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March 2009

More re-cycling from next week

All Angmering residents should have had a leaflet through their doors from Arun District Council advising that additional items for re-cycling may be put in the blue-topped bins from next week (i.e. 6 April for those with "odd week" collections and 13 April for those with "even week" collections). If you cannot find your leaflet, the following additional items that can now be re-cycled are:

This is in addition to the cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and aluminium and steel cans that residents already recycle in their blue top bin. Everything else, including collection point, day and frequency of recycling and waste services, remains unchanged.

ADC are reminding residents to squash plastic bottles, cans and tins and flatten cartons and cardboard; · rinse recyclables before putting them in the blue top bin to keep the bin clean and the quality of recyclables high; · make sure everything is put in the blue top bin loose, dry and mixed together – separate items should not be placed in plastic bags.

(30 March 2009)

Attack on new Church glass

A brick was thrown at the glass doors of the new entrance to St Margaret's Church last Thursday night. Fortunately the glass proved more durable than the brick which broke. However, the brick did leave its mark on the glass and the damage will need polishing out. The culprit, a youth, was caught by the CCTV cameras and hopefully can be identified and ultimately punished for this senseless vandalism.

Villagers may be wondering when the Church car park will be available again. It is understood that it will be re-surfaced this week and hopefully will be available again from next Monday for public use (2 hours max. stay) when not required for church services/functions.

(30 March 2009)

St Margaret's Re-Opening

A message from the Rector:

We’re OPEN again from this coming Sunday (29 March 2009), and all are most welcome to join us on this day, and in the weeks to come.

Just a few highlights over the next fortnight:

Sunday 29 March

8.00am – Communion Service using the ‘Book of Common Prayer’
9.15am – Family Celebration Service – all ages most welcome
11.00am – Traditional morning prayer Celebration service
6.30pm – Combined service , with St Margaret’s Community Church and our young people

From Monday 30 March onwards

The Church will be open EVERY week-day between 10am to 12noon and 2 to 4pm for anyone to visit, look around, be quiet and pray or ask questions. All welcome.

Wednesday 1 and Friday 3 April from 7pm – Village ‘open evenings’

The Church will be open from 7.00pm, and there will be a special visual presentation on the building project, plus displays  of the different activities we run. You are welcome to come and go as you please.

‘Holy Week’ (5 – 12 April)

Sunday 5 April - A special all age Palm Sunday service at 9.15am , plus all the other usual services
Thursday 9 – A ‘Service of the Shadows’ at 7.30pm
Good Friday (10 April) – Informal family service at 10am, and ‘An hour at the cross’ meditation service from 2 to 3pm
Sunday 12 April – Special Easter Day services at 8.00am, 9.15am and 11am and a ‘Songs of Praise’ service at 6.30pm

For any further details, please do get in touch with the Church Office (784459) or look at our website (

All are welcome to come to your Parish Church

Canon Mark Standen (Rector) – 784979 or

(27 March 2009)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 18/03/09)

A/23/09 - Rear orangery extension and alterations at Pound House, Roundstone Lane. For: Mr & Mrs Hope

A/25/09/L - Application for Listed Building Consent for rear orangery extension & alterations at Pound House, Roundstone Lane. For: Mr & Mrs Hope

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 16 April 2009.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility " , click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

(25 March 2009)

Snippets from Parish Council Environment & Leisure Committee Minutes of Meeting on 3 March 2009

Councillor Turner reported that although Arun District Council had agreed to issuing a 99 year lease on the recreation ground, they were now asking for details of the proposed new building and funding before they issued the lease.

Mayflower Park
Councillor Mark Edwards reported that he was still waiting a date from EDF regarding the proposed power supply for the flood lights for the skate park. EDF currently wanted to install a new supply some 30 metres from the bowl which would entail quite a lot of ground work plus a new meter shelter, although there is a supply in place next to the skate park which monitors the drainage basin underground water levels.
The yearly quote of £3158.56 from ISS Waterers for the litter bin emptying was agreed by the committee to be paid from the skatepark/kickabout funds. There had been a litter problem in the area over the past month and Councillor Edwards asked if ISS Waterers could do two half hour litter picks per week on a Monday and Friday at their hourly rate of £18.00. The Senior assistant Clerk will contact ISS Waterers.

