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April 2009

A chance to visit the Historic Dockyard at Chatham"

The Angmering Society Committee is giving both members and non-members the opportunity of a unique visit to the Chatham Historic Dockyard on Saturday 27 June 2009. The Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust actually celebrates both its 25th Anniversary and Armed Forces Day on the day of the planned visit.

During the visit to the Dockyard there will be the opportunity of seeing the historic architecture, historic ships, museum galleries, Rope Walk, "Beating the Retreat and Ceremonial Sunset", boat trips on the River Medway, and much more.

This is the first national Armed Forces Day which will take place in the award winning Historic Dockyard. The public are invited to join veterans and serving members of the armed forces in an amazing tribute to the service and sacrifice they have given to the country and, what is more, access to the event in the Historic Dockyard will be completely free of charge. Events include a drum-head service, military and veterans’ parade, military bands and displays, and have-a-go displays. There is a charge, however, for the Beating the Retreat and Ceremonial Sunset early in the evening

Costs per person:
Coach Fare: £10.50
Entrance to Dockyard Museum: Free
Boat Trips on the River Medway (extra - payable on day)
"Beating the Retreat and Ceremonial Sunset": £12.00

The coach departs from The Lamb Inn in The Square at 9.00am. Those opting for the "Beating of the Retreat and Ceremonial Sunset" will have covered grandstand seats (football stadium style) which have a superior view. Attendees will need to be seated by approx 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start. The event lasts for about one hour. It is hoped that arrival back in Angmering would be by approx 9.00pm.

Reservation Forms are available from Angmering Framing & Stitches, The Big Fry, and Woodies News. Forms and cheques must be returned by 25 May at the latest. For further information phone (01903) 787374.

(28 April 2009)

Caravan Chasing!

Caravan enthusiasts might be forgiven for thinking that Angmering raceway ( has something against these coastal road hogging slow coaches, as the track hosts a Caravan chase to destruction on Bank Holiday Monday, May 4th at 11.30.

The track is nothing short of inventive when it comes to ways to dispose of caravans and this time around the 'sheds' will be taking part in teams with one caravan guarded by an outriding group of bangers. The outriding cars will have to defend their team caravan from other teams' frenzied attempts to wreck it, whilst still attempting to take out their rival's caravans.

Needless to say, the end result is going to be lots of mangled caravans and tow cars. There will be no escape for any that survive this event either, as the day will end with a metal-mangling demolition derby with the trophy going to the last car left moving.

The Caravan Chase will be supported by a full race card of both contact and non-contact oval racing, ranging from junior drivers competing in Minis through Street Stocks, Classic Stock cars from the 1950s and '60s to the screaming Hot Rods, ensuring that Angmering Raceway will deliver yet another action packed and value for money day out on Bank Holiday Monday, May 4th.


(27 April 2009)

Community Centre - Going Up!

Angmering's new Community Centre at Foxwood Avenue, Bramley Green is coming along apace and looks to be on track for an early Autumn finish. To mark the excellent progress, which has only been achieved by working in partnership with architects, designers, builders, project managers and the new Management Committee, Angmering Parish Council plans to have a

AT 3.30 P.M.

Anyone who would like to go along to see the final tile placed on the roof is most welcome - meet adjacent to the building site. The Parish Council hopes to be able to conduct a limited number of guided tours (hard hats will be provided!). For more information contact Angmering Parish Council on (01903) 850756.

(NB: This is an amendment from the previously notified date of 15 May)

(27 April 2009)

Youth Bus

Grand Launch of Youth Bus

The Angmering Youth Forum is inviting everyone in the village to go along to the Grand Launch of their Youth Bus commencing at 12 noon on Sunday 10 May at the Skatepark in Mayflower Park (accessible from Mayflower Way or Rowan Way in Bramley Green).

Bring your family and friends along to not only view the bus but to enjoy a fun filled afternoon with funfair rides, stalls and refreshments.


(26 April 2009)

Snippets from Parish Council Environment & Leisure Committee Minutes of Meeting on 14 April 2009

The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that the Downs Way notice board had now been re-sited.

