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October 2019



Snippets from the draft minutes of Angmering Parish Council's CLEW Committee Meeting on 29 October 2019

Angmering in Bloom Report
The roundabout outside the Cala Homes Development will start on 30/10/19, this has been designed by the members of A.I.B and until it is discovered what is underneath the earth will determine what will be planted there. The subject of the lack of lighting along the pathway from the A259 entrance coming out at Rowan Way and Parsons Close was raised. Cllr. Oldfield confirmed that the APC was fully aware of the situation. It is anticipated that lighting will be installed at the time that the proposed new primary school is built in Mayflower Park however the APC will seek opportunities for earlier funding.

Cllr N H-S discussed the need for volunteers and to look at the documents from West Sussex with their ideas with maintenance and how to help the community in getting a pool of volunteers. A lengthy discussion then took place regarding past ideas. Cllr P.Bicknell suggested A5 Flyers to be handed out at future events. Cllr M.Jones then suggested getting the flyers ready to hand out on the litter pick day on 17 Nov. The APC will design flyers for this event. Cllr R.Evans then suggested we need to approach the new estates and put it on social media for their ideas and what events they would prefer to help out with. Cllr N. Hamilton-Street suggested that we offer an induction and how to support the volunteers to keep them focused and to try to have a regular team with the right training and the correct equipment and to circulate for ideas.

VE Day Event proposals
Different options were discussed from the supporting papers for the Bank Holiday on 8 May 2020. All options were discussed at length and a decision was made that the event should not be complicated and that we should focus on the significance of the day and not the ideas that the office gave. Cllr P.Bicknell suggested an educational display by the schools or a small theatre group to show the youngsters of the village about the hardships that England had. Cllr R.Evans suggested a low key event on Fletchers Field with straw bales and bring their own furniture, picnic etc. The APC Office to clarify that the church would be involved with an educational idea and to contact the schools and also Tea in the Square for their ideas. A lengthy discussion took place regarding the food that will be offered such as a hog roast and burger bars. Cllr M.Jones suggested dressing up with forties background music. Cllr A.Reigate suggested a local performer that could provide the music. Cllr N Hamilton-Street suggested contacting the pubs and local businesses and the Angmering Chorale. Action - APC Office to contact the church and local schools and businesses.

The full Minutes can be read here

20 October 2019

New Trustees required

The Angmering Community Centre Association has recently issued the following statement:

"As you may be aware Angmering Community Centre is run as a registered charity, The Angmering Community Centre Association. This Association has a board of Trustees, all of whom are volunteers.

We have recently elected a new Chairman and have recruited 3 new Trustees to join the existing group. but we really need some more Trustees, especially someone who will act as Treasurer. Our current Treasurer is leaving us due to work commitments.

The role of Trustee isn't onerous. We have a number of staff that undertake much of the work and we're about to employ a part time Manager. We meet every 6-8 weeks for about 2 hours at the Centre. You don't need any special talents. We are a real mixture of skills, 90% of which is a commitment to the community and common sense.

If you think you or someone you know could spare some time to ensure the Centre continues to thrive and expand its commitment to the Community then please leave your details with either Karen or Louisa in the Admin Office or email us at and someone will be in touch."

22 November 2019

Roads Closures

Please note that ALL roads leading into The Square will be closed between 11.45am and 12.45pm on Sunday 10th November for the Royal British Legion's Remembrance Day Parade.

1 November 2019


The winner of Sussex Life's 2019 Award for Tea/Coffee Shop of the Year was:




Well done and many congratulations to Anne-Marie and Helen on their well deserved win.

24 October 2019 (updated 25 Oct 19)

Angmering Planning Applications

A/141/19/HH - Loft conversion at 20 Arundel Road Applicant: Mr Simon Dyson.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 14 November 2019.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility ", click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

23 October 2019

Tea in the Square

Tea in the Square will be CLOSED all day this THURSDAY (24th) as the ladies will be attending the finals of of the Sussex Life magazine's Food & Drink Hospitality Awards 2019 at the Grand Hotel in Brighton which will be held during the day. Tea in the Square are finalists in the Best Tea Shop category. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that they will win this year as it would be so thoroughly deserved. Anne-Marie and Helen and their shop have become very much part of our village community since they opened in January 2016.

22 October 2019

Snippets from the draft minutes of Angmering Parish Council's Meeting on 14 October 2019

Lighting along Mayflower Park
The subject of the lack of lighting along the pathway from the A259 entrance coming out at Rowan Way and Parsons Close was raised. Cllr. Oldfield confirmed that the APC was fully aware of the situation. It is anticipated that lighting will be installed at the time that the proposed new primary school is built in Mayflower Park however the APC will seek opportunities for earlier funding.