Bramley Green Open Spaces
The Senior Assistant Clerk reported she had written to Redrow Homes regarding the subsidence in the Nursery Road playground.
The drainage basin still hasn’t been cleaned out as the Water is still too high, as soon as it drops to a reasonable level the work will be completed. ISS Waterers had given some suggestions for improving the planting at the play area at Parson Close, the committee asked if this could be costed and reported to the committee.
The Committee discussed the need for additional facilities on Bramley Green such as additional seating and gym equipment for adults.
The Committee discussed the email from Oliver Handson regarding the charges for the playground inspections, plus the addition of Dane Acre when transferred to the Parish Council. Councillor Turner proposed that the £2142 per year for the current play areas be approved but that Dane Acre not be discussed until the details of this area are known to the committee. The committee agreed to this proposal.

Water Lane
The Committee discussed how to improve the area at the entrance to the Village. Various options were discussed such as permanent flowering shrubs, or low maintenance annuals such as busy lizzes.The Senior Assistant Clerk was asked to write to Garden Centres and businesses within the area asking for their suggestions for the planting and maintenance of the area, also costings.

(21 March 2009)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 11/03/09)

A/10/09 - Demolition of existing conservatory & toilet & construction of single storey rear extension to form a living room at 23 Water Lane. For: Mr K Anthony

A/24/09/T - Surgery to groups of Sycamore, Turkey Oak and Various trees on land at West Drive (Ham Manor). For: Hargreaves

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 9 April 2009.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility " , click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

(21 March 2009)

Snippets from Parish Council Minutes of Meeting on 9 March 2009

The Chairman announced the resignation of Norman Hadley as a Parish Councillor, due to a conflict of interests with being a Trustee and member of the Angmering Community Centre Management Committee. The Chairman introduced Mr. Russell Storer who was then co- opted as a Parish Councillor. Mr. Storer was appointed to serve on the Highways committee.

WSCC Report
County Councillor Deborah Urquhart had submitted the following report: “The most important issue for County Council is the setting of Council Tax at 3.25% increase. This is the lowest increase since the introduction of Council Tax. It is important to note that if West Sussex received the average Government Grant of £194 per head as opposed to the lowest of £125 per head we could have cut the Council Tax by 15%. The Senior Managers and all Councillors have agreed to forego any salary increases this year which has saved £100,000 which is to be invested in apprenticeships”

Angmering Sports & Recreation Association
ASRA would undertake to raise funds for a new pavilion. ASRA should be asked to submit a full report of their plans to the Council.

Youth Activities
The Youth Bus launch will be on 10th May 2009.There were no objections to Mayflower Park being used for the launch.

Local Development Framework
This subject is due to be discussed by the Planning Committee of 10th March 2009 (see seperate minutes below) when a list of bullet point headings will be prepared from which Councillor Steven Mountain will draft a reply to Arun District Council. The draft will be approved at the Planning Committee meeting scheduled for 31st March 2009. This meeting will be switched to St Margaret’s Church hall. The public will be advised that the Parish Council will be making a representation to Arun District Council and the public will be invited to attend the meeting to hear the Parish Councils views.

Community Centre
(1) The Finance Committee's recommendation not to use the offer of loan from the PWLB to finance the building of the Community Centre was approved unanimously.
(2) Councillor Steven Mountain advised that the main beams had been erected and that a topping out ceremony was being planned for Friday 1st May at 12.00 noon. It was agreed that up to £200 could be spent on refreshments for the ceremony. Currently the build is within budget and on time.
(3) The Community Centre Management Committee is in the process of submitting a grant application to SITA for £50,000 funding to equip and furnish the Community Centre. By a unanimous decision the Parish Council agreed to act as the Third Party Provider required by SITA and to contribute 11% (£5500) of the grant if the bid is successful. The funds will be taken from the working reserves.

