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April 2012

Snippets from the Minutes of the Parish Council's Policy & Finance Committee meeting on 17 April 2012

Public Consultation
Taking a position as a member of the public, (Cllr) Julia Graham expressed concern at the cumulative effect of the various major developments currently being considered that will generate traffic in and around Angmering. She believed that the Neighbourhood Plan should be undertaken more quickly and be at least partly in place before these developments swamped the village. Various suggestions were made about how the process could be speeded-up including the use of consultants and conducting a village traffic survey.

Grass Cutting & Horticultural Contracts
The Clerk had circulated a report (copy attached to these minutes) on the conclusions of the Environment Committee, and subsequent investigations relating to a change to the method of delivering adequate village maintenance for the future. On a proposal by Councillor Graham, seconded by Councillor Bos it was RESOLVED to recommend to the Parish Council to:
c) Continue the Grounds Maintenance Operative (GMO) post beyond the fixed term contract and her work extended to grass cutting currently done by ISS Waterers.
d) An additional 10 hours per week to be offered initially to the Environmental Warden to facilitate litter picking prior to grass cutting and strimming of the area and provide support to the GMO.
e) Purchase two mowers, a large sit-on and a self-propelled smaller mower, which would be required. Mowing would be carried out on an 'as needed' basis during March to October and there would be initial and annual maintenance costs for the mowers. The purchase of these mowers would be financed from the remaining funds reserved from the Section 106 settlement given to maintain the Bramley Green open spaces.
f) Use the free storage of the mower and diesel which had been agreed at a local facility.

Quality Parish
The Clerk reported that the Quality Parish application had not been successful and had circulated the notification, including reasons. The main problem was that a decision had been made by the Parish Council without an appropriate item being on the agenda, but the return of the portfolio file was awaited in order to understand the matters being discussed more clearly.

To read the full minutes of this meeting, click here (PDF file)

30 April 2012

Films at the Community Centre

The next film to be shown at Angmering Community Centre is "TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY" (2011) [UK15] at 7.45pm on Saturday 12 May. In the bleak days of the Cold War, espionage veteran George Smiley is forced from semi-retirement to uncover a Soviet agent within MI6. Starring Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth & John Hurt. The film has already won 15 awards and has received 43 nominations (including three Oscar nominations). poster

Tickets priced at £5 are available from the Community Centre Office, Woodies News, and Angmering Framing & Stitches. Association Members can obtain a 10% Discount – in advance at Centre Office only.

The following film to be shown on Saturday 9 June is "THE IRON LADY".

30 April 2012

Housing Development - Results of village voting

A month ago, the Save Angmering Village (SAV) campaign group delivered voting forms to each household in the parish of Angmering, and asked the question:

Do you support new large-scale housing developments in the parish of Angmering
such as the one currently being proposed by Barratts/David Wilson Homes?

Of the 5882 registered voters in the parish, 2261* completed the voting form and returned it to the SAV group. The results were as follows:

7 Votes 2254* Votes

The result is a 38.4% response. The "NO" vote indicates that 99.69% of the Angmering voters who responded are against new large-scale developments which sends a very clear message to Barratts/David Wilson Homes, Angmering Parish Council, Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council.

* amended later after further batch of 50 voting forms located (all received by 15 April)

19 April 2012

Cycling for Stoke Mandeville

Over 30 students from The Angmering School, all with physical disabilities, are hoping to compete in the Stoke Mandeville Games in September 2012. Disabled students from all over the UK attend this national event and our students go every year but costs are rising. It now costs over £10,000 to provide transport, staffing, food, accommodation and all expenses during the week away. Chris Rowley and Allen Porter from Middleton Insurance Services Limited are completing a Cycle Ride from 'John O' Groats to Lands End' on 23rd April 2012 to help raise funds to send students to the Stoke Mandeville Games.

To support this cause:

For any further information contact: or telephone (01903) 778372. Help the school hit its target of £20,000

18 April 2012

Charity Auction

The Lavinia Norfolk Centre are holding a Charity Auction to raise funds to send students with physical disabilities to the Stoke Mandeville Games in September 2012 (see news item above). The auction will be held at the school on Saturday 26 May from 7-10pm. The cost is £5. There will be a complimentary glass of bubbly on arrival. As well as buffet food, soft drinks will be available, but you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic refreshments for the evening. For information or to purchase tickets contact Mike Griffiths either by Phone: (01903) 773146 or email:

18 April 2012

Bluebell woods walk

Mike Pearn has agreed to carry out another guided walk this year through Angmering Woods to see the wonderful bluebells which we are so fortunate to have within our parish. One of the difficulties in the past has been setting a date too far in advance which has meant that the bluebells were not always at their best. This year Mike has been monitoring the situation and will now conduct the walk on Saturday 28 April meeting at the car park in Dover Lane (off A27 north side) at 10.00am. The walk will take approx 1½ hours. The conditions may be muddy and it is strongly recommended that sturdy boots are worn. Dogs may accompany their owners provided that they are kept on a lead.