New Primary School
Regarding the location of the new primary school Cllr, Urquhart received information today from WSCC that they are waiting for some information from 106 monies from ADC. Once this is received APC will be informed of the next steps.

Grant Applications
An application for a grant has been received from Peggy's Walk for the sum of £200 for improving and evolving the area. After discussion the sum of £IOO.OO was agreed by all councillor's present but as the APC have granted applications for Peggy's Walk in the past this would regrettably be the last time a grant could be given. An application for a grant has been received from 326 Club and Eco Garden at St Wilfrid's Catholic School for the sum of £500 for the expansion of the vegetable beds. After discussion thesum of £500.00 was agreed by all councillor's present.

Showing IDs at Tips
Cllr N Hamilton-Street asked Cllr. Urquhart about the suggestion that you now need to show ID from Sunday 1 December regarding the use of the Recycling Centre. Cllr. Urquhart advised that yes, all West Sussex residents would need to show proof that they live in the area and therefore entitled to use the Recycling Centre. This is due to a 30%+ increase in usage from outside the West Sussex area. ID can be either a Driving License, Passport, Council Tax Bill or Utility Bill.

The full Minutes can be read here

20 October 2019

Conker Competition success benefits charity

Following heavy rain, on Sunday morning and into the afternoon, the start of the Conker Competition was delayed at The Spotted Cow Angmering. Eventually the team event, with teams of 3 players, commenced with 8 teams. After the first round of the team event, there was Singles Competition, for the first time since the first year in 1980. This competition had 19 entries. The final of the singles took place before the Team Finals.

The singles champion was Seth Turner (aged 11) who received a medal as his prize. The Team Competition was won by PGL (Ben Chapman 11yo; Dennis Wooldridge 10yo; Josh Eames 11yo) who beat The Booty Bashers (Chris Booty, Jayne Booty Tony "Spider" Brennan). The winners received a medal, a commemorative plaque and The Alley-Cat Catteries shield. Plovdiv (Duncan Brindley, Peter Ivanova, Paul Kaye) won the third place medals.

The event raised nearly £500 for Chestnut Tree House. A representative of Chestnut Tree House sold tickets for a raffle with prizes donated by Angmering Businesses and others. After the event, customers were entertained with live music from Emily Barden and Chris Eaton.

15 October 2019

Team Conker Comeptition at Spotted Cow

This year's Annual Team Conker Competition will take place on Sunday 13th October at The Spotted Cow (High Street, Angmering BN16 4AW). The Competition will be organised by The Spotted Cow, for the first time. Registration will be from 13:00 for a 13:30 start time. This year is the 39th anniversary of the first competition in 1980.

The format is a knockout competition for teams of 3, at £12 per team. This year the Plate competition will be replaced by an Individual competition. This is free entry to those who are in a team. There is a £4.00 fee for players not in a team. The Individual competition will start 30 minutes after the start of the team event. There is a minimum age of 10 years old for the individual competition. Players enter at their own risk! Conkers and String will be supplied by the organisers.

There will be a raffle and a barbecue. Prizes for Raffle gratefully received. Also live music from Emily Barden at 16:15. Proceeds will once again go to Chestnut Tree House.

10 October 2019

Audi - "Wear it Pink" week

As October is Cancer awareness month, Worthing Audi, located on the Roundstone By-pass (A259) in Angmering, has decided to support the charity Breast Cancer Now with "Wear it Pink" ( )

They are going to be running various competitions during the week commencing Monday 14 October, the main one being "win an Audi for the weekend" where they will have a new Audi Q2 filled with pink balloons in the showroom for people to guess how many balloons are in the car. They are also going to be donating £100 per vehicle to Breast Cancer Now that they sell that week.

Some pink cakes for sale there during that week but, most importantly, on Friday 18th October staff will be loud and proud wearing pink.

7 October 2019

A259 Dualling - Update

WSCC's delay in compulsory purchase of land along the Angmering section of the A259 has created further setbacks to the commencement of the scheduled work.

WSCC advertised the Compulsory Purchase Order for the scheme between May and August 2019. A number of objections to the CPO were received, and as a result the order will be determined at a Public Inquiry which will be held between 26 November and 3 December 2019 at Littlehampton Town Council’s Offices.

Site preparation, including vegetation clearance at the Angmering end of the scheme was carried out early in 2019. The start date for the main works, which includes further site clearance, is dependent on the Compulsory Purchase Order for the scheme being determined at the Public Inquiry. The start date is therefore forecast to be summer 2020, with the works expected to last for approximately 18 months.

2 October 2019