(20 March 2009)

Snippets from the Parish Council Planning & Conservation Committee Meeting on 10 March 2009

Local Development Framework
The Committee noted that the full Parish Council had agreed to finalise their views via the Planning Committee meeting scheduled for 31st March. It was intended to hold the meeting on 31st March at a much larger venue, in order to accommodate members of the public who may wish to attend. The Committee considered that the following should be considered in our response to Arun District Council:

(1) The maps shown in the public consultation document appear to be inaccurate (viz from the blue star roundabout to Water Lane is shown as an ‘A’ road, but this has been superseded by the by pass)

(2) Concern is expressed about the potential increase in traffic movement if even the minimum of 574 additional dwellings are built. The particular section of the A259 is not dual carriageway.

(3) All traffic would need to leave the village via Water Lane to the A27, south to the A259 (where it is currently single carriageway) or through the village, which is currently subject to traffic calming.

(4) The proposals are all on the South and East of the village whereas primary schools are on the North and the Secondary school is on the West, as is the Station. New residents will, therefore need to drive, to access these facilities. Parking is already at a premium for the Station and Secondary school.

(5) Increasing the number of dwellings for Angmering at this time would not lead to Community Cohesion. We are still working hard to integrate residents from the most recent large development.

(17 March 2009)

Co-op reopens

After a closure of eight days for a complete refit and enlargement, the Co-op store in The Square re-opened at 10.00am this morning.St Margaret's School children open revamped store Children from St Margaret's CofE Primary School, Angmering, assisted in the opening ceremony and were later presented with a cheque for £500 by the Co-op for school funds. One of the policies of Southern Cooperatives Ltd is to have a good and close relationship with local communities, and since opening in Angmering in March last year, they have contributed to local events on several occasions in keeping with that policy.

In the photo on the right (courtesy Southern Cooperatives), Darcy Phillips (Head Girl) and Samuel Harris (Head Boy) both from St Margaret's School can be seen cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony. Other children in the photo from the school are Alex Glossop, Luke Glossop, Bethany Glossop, Gemma Charman, Oliver Charman and William Ayre.

The new Co-op has nearly a quarter more shop floor space and they have taken on additional staff which is good for local employment. The Post Office has been moved to the other side of the store and is much more secure. Fresh breads, cakes and pastries are now cooked on the premises each day, the range of chilled and other foods has expanded as have alcoholic drinks, some fresh meats have been introduced, and flowers will be on sale. Some trolleys are now also available for shoppers in addition to baskets.

One lady customer expressed disappointment that no ramp had been incorporated to assist the disabled or parents with children's buggies. Co-op management, however, had looked at the problem but had been prevented from incorporating a ramp due to lack of space on the pavement and the store's projecting bowed window frontage - the latter being a feature within Angmering's Conservation Area. Notwithstanding that, to ameliorate the problem, an assistance button is being installed on both the outside and the inside of the store for those requiring help on entering or exiting.

(12 March 2009)

Anyone for Cricket?

Angmering Cricket Club is keen to welcome new players to join both their junior side and their adult Sunday Friendly side. The juniors side caters for people aged between 10 and 16, whilst the adults side welcomes anyone aged over 16. The club is keen to encourage juniors to play in adults cricket if they feel comfortable to do so.

The club offers a friendly environment to play cricket in, and is keen to welcome all abilities to participate in the nation's summer game.

The adults side has around 20 fixtures scheduled for the season, travelling across East and West Sussex, including Lewes, Chichester, Worthing and Brighton. Angmering also play around half their matches in the village. Pre-season nets start during March, where it would be good to welcome any new players before the start of the season in mid April.

The juniors side hold weekly training sessions, and have received the support of qualified coaches from Sussex County Cricket Club. The club is aiming for a number of fixtures against local sides during the summer.

The club has also obtained substantial funding to refurbish its playing surface, which is a major achievement for a club of its size. The new pitch should be in place for the club's home match on June the 28th against Amberley.

The club feel it would be great to see a few new local faces. If your interested please contact Jim Hughes, Club Captain on 07778 493241

(8 March 2009)

Community Centre takes shape!

The floor of the new Community Centre was completed a few days' ago and the internal block walls are starting to rise. Today, the Glulam columns and rafters over the hall were assembled giving shape to the building. Glulam is Scandinavian softwood which, when individual timbers are laminated together, produces environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and exceptionally strong timber sections. Not only that, they are far better looking than steel or concrete beams which may need disguising within a building, whereas Glulam provides an exposed attractive feature. Below are two photos taken this afternoon during the erection of the Glulam timbers.