The walk was originally requested by The Angmering Society but Mike is happy if non-members also wish to come along. There is no charge. For further details, contact Mike Pearn on (01903) 772705.

18 April 2012

Society expresses concern over proposed housing development

In a statement issued today by The Angmering Society, it expresses concern about the 301 homes Barratts/David Wilson Homes propose to build on land to the east of Roundstone. The statement, signed by chairman Peter French, reads:

The Angmering Society is deeply concerned by the proposal to build 301 houses on the site known as Manor Nurseries and the land to the south of that site extending to the Rugby Club grounds, adjacent to Roundstone Lane.

The proposed expansion of the village would have an extremely damaging impact on the existing settlement, in terms of:

The Planning Application and detailed plans have yet to be published but when that happens The Angmering Society will be examining very carefully all the facts relevant to the issues highlighted above and, in response, will make appropriate comments to Arun District Council's Planning Department.

In the Society's letter dated 2nd April 2009, in response to Arun District Council's 2009 "Options for Growth" document. The Society states that:- "….new housing adjacent to the Angmering By-pass would be most unsuitable ..." This is a sentiment with which The Angmering Society still heartily concurs.

The statement has been issued to Angmering Parish Council, Arun District Council, the SAV group and to our representative District and County Councillors, plus our Member of Parliament.

16 April 2012

School Drama to mention Angmering's Fallen

The Angmering School A Level Drama students are performing "Oh What a Lovely War" on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 April 7-8pm at the school as part of their A level work. The show will be performed in pierrot costumes and is musical theatre so features World War I-era songs. 29 men and 1 woman are mentioned on the Angmering War Memorial and they will be mentioned in a section of the play which is a musical comedy but also portrays the harshness of war. If anyone would like to come along and support the students the tickets are £3 and are on sale via our drama department. Please contact the school on 01903 772351. The tickets will not be on sale at the door.

16 April 2012

Titanic Commemoration

Angmering Baptist Church will be featuring 'The Titanic' in their Morning Service on Sunday 22nd April, 2012 at 10.30a.m. Their special speaker will be Tristan McDonald who is very knowledgeable about he facts surrounding the Sinking of the Titanic and will be relating some untold stories and other intriguing details about this seemingly unsinkable ship! He will be illustrating his talk with a number of exhibits. Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be served afterwards.

16 April 2012

Snippets from the Minutes of the Parish Council's Leisure Committee meeting on 27 March 2012

Mayflower Park
Picnic tables - The Committee discussed the need to put some picnic tables in Mayflower Park where the Crown of Trees will be to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. There is still some S106 money available from when the Fresh Air fitness equipment was put in and this will be used. SW will put a quote together and circulate to the Committee.
BMX Track - Councillor Francis said Councillor Bicknell is liaising with Robbie regarding the layout for the BMX track. There is some concern over the overhead cables and it may need to be moved slightly. SW has contacted the electricity provider who says if we perceive there are issues we can ask that they put the cables underground. Councillor Bicknell will report back to the committee.

Diamond Jubilee
Commemorative Coins etc. - The Committee read Councillor Turner’s report on the Jubilee Coins which would be distributed to residents up to 18 and 85 and over. It was decided that the coin from Insignia Ltd was the better coin, however, the Committee felt the project was high risk and that it could be seen as wasting the Councils money. After further discussion, Councillor Turner said she was sure it would be a success and if the Committee and the Council were to support her she would fund the project herself. The Committee took a vote and were in favour apart from Councillor Gillett who abstained. The Committee felt that such a momentous occasion should not go un-marked by the Parish, therefore seats with the logo on would be a good idea, and asked SW to get a quote.
Jubilee Clock - Councillor Gillett said he had had a look at clocks to mark the Jubilee but has found that most started around the £14k and were too expensive. The Committee asked if SW could investigate if there were any grants around for the Jubilee.

Although the frame had broken for the Map on the Village Green, the internal map was still okay. The Committee decided to ask B. Devitt-Spooner for a quote to try and repair. SW will organise this.

To read the full minutes of this meeting, click here (PDF file)

12 April 2012

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 04/04/12)

A/17/12/TEL - Prior notification for installation of dark green cabinet on Land adj to Amber, Station Road. For: Openreach.