Fletcher's Field
Councillor Turner reported that a meeting had taken place with Councillors Turner and Edwards for the Parish Council and Richard Hance, Churchwarden/Trustee of Fletchers Field and Richard Hobden as advisor for the Trustees. At the meeting it was agreed that the current agreement for the day to day management of Fletchers Field be clarified and the Trustees have agreed to draw up an amendment for approval by the Parish Council.

Councillor Mark Edwards said that LTL would be delivering and fitting the feeder pillar for the floodlights in the next week. He had also had a meeting with EDF and agreed the location of the feeder pillar and the power supply. Councillor Turner raised the issue of safety in the skate park and said although we had issued keys for the gates to the local ambulances we also needed to issues keys for the bollards.

Bramley Green Open Spaces
(i) There has been no response to the letter sent to Redrow homes regarding the subsidence in the play area.
(ii) Councillor Turner said that work carried out by ISS Waterers was not up to standard and she had given them until the end of the month to sort all the problems out. If this was not done a default notice would be served.
(iii) Councillor Nigel Nunn circulated a plan of where he would suggest that the adult exercise equipment and seating be located. The committee asked that a list of equipment and costings should be prepared so that grants could be looked at.
(iv) Councillor Turner raised the issue of the drainage basin and said that ISS Waterers had still not carried out the work as the water level was still too high. The committee believed the best option was to use a drainage machine to remove the silt and then clean the basin up.

Water Lane Improvement
The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that she had written to the gardening contractors as requested but most had declined to quote. Only Ferring Nurseries had responded but a quote was still awaited. Councillor Turner suggested another option might be to replant the area with Lavender and ask the ‘Pay Back’ scheme to maintain it. The office with check this out and report back to the Committee.

Village Maintenance Contract
Councillor Turner said that the tenders had been evaluated and the contract has been awarded to Seymore and Lisle.

Downs Way Pocket Park
The Committee discussed the email from Mr Crook regarding the litter in the pocket park. Councillor Bicknell suggested that Liittlehampton Town Council be contacted and asked if their ‘A’ and ‘B’ team could help out. Councillor Turner said that the ‘Pay Back’ team could also be approached.

(24 April 2009)

If you go down to the woods today ...........

These photos were taken this afternoon in the woods at Angmering Park. The bluebells are quite spectacular in places and hopefully will remain at their best for another 7-14 days before they begin to fade. If you are lucky, as we were, you might just catch a glimpse of a deer.

Copyright: Neil Rogers-Davis, 2009

Copyright: Neil Rogers-Davis, 2009

Copyright: Neil Rogers-Davis, 2009

If you are considering going to look at the bluebells, I would suggest the best way is to park near The Fox and walk down the adjacent Selden Lane until you come to the gates of Angmering Park. Go over the style and walk up through the woods, straight on over at the first 4-way sign and carry on walking until you see the mass of bluebells close to the next 4-way sign which has logs piled high on both sides of the track. You can either retrace your steps back to The Fox or take a sharp turn south and walk down through the woods until you come to Swillage Lane. Walk down the lane until you come to the junction, and then turn left onto the road back up to The Fox. The round trip will take between 1¼ to 1¾ hours depending how fast you walk.

(21 April 2009)

Parish Council opposes new housing in Parish

Following Arun District Council's Local Development Framework (LDF) consultation process which they issued to households in Angmering during February in the form of an 8-page document entitled "Arun Core Strategy - Options for Growth", Angmering Parish Council have now released their response for residents to see. Their letter to Arun District Council dated 1 April 2009 containing their objections can be seen by clicking here (Adobe PDF document - 23KB)

(21 April 2009)

New Councillors

Angmering residents will welcome the news that four new councillors were co-opted onto Angmering Parish Council last night which means that 12 of the 13 positions have now been filled. It is understood that another person is interested in joining the Council which would bring it up to full strength, something that has been unachievable for many years.

The new Councillors are Mr D Kimmer, Mr J Robbins, Mrs T Stephenson, and Mr C Verrinder. Mr R Storrer joined the Council last month.