Copyright: Neil Rogers-Davis, 2008 Copyright: Neil Rogers-Davis, 2008
(6 March 2009)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 25/02/09)

A/12/09 - Detached house and detached garage on land adjoining Grey Barn, Rectory Lane. For: Mr M Rodway

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 26 March 2009.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility " , click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

(6 March 2009)

Parking on verges

PCSO Andrea Oakley will be placing cones on verges by The Woodlands ground (south end of Station Road) on Sunday morning to try to move the football players' parents away from parking on the grass verges. Offenders will have letters from the police attached to their cars. PCSO Oakley asks any locals who play football on this ground not to park on the verges.

(6 March 2009)

Snippets from Parish Council Highways Committee Minutes of Meeting on 24 February 2009

New Committee Chairman - Councillor Nigel Nunn suspended standing orders and reported that the Chairman Norman Hadley had resigned. Councillor Pat Turner proposed that Councillor Paul Bicknell take over, this was seconded by Councillor Nunn. Councillor Bicknell then chaired the meeting.

20mph Speed Zone - Councillor Bicknell reported that a meeting had taken place with Ms Tracey Webb of West Sussex County Council, in principle she was happy to extend the speed zone.

The Walkway (Bramley Green)- The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that the (school) entrance was to be re-sited into the education site under the new plans for the 6th form college.

Greenwood Drive - The committee discussed the poor parking in Greenwood Drive and asked that the office write to Richard Bennett of West Sussex County Council requesting a double yellow line and a ‘no parking between 12:00 and 14:00’ restriction.

Downs Way - The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that the two new street lights had been ordered for Downs Way

Village Green - The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that the new light was now installed and is awaiting connection by EDF. The quotes for the lighting for the War Memorial have not been received from Councillor Hadley, so this item will be moved forward to the next meeting.

Street Furniture - The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that we were still waiting on the insurance company regarding the damage to the stone seat on the Village Green. Councillor Paul Bicknell said he would provide the office with a plan showing where he would like the bollard installed at the Twitten leading to St Wilfrids cemetery.

Roundstone Railway Crossing - Councillor Bicknell said that work for improving the pathway was now on the West Sussex County Council work schedule for 2010.

(3 March 2009)

Job Opportunity

Due to a retirement, Angmering Parish Council has a vacancy for an Assistant Clerk. This position is on a one year fixed contract and the principal duties are that of committee clerk. Candidates should have experience in investigations, meetings with the public and other authorities and report writing. Standard office I.T. skills will be essential. The position is for 20 hours per week although some evening work will be required for which time off in lieu may be taken by arrangement. Please apply in writing to the Clerk at the Parish Office enclosing your CV and two referees, one of whom should ideally be a past or present employer. Closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 13 March 2009

(2 March 2009)

Arun District Council - Local Development Framework (LDF)

There will be a mobile unit available from 7.30 am until 3.00 pm on Monday 9 March in the Village Hall car park to answer your questions/concerns about the LDF. This contains options for the possible future expansion of Angmering with a further 500 or 1500 dwellings by the year 2026. There is also detailed information on Arun's website and, in addition, a display is available at Arun District Council, Littlehampton.

(2 March 2009)

Co-op Store - Temporary Closure

As many people will be aware, the Co-op store in The Square is undergoing some major alterations. There will necessitate the closing of the store for a week between Tuesday 3 March at 5.30pm and Thursday 12 March at 10.00am.

(1 March 2009)

St Margaret's Church Reordering Fact Sheet No. 14 (Final)

(Reproduced here on behalf of St Margaret's Church)

March is Moving Time!

This month sees us taking possession of the reordered Parish Church with the first services planned for Sunday March 29th. The contractors are confident that they will hand over the church on Friday 13th March, which means we will be able to start the process of moving back on Monday 16th March.

The two major recent excavations are almost complete: the soak-away for the surface water drainage is finished and both the ground and the footpath disturbed will soon be restored. Some skeletal remains were found during the digging and these have been removed for reburial. The second excavation involved lifting the whole of the footpath between the lych gate and the new office extension, so that connections could be made to the main drainage. This work will be completed by Friday March 6th and the path will be open, although the final tarmac finish will not by then be laid. Please take extra care if using this path before the tarmac is laid.

