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February 2020


Parish Assembly 2020 (advance notice)

This year's Parish Assembly will be held on Wednesday 27 May at Angmering Community Centre between 18:00 - 20:00. It's the perfect evening to explore what's going on around the village - there will be a wide selection of groups, clubs and associations you could join. You can also meet various organisations that could help with everyday life such as top tips on recycling and where you should be reporting problems such as potholes! There will also be the opportunity to meet your Parish Councillors in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. All of this while enjoying a complementary glass wine, tea or coffee and a canape or two. It's a definitely a date for your diary. More details in May's edition of All About Angmering magazine or contact the Angmering Parish Council Office if you would like to have a stand at the event.

27 February 2020

First Twinned toilets in Sussex

Approximately 33 per cent of the world’s population do not have access to a toilet. This shocking fact was revealed by Cherry Redding of Pound Way, Bramley Green, earlier this month when it was announced that Angmering had become the first Toilet Twinned Village in Sussex. This was down to the initiative of Cherry who has been co-ordinating the campaign to raise money for sanitation projects in poor countries since January 2016. She has had support from schools, groups and individuals, who have all raised money for Tearfund’s Toilet Twinning project to help ‘flush away the world’s toilet troubles’.

Cherry, the wife of Ben Redding, pastor of Angmering Immanuel Church, said "Toilet Twinning was a quirky way to solve a serious problem and save lives. To achieve the award, the village has had various toilets twinned, in homes, schools and other venues. Funds raised went to Tearfund’s water and sanitation programme, which provides toilets, clean water and hygiene education in some of the world’s poorest countries."

Both St Margaret's CofE Primary School and The Angmering School have been much involved with fund-raising for this project, the former raising approx £1000 and the latter raising enough money to twin several school toilet blocks. Every toilet in St Margaret's school has a picture on the door showing it is twinned with a toilet somewhere in the world.

Cherry went on to say "Angmering villagers continue to respond, with plans underway for more toilet twins. I hope that groups might be inspired to club together and twin the toilets at the venue where they meet. Doubtless, individuals will continue to twin their own toilets and those of their friends and relations, since it is such a fun way to meet a very basic need.”

19 February 2020

Angmering Planning Applications

A/11/20/HH: Loft conversion and balcony and part conversion of garage to habitable use. Thatched Corner, Ham Manor Way

A/16/20/PL: Change of use from workshop to workshop storage space and first floor office space with external parking for works coaches. Downsview, Littlehampton Road

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 12 March 2020.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility ", click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

19 February 2020

Snippets from the draft minutes of Angmering Parish Council's Meeting on 10 February 2020

Downs Way land
It was agreed that APC would not attempt to purchase the land due to several factors including not having the funds to purchase the land in 2019/2020 budget. APC councillors made it very clear that they would vehemently object to any house building on this site.

Community Centre green space - repair dips
It was a concern of the committee that, as it was not fully known what was under the ground, the proposed work may fail very quickly and result in a bigger problem. A geo-thermal survey had previously been discussed before any works were carried out. This type of survey would give clear indication of what was under the ground resulting in the correct works to be undertaken. It was agreed by all present that this survey should be commissioned.

Chandlers Site
It has been agreed that a small number of cars from local businesses in the village centre will be allowed to park in the car parking area. This will be a temporary arrangement until a final decision on the site is made. The area will be tidied up by Chandlers, I.e. removal of hanging pipes etc. The APC groundsman will be visiting the site once a week to keep the weeds and rubbish under control.

The full Minutes can be read here

17 February 2020

Police Report: 2 February to 9 February 2020

- Juniper Mead - Overnight on Wednesday 5 February there was an attempt break to a property where four windows were partially smashed; no entry was gained. Serial 0795 of 06/02.

- Downs Way - On Monday 3 February between 6.15 pm and 7.00 pm a grey/silver Vauxhall Astra was stolen. Serial 0085 of 04/02.

- Palmer Road -Overnight on Monday 3 February a Ducati 848EVO motorcycle was stolen. Serial 1088 of 04/02.

16 February 2020

Snippets from the draft minutes of Angmering Parish Council's CLEW Committee Meeting on 29 January 2020

Angmering in Bloom Report
AIB commented that they wish to have a board in St Nicholas Garden to show the archaeological dig which took place a few years ago and the Church as it is under the ground. They will be meeting with Worthing Archaeological Society to get some advice. A conversation has also taken place with County Councillor Deborah Urquhart about the possibility obtaining a grant, which they will be applying for, they will also be approaching the Heritage Group. Once funding is obtained the design and location will be discussed. It was suggested that this could become a community project.