(21 April 2009)

Snippets from Parish Council Highways Committee Minutes of Meeting on 9 April 2009

Chandlers Garage
The Committee asked that the Senior Assistant Clerk get in touch with the environmental department at Arun District Council to see what monitors they had in place for the deliveries that take place in the middle of the night.

Greenwood Drive
The Committee discussed the email from Mr Richard Bennett regarding the poor parking in Greenwood Drive. There is a traffic regulation order (TRO) to provide double yellow lines but the timescale is not known yet.

Downs Way
A new TRO had been received for Downs Way to provide some restricted parking. Like Greenwood Drive it will be prioritised in the coming months. The Senior Assistant Clerk said the two new street lights for Downs Way had been ordered and would be installed shortly.

High Street
Councillor Nunn asked if Councillor Bicknell could investigate yellow lines to prevent parking on the hill in the High Street.

Village Green
The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that the insurance company would only look at like for like not a new replacement seat (Margaret Butcher Memorial seat). The Committee asked if a photograph could be taken of the plaque on the damaged seat which was currently at the stonemasons. As soon as the situation is agreed with the insurers it can be decided what sort of seat to go for.

Post Box in the High Street
Councillor Bicknell said he had visited Rustington sorting office where the old post box was stored and it no longer appeared to be there. The office have written to the sorting office asking for clarification.

St Wilfrid's Cemetery Twitten
Councillor Bicknell produced two diagrams of his proposals for barriers outside the Twitten leading to St Wilfrids. One was for a bollard and one was for a proposed fence by the kerb. The committee agreed that the preferred option was the fence, this will be sent through to West Sussex County Council for their views.

Roundstone Railway Crossing
The Committee discussed the letter from Mr Ian Sumnall showing the final installation ground plans from Network rail. The committee agreed these proposals and asked that the office confirm.

(21 April 2009)

Telephone Scam - a warning

The police are warning Angmering residents that a scam is currently being practiced in the UK where elderly people are being phoned about the recent court decision penalising the banks and requiring them to refund bank charges. Well spoken callers, after explaining the situation to these vulnerable people, are then requesting their date of birth and their bank account details for fraudulant use.

(20 April 2009)

School Expansion Goes Ahead

Despite objections from some residents on The Dell, Arun District Council has passed the plans to create a new 6th Form block at The Angmering School and to refurbish the school's Library. Local concerns are that this will lead to additional parking in Greewood Drive which residents already consider excessive. However, Arun District Council believe that new parking spaces on the school campus will be adequate to absorb any additional vehicles and see some reduction in current parking levels in Greenwood Drive.

For residents of The Walkway on Bramley Green, there is welcome news that the current rear entrance of the school which exits into their road will be closed. Residents have been complaining and campaigning for several years to have this entrance closed in view of the noise and anti-social behaviour created by some students.

A new temporary roadway is to be created to the rear of the site on the eastern boundary for use by contractors vehicles which will link up with the existing access point in Rowan Way on the Bramley Green Estate. After completion of the building works this roadway will be converted to a 3m cycle path and walkway.

Notwithstanding Arun's approval, the planning application (A/11/09) must still be passed by West Sussex County Council. However, considering that they are the applicant in this case, approval by their planners appears to be academic.

(16 April 2009)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 01/04/09)

A/29/09 - Approval of reserved matters following outline consent A/44/06 for car showrooms at land south of A259, (Rustington). For: Balfour Beatty

A/31/09 - Proposed side and rear extensions and new roof with dormers to form bedrooms and living space. Replacement garage. Greenways, Dappers Lane. For: Mr A Blair & Ms M Rudkin

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 30 April 2009.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility " , click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

(10 April 2009)

Bike Found

A child's bike has been found 'abandoned' on a pathway at the back of Cumberland Crescent/Road. It is a pink Apollo Kinx and it is now in the Parish Office in The Square.

(8 April 2009)

Automotive Mayhem on Monday

Angmering raceway ( serves up a Bank Holiday Monday full of automotive mayhem as the caravans take to the track to be battered to pieces, with the already mad Nudge and Spin Bangers racing in reverse and the ladies racing in the Production Stocks on Monday April 13th.

