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June 2009

Bramley Green Recreation Area

Angmering Parish Council has today issued a statement in which they suggest that the recreation area beside William Olders Road and Grooms Close on Bramley Green, dug up in May to install ground source heating piping for the new Community Centre, will not now be available to the public until the end of October.. The statement reads:

"Following the installation of the ground source heating pipes, which unfortunately did not proceed in the planned way due to technical difficulties with the ground, we are now planning the most practical way to restore the area to grass. Originally it was intended to use a special trenching machine which would have left us with a number of narrow strips to turf/seed but the extent of the rubble etc. in the ground meant that this machine could not be used. Subsequently the ground was dug by mechanical digger which, although successful in respect of the heating pipes, resulted in extensive damage to the top surface. We have now concluded, with a specialist company, the programme to restore the ground to grass and this will be as follows:

A. The ground will be cleared and dug over in July and the appearance will be improved.

B. In mid September the ground will be seeded and we trust the grass will grow to a usable area by the end of October.

It is unfortunately not possible to achieve this any earlier due to

1. Laying turf would require watering everyday for a number of weeks due to the summer period and this is not practical or economic.

2. Experts have confirmed seeding such a large area at this time of year is highly likely to fail as the seeds will bake in the summer sun. In addition watering the area is a major logistical problem.

Should there be any changes to the above, we will advise accordingly.

Angmering Parish Council, Community Centre Sub Committee"

(25 June 2009)

Summer Track Championship hots up

It will be another great day of action-packed racing at Angmering raceway in Water Lane ( on Sunday June 28th when the Junior Rods, A and B Production, Modified C, Production Stox and Saloon Rod formulas take to the track in pursuit of vital points in the ongoing summer track championship season.

The stock car racing stars of the future will be taking to the track in the junior formulas, competing in Minis (engine sized at 1000cc for 10 to 16 year olds) and up to 1200cc cars for those aged 12 to 16. The adult modified formulas will deliver racing action from a wide range of cars with engine sizes ranging from 1300 to 1600cc and connecting to the track via front or rear wheel drive. At the top end of the power scale, the Saloon Rods, driven by 1600 and above cc engines will be burning rubber as their drivers push the high-powered cars to the limit on the demanding banked oval circuit.

The nudge and spin Bangers are firm crowd favourites, as the old wrecks are pushed to their limit around the track, with those that survive the racing being sent to the great scrap yard in the sky in the metal-bending demolition derby that closes the meeting and sends everyone home grinning at the automotive carnage they have just witnessed.

With a massive grid of cars, offering something for every race fan and the drivers determined to put the pedal very firmly to the metal to gain those vital points that make all the difference in the track championship, Angmering will deliver a great action packed and value for money day out for all the family on June 28th.

The gates open at 8am, with racing commencing at 11.30am. Adult admission is £10 kids, 10-14, £5, with kids under ten free. Senior Citizens, disabled and Students (with valid student cards) can also enjoy a days racing for just £5.

(22 June 2009)

Photos from today's well-attended events

RNLI Lifeboats' Garden Party at Ecclesden Manor

Copyright: Neil Rogers-Davis, 2009

Strawberry Tea at the Rectory

Copyright: Neil Rogers-Davis, 2009

(20 June 2009)

Strawberry Tea

St Margaret’s Church warmly invites all villagers to come to the Strawberry Tea in the Rectory (Rectory Lane) tomorrow, Saturday 20 June from 3 to 5pm.

Tea, cakes, strawberries, bouncy castle and games for children - all available for you and your family.

No charge to come – we’d love to see you there!

Mark Standen (Rector)

(19 June 2009)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 10/06/09)

A/55/09 - Ground floor extension to side & rear. 1st floor dormer to rear of existing dwelling. Existing garage to be removed. 10 Ashurst Way. For: Mr S C Challis

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 9 July 2009.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility " , click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

(19 June 2009)

Snippets from the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 8 June 2009

Bramley Green Grass Cutting
Councillor Turner advised that Waterers are now spending each Friday on site maintenance which she is monitoring as well as the Clerk who has started a Monday morning check. Default notices have been issued this week in relation to areas not mowed last week. Monthly invoices for March, April and May have not yet been settled. Councillor Mountain was anxious that the Council achieved some reduction for contract breaches. Councillor John Robbins advised that a shrub bed on the Community site was strimmed and some shrubs damaged by the strimmer and believed that Waterers should make good the damage. Councillor Turner will be taking this up.

Quotations to repair the skatebowl, following the recent fire, were being sought.

West Sussex County Council Report
The Footbridge (over the A259) resurfacing had been delayed due to contractors ordering the wrong materials.