The contractors expect to hand back the vestry hall, which has been used as their office during the construction work, by Monday April 6th, together with the car park although this date is still subject to confirmation.

Arrangements are in hand for the car park to be marked out with bays as appropriate (including disabled spaces), once the surface has been restored. A diagram showing the layout of the spaces is available from the church office and the PCC has agreed to the following conditions for the public use of the car park:

St. Margaret's Church.
This is a private car park but may be used for public parking for a maximum of 2 hours
unless services/functions are taking place in the church when notices will be displayed.
Please park in marked bays. NO overnight or extended parking allowed.
April 2009

These conditions will be displayed in the car park and we would ask for everyone's understanding and co-operation in observing them. In setting the conditions, consideration was given to the need for the car park to be available for use by our visitors because the church will now be in greater use during the week and at different times.

It will be noticed that the two yew trees have been pruned in accordance with instructions from the local authority tree officer and that the art glass has been installed in the east windows. The full impact of the glass will not be seen from outside until the internal up-lighters have been fitted which will not be till sometime after the church is opened.

It is with great excitement that we look forward to moving back and to the first services on Sunday March 29th. We very much look forward to welcoming visitors to the church - in particular to the village open evenings on the 1st and 3rd April at 7.00pm. On these two evenings we will be showing the photographic record of the reordering and it is planned to produce a book with a selection of the best pictures. This will be available on sale from the church later this year.

Details of the services and the special events to be held will be displayed on the church notice board from Monday 23rd March and can also be found in the Angmering Parish news sheet due out this month.

It is our hope that every person in the parish will feel welcome to come into the church and discover for themselves the warmth and delight of Christian friendship. To this end we plan to distribute an invitation to every house in the parish during March with details of services and events.

Richard Hance, Churchwarden
March 2009

(1 March 2009)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 18/02/09)

A/8/09 - Erection of timber gates in section of established hedging at 2 Arlington Crescent, East Preston. For: Mr R Butler

A/13/09 - Proposed single storey extension to provide en- suite at 5 Mill Road Avenue. For: Mr J K Nagle

A/15/09 - Retention of two containers for the storage of football equipment at Woodlands Park Sportsfield, Corner of Station Road and A259. For: Rustington Park Youth & Otters

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 19 March 2009.

To see applications, plans, design statements, etc, type the Application Reference Number (such as those above) into Arun District Council's "Application Search Facility " , click on the Search button, and click on the hyperlink reference when selected application is returned - then select "Documents".

(1 March 2009)

Snippets from Parish Council Minutes of Meeting on 9 February 2009

Assistant Clerk - The Chairman advised Councillors that Mrs. Vivien Bristow will be retiring on 27th February 2009 after nearly 8 years service. There will be a special meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee on 18th February to discuss office staffing.

Highways Committee- The Safer Routes to Schools team will be contacted for funding towards Honey Lane improvements. Parking restrictions in part of Downsway and Angmering Way will be introduced shortly.

Environment and Leisure Committee - Councillor Turner thanked Councillor Edwards for finding documents relating to Fletchers Field in the County Records Office in Chichester. Mr. Richard Hance, a trustee of Fletchers Field, will attend the next E & L meeting to try and resolve issues with the terms of the lease. Councillor Sue Smith advised that the notice board at Bramley Green has been temporarily removed.

Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople - This had been referred to Full Council from planning and Conservation. After some discussion it was agreed to ask Arun District Council to attend a Public Meeting in Angmering on a date to be agreed. The Parish Council will make all the arrangements for the meeting. Councillor Edwards suggested Angmering School as a venue.

West Sussex Village of the Year - It was agreed to enter the competition. Councillor Edwards will assist in completing the questionnaire.

Community Centre - The concrete footings are all in and the sub soil block work is expected to start this week. A problem has been found with the subsoil in the car park area being too soft and the sub base needs correcting at an additional cost. The latest costs will be copied and circulated to all councillors. The Chairman reminded Councillors that these would be stamped Confidential and must not be shown to anyone outside of the Council. After some discussion it was resolved that full delegated authority be given to the Finance Committee to make a decision on the take up of the Public Works Loan.

(1 March 2009)