Summer is here and already drivers will have had to suffer crawling along behind caravans, doing a steady 30 mph, while a queue of traffic longer than the national debt piles up behind. Here is the chance for revenge as the caravans will be attached to Bangers and then totally destroyed as they tear around the track at speeds never experienced in their road-going lives.

Anyone who has ever seen the Nudge and Spin Bangers in action will know how much damage the drivers can inflict on each other's cars while travelling in the normal direction. Now, imagine the carnage that will result when the cars are racing in reverse. By the time the racing is over, the only people smiling more than the race fans will be the scrap metal dealers.

While many people consider Stock Car racing to be a very macho sport, there are plenty of women who take to the track on a regular basis as well as those who want to try their luck on the banked oval circuit. On Bank Holiday Monday, those intrepid ladies will get their chance behind the wheel of the non-contact Production Stocks. Any jokes about 'women drivers' are likely to be short lived as the ladies put the pedal to the metal to show the men how it is done on race day.

The stock car racing stars of the future will also be in action in the junior formulas, competing in Minis (engine sized at 1000cc for 10 to 16 year olds) and up to 1200cc cars for those aged 12 to 16. The adult modified formulas will deliver more racing action from a wide range of cars with engine sizes ranging from 1300 to 1600cc and connecting to the track via front or rear wheel drive. At the top end of the power scale, the Saloon Rods, driven by 1600 and above cc engines will be turning on the power at the demanding Angmering circuit.

With caravan racing, ladies production stocks, and the incredible Bangers reverse racing, Angmering Raceway (off Water Lane) will deliver a great action packed and value for money day out on Bank Holiday Monday, April 13th. The gates open at 8am, with racing commencing at 11.30am. Adult admission: £10, Kids 10-14: £5, with Kids under-10 free. Senior Citizens, disabled and Students (with valid student cards) can also enjoy a day's racing for just £5.

(8 April 2009)

Grand National Success

Liam Treadwell, the 23 year-old Arundel jockey of Saturday's 100/1 Grand National winner, Mon Mone, attended The Angmering School before before entering the world of horse racing. He rode his first racehorse at the age of 14 at Castle Stables, Arundel, where his parents worked for the trainer, John Dunlop.

(6 April 2009)

Angmering and the National Park - mixed blesings

As many will be aware, the Government this week approved the formation of the South Downs National Park which will encompass the downland area stretching from Beachy Head to Winchester. This has been welcomed by the majority of the population although it has been opposed by our MP, Nick Herbert, some farmers, and at considerable expense by the West Sussex County Council who will lose control of the area to the new South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) when formed. The new National Park will help preserve the area from unwanted large-scale development, promote visitors to the area, and protect the landscape and wildlife.

Unlike the majority of parishes across Sussex and Hampshire, which either fall within or are outside the National Park, Angmering will be split within the two. Geographically, more than half the parish will be within the National Park. All of Angmering north of the A27 comes within the Park plus all the land directly north of the lower footpath running from Ecclesden Manor to the chalkpits below Highdown. The Angmering Society had campaigned to extend the Park boundary down to the A259 (Worthing-Littlehampton road) and along to the A280 (Angmering by-pass) taking in the whole of the Hangleton area. This would have prevented "ribbon" development along the A259. However, the Society's proposal was not accepted. To see a map of the areas of Angmering that are affected, click here (PDF file).

How this split of control will impact on Angmering in future years is unknown. The National Park could well bring more visitors to the area which would be most welcome by our shops and places of accommodation. Retaining village shops would undoubtedly be of great benefit to residents and would help maintain the village centre in the form that we love for the foreseeable future.

The Angmering Parish Council may have representation in some form on the SDNPA but theirs would be a lone voice. However, that itself may not be a particularly worrying aspect of the split. What is of more concern is that if there are further demands for housing in the region, there will be less land for the County and District Councils to consider for development. This could expose areas such as the Hangleton area within Angmering and land up to the A27 to new large-scale housing. If this happened, it could destroy Angmering as the entity which know and enjoy today. Villagers must therfore must be prepared to vigorously fight unwanted deveopment of Angmering when such threats arise.

(4 April 2009)