Community Centre
The Chairman reported that the “Topping Out” ceremony at the Community Centre on 5th June had been well attended and was very successful. The guided tours had proved to be very popular. Councillor Steven Mountain reported that there had been some problems with the area of land where the underground pipes had been installed for the ground source heat pump. The contractors had to bring in a small excavator to dig the trenches as the ground was full of rubble from the building works in Bramley Green. A figure of £5000.00 has been given to re-grade the area, put on top soil and grass seed. Councillor Nunn asked if the contract included reinstatement to original condition. Councillor Smith said that the Council should 4 just note the problem and allow the sub committee to continue with negotiations. Councillor Bicknell was of the opinion the Consortium should be advised as the dumping of building rubble on this site had been a contributory factor to the problem. During Public Question Time, Mr. Norman Hadley requested that the ACCA be given a copy of the proposed lease for the Community Centre before the meeting being held on 30th June, 2009. The Chairman advised that the lease had not yet been completed but would ensure a copy is made available.

(13 June 2009)

Snippets from the Minutes of the Parish Council Highways Commitee Meeting on 28 May 2009

Honey Lane
Two grants are in the process of being compiled for the Honey Lane right of way improvement.

Traffic Issues
(1) Chandlers Garage- Arun District Council advised that after a health and safety assessment the intention was that night time deliveries would go to Rustington business park. They also confirmed that there was no burning of waste oil at the site.
(2) Speeding - The Committee noted email from Sergeant Carolyn Kendall regarding the difficulties of enforcing 20mph speed limits in the village. The office will contact the PCSO to see if the mobile SID is available again. Other suggestions for reducing the traffic through the village, were installing a ‘no right turn’ on the by pass and returning Dappers Lane to two way traffic.
(3) Disabled Bay - The Senior Assistant Clerk will contact the PCSO to see if signage can be improved for the disabled bay.
(4) Bramley Green - The Senior Assistant Clerk will contact West Sussex County Council and ask for the reasons why the Bramley Green roads have not been adopted.

High Street Post Box
Rustington sorting office confirmed that they no longer had the old post box in storage and that it had been scrapped. The Committee discussed the way forward and agreed that the project be put on hold for the time being.

Street Furniture
(1) Margaret Butcher Memorial Seat - The committee agreed not to replace the damaged stone seat on the village green at this stage. The office are still waiting for an offer from the insurance company.
(2) Dog Bins - The committee requested that a dog bin for the High Street be investigated. Arun District Council are still carrying out their survey and it will still be approximately one year before bins can be ordered.

(13 June 2009)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 03/06/09)

A/48/09 - Demolition of section of triple garage & erection of attached single garage at 12 Lansdowne Way. For: Mr & Mrs Reddick

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 2 July 2009.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility " , click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

(12 June 2009)

Fire in The Square

Fire at The Co-op

After four burglaries/attempted break-ins in recent months, the Co-op's string of bad luck continued when a fire broke out in the store shortly before 4 o'clock this afternoon. A smell of what appeared to be the result of electrical cable burning was reported to staff by a local shopper but they had been aware of a smell for some minutes beforehand. Shortly after, smoke started to be emitted from, or close to, the mains junction box on the south-west corner of the store which triggered the fire alarms. Shoppers and staff immediately were evacuated the store as were a family living in the flat above.

Two fire appliances from East Preston attended the scene and the main electrical current to the shops on the east side of The Square was turned off which resulted in most of those shops having to close their businesses with resultant loss of trade in some cases. The fire was brought swiftly under control. It was anticipated that the current would not be turned back on until approx 6.00pm this evening. Other shops in and near The Square were unaffected.

Traffic was interrupted and two police officers directed vehicles away from the scene. Traffic coming from Arundel Road was diverted up through the High Street.

The cause and impact of the fire will not be known until fire officers have completed their investigation. It is unlikely, though, that the store will open tomorrow or perhaps even for some days. Fire officers removed some burnt timbers and other materials to outside the shop, so clearly re-instatement work will need to be carried out. Personnel from the Co-op's head office were awaited to determine what smoke damage had been done to stock and to assess what electrical and other repairs are necessary.

(8 June 2009)

Community Centre "Topped Out"

A Topping Out ceremony of Angmering's new Community Centre at Foxwood Avenue, Bramley Green was held last Friday afternoon attended by many parties involved with the project and some Angmering residents.Topping Out ceremony at Community Centre

The last tile placed on the roof was signed by Parish Councillor Steven Mountain (for Angmering Parish Council as owners of the building), Katherine Hartfield (for Hamsons, who have project managed the initiative), and Bill Catchpole (for WH Catchpole who are the builders of the Centre).

Councillor Nigel Nunn , Chairman of the Parish Council said " A lot of hard work has gone into the design and construction of the village's new Community Centre . Very often it is the case that those who have had their sleeves rolled up throughout the project tend to get overlooked. We thought this was a novel way to make sure their names are there for posterity. We hope it will be a very long time before we need to replace the tiles on the roof - but when we do, the names of those most closely involved in the initial construction will once again be remembered! There will, of course, be an official opening once the building is completed in the Autumn, but this ceremony is an interim thanks to all those workers who have already contributed so much ."


In photo: left: Cllr Steven Mountain and Katherine Hartfield. Far right: Bill Catchpole.
(Photo: Copyright Norman Hadley, 2009)

(8 June 2009)

County Council Elections

Following last Thursday's election, County Councillor, Deborah Urquhart, held her Angmering and Findon seat.

(7 June 2009)