Lighting on The Dell
(This) regarded street lighting and the times that the lights went off at night particularly on The Dell. They reported that residences were concerned and would like them to stay on at night. Cllr Hamilton-Street advised that this would be something that came under WSCC. The members of the public (present were) advised that they would let the APC Office know the roads and timings of the lights.

Community Events
It was agreed by all present that the Fun Dog Show will take place on Saturday 11 July 2020.

APC would look to hold a Screen on the Green event late August, early September. The size of the screen was also considered, and it was agreed that a suitable size would be 6m by 3m which would allow for a maximum audience size of approximately 800 people. Cllr. R Evans suggested that the Rugby Club could be the ideal venue. It was agreed by all present that the Rugby Club should be approached to see if this was possible. If the event is to go ahead a public vote on which films to be shown will go ahead.

VE Day Event proposals
A discussion took place regarding bunting for this year’s VE day celebrations. It was agreed that the APC Office would contact the primary schools to ask if they would be interested in making the bunting. Cllr. Alison Reigate commented that a donation of fabric to make the bunting should be looked into.

Sculpture on WSCC land
Cllr. Hamilton-Street talked through the supporting paper, so all were aware of the project. A large part of the conversation then centered around the best location for the sculpture as it could potentially be in place for 12 years. One concern was the size of the sculpture as this could have an impact on location. It was also confirmed that APC would have no direct commitment other than providing assistance to find a suitable site. A discussion took place on possible locations as well as their preferred location next to the Angmering Community Centre. Cllr. R Evans suggested the centre of the Blue Star or Roundstone roundabouts.

Terracycle Project
Cllr. A Evans updated the committee regarding the Terracycle project. Information was given on locations of the collection boxes and the various conversation that had taken place regarding collecting the recycled items. A discussion took place and it was agreed that clear signage needed to be in place outlining what could and could not be recycled. Cllr. A Evans finished by outlining his forward plan and commented that the Schools he had approached were very much on board with the project. The project will be officially launched on Monday 3 February 2020.

The full Minutes can be read here

16 February 2020

Police Report: 26 January to 2 February 2020

- Roundstone Lane - Overnight on Wednesday 8 January a building site was broken into and a large quantity of tools stolen. Damage as also caused to the show house. Serial 0223 of 09/01.

- Ecclesden Lane - Overnight on Wednesday 8 January an office was broken into and three Samsung tablets, a laptop and desktop computer was stolen. Serial 0297 of 09/01.

5 February 2020

A27 Arundel Bypass - Consultation

Did you take part in the consultation around proposals to improve the A27 at Arundel, that took place last year, from 30 August to 24 October? If yes, Highways England are holding a further review period from 3 February until 1 March.

In looking at the responses to last year’s consultation, and having completed a thorough review of all the materials that we produced, Highways England identified some issues with the way that some information was presented. To correct this, they have published some ‘errata documents’ which outline the corrections they've made, and the impact of them. They affect the following documents:

4 February 2020

Angmering Planning Applications

A/5/20/PL: Glebe Farm, Honey Lane. Readvertisement due to amended site address. Conversion of the Flint Barn & Garage Barn into 2 No. studio apartments for holiday accommodation for artists. This application may affect the character & appearance of the Angmering Conservation Area.

A/6/20/L: The Old Cottage, Station Road. Listed building consent for the re-roofing & upgrading of entre roof; repointing existing brickwork & replace cracked, unventilated chimney pot with new clay; works to fascia & guttering; replace lead roof over bay window; flashing to existing bathroom; installation of timber stud firewall in loft space along party wall & repoint brick work & fling walling as required.

A/13/20/PO: Merry England Nursery, Dappers Lane. Modification of Planing Obligation dated 27/06/2017 (Section 106 Agreement pursuant to A/142/16/OUT for 18 new dwelings) to vary the type & mix of permitted affordable housing (5 No. units).

A/171/19/PL: Rustington Golf Centre Driving Range, Golfers Lane. Alterations to fencing.

A/8/20/HH: 16A Cumberland Road. Construction of single storey front and rear extensions and conversion of garage into habitable accommodation.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 27 February 2020.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility ", click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

4 February 2020