A/18/12/TEL - Prior notification for installation of dark green cabinet on Land adj to 1 Lansdowne Road, Arundel Road. For: Openreach.

A/22/12 - Erection of new detached dwelling with garaging and basement area at Fallowdale, North Drive. For: Mr R Smith.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 3 May 2012.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility " , click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

11 April 2012

Wi-Fi and Dry!

The East Preston Laundrette in Downs Way now has free Wi-Fi. It's intended for customers doing their washing or drying who want to make it a little bit more entertaining! The laundrette is open every day of the year, including Sundays and Public Holidays. Why not give it a try?

7 April 2012

Learn more about computers!

Would you like to learn more about computers and how to use them? If so, Angmering Community Centre is holding a Computer Training Open Day where you will have the opportunity to:

The Open Day is being held at the Commuunity Centre in Foxwood Avenue on Friday 27 April 2012 from 10.30am to 4.00pm and will be of interest to absolute beginners to an intermediate level. For more details, phone the Centre on (01903) 773982.

6 April 2012

New Housing - Public Meeting Minutes

The Save Angmering Village group (SAV) has issued the minutes of the Public Meeting held at the Community Centre on Sunday 25 March and these can be viewed by clicking here (PDF file).

Since that time, more voting forms have been received. A total of 1672 voting forms have currently been returned of which 1666 are against large scale housing developments in Angmering such as the one being proposed by Barratts/David Wilson Homes and only 6 in favour (i.e. 99.64% against).

SAV is urging residents who have not completed and returned their voting forms do so before 15 April.

5 April 2012

Treasure Hunt postponed

Due to the uncertainty over fuel supplies, the Angmering-in-Bloom Committee have decided to postpone their planned car treasure hunt which was to take place on Sunday 29 April. They hope to re-schedule the event later in the year.

Their Gardeners' Question Time event will still go ahead. This will be held on Saturday 28 April between 7pm and 10pm at Angmering Village Hall.

4 April 2012

The Lamb - Pictures

After 6 months of restoration and refurbishment, "The Lamb at Angmering" formally opened at 11am this morning (Tuesday) with the chair of Angmering Parish Council, Cllr Pat Turner, performing the ribbon cutting ceremony (see photo below). Arundel town crier, Angela Standing, announced to the village centre the opening of The Lamb. Following the opening, eager villagers packed the bar to sample the beers on offer, many remaining for lunch, while a number of others took the opportunity of booking meals for the coming week.

Copyright: Neil Rogers-Davis, 2012

Here are other pictures of the interior of The Lamb showing the restaurant/bar areas and the 'Old Wilkie' room - one of the five tastefully furnished en-suite bedrooms - named after Thomas Wilkinson, landlord of The Lamb from 1850 to 1908:

Photo:  Robin Newbon, 2012 Photo:  Robin Newbon, 2012
Photo:  Robin Newbon, 2012 Photo:  Robin Newbon, 2012
Photo:  Robin Newbon, 2012 Photo: Neil Rogers-Davis, 2012
Photo:  Robin Newbon, 2012 Photo:  Robin Newbon, 2012

Photos: © Robin Newbon, 2012

3 April 2012

Snippets from the Minutes of the Parish Council's Highways Committee meeting on 20 March 2012

Bramley Green road adoption
WSCC still had issues with the new drawings that the developers had provided and were awaiting their response. If it can be resolved quickly work should not be too long, WSCC will keep Angmering Parish Council updated.

Dog Bins
There has been a request for a dog bin in the Honey Lane area. The only suitable spot is a patch of grass inside Pound Way. We leaflet dropped the houses in the area but the reaction was no, due to the smell etc. There is also no where in Honey Lane to position a bin. There appears to be a lot of concern throughout the Parish about dog faeces being left, It is a criminal offence and fines can be issued. If anyone knows whose dogs are doing this, please let us know and we will gladly pass the names onto the Dog Wardens.

Street Lights
The Committee discussed the need for new lights in the centre of Weavers Hill, and Greenacres Ring between Meadowside and the first clockwise bend. Councillor Bos said that she thought the Lights in Weavers Hill were okay but had not had a chance to check the Greenacres Ring ones yet but will do and report back to the committee. The committee also discussed the times that lights should be going off in Angmering. Councillor Shire said he would get a map and the street light timing for the area.

To read the full minutes of this meeting, click here (PDF file)

3 April 2012

The Lamb - Opening Day

"The Lamb at Angmering" will officially open its doors to begin trading at 11am on Tuesday 3rd April. The Arundel Town Crier (Angela Standing) will be there to announce the event and the opening ribbon will be cut by the Angmering Parish Council chair, Councillor Pat Turner.

1 April 2012