environment & Well-Being Committee: Cllr. N Hamilton-Street, Cllr. A Evans, Cllr. Jones, Cllr. Harris, Cllr. Reigate, Cllr. L Hamilton-Street, Cllr. Woodason, Cllr. R Evans, Cllr. P Bicknell and Cllr. Marsh.

Angmering Community Centre floor repair/refurbishment - The Clerk gave an overview of why this item was on the agenda and what was needed. A discussion regarding the work required, recommendations and the quotes received then took place. After discussion, the preference was to go with quote 5. RESOLUTION: Cllr. L Hamilton-Street PROPOSED that quote 5 was accepted, Cllr. Jones SECONDED and 12 COUNCILLORS AGREED. Cllr. Verrinder abstained due to her declared Non-Pecuniary Interest. (Editor's Note: Quote 5 was for £5,989.20, the cost to be shared equally between the Parish Council and the Community Centre Association according to the meeting agenda attachment).

Chandler's Site - After a long discussion the Clerk has been tasked with seeking legal advice and to report back as a matter of urgency. An extraordinary meeting may be needed to confirm the councils next steps.

Community Grants - One grant application had been received in time to be heard at this meeting. A discussion then took place regarding the application. An application for a grant has been received from The Poppy Club for the sum of £360 for flowers on the memorial in the Village Square. After discussion it was agreed by all that the grant should be given.

Service road outside shops - It was mentioned that Tea in the Square were pleased to hear the APC are investigating the possibility of closing the road directly outside to free up more space for outside dinning. It was suggested that maybe the Village Hall might also be able to help with providing space within its building, Cllr. Reigate will ask and see if this is a possibility.

The full Minutes can be read here

12 June 2020

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