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November 2008

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 19/11/08)

A/137/08/A - Application for consent to display 1 no. illuminated sign consisting of 3 no. boards mounted between 2 posts. (Resubmission following A/57/08/A) at Rustington Golf Centre, Golfers Lane. For: Rustington Golf Centre

A/139/08/T - Surgery to 2 Monterey Pine trees at 33 East Drive. For: Mr D Yeomans

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 18 December 2008.

(27 November 2008)

Photo Quiz

An Angmering Photo Quiz (no prizes!) has been running on the Forums for the last 10 days which, by the numbers viewing the topic, is proving quite popular with many of our readers. To actively participate, you do need to be a registered member of the Forums, but you can still the photos and readers' guesses if you are not registered. The quiz can be found in the "Angmering General - Forum".

(25 November 2008)

New Indian Takeaway

Shafiques, the new Indian takeaway on Church Hill, Arundel Road, which is currently being fitted out, will open on Tuesday 2 December. Tanvir Ahmed, the manager of the takeaway tells Angmering Village Life:

"After thirty years of making friends and serving only the highest quality cuisine in Worthing and surrounding areas, Shafiques is now here to provide the same standard of quality and service to the residents of Angmering. We look forward to giving you a warm welcome and hope you will approve our new venture".

The takeaway's opening hours will be 5pm to 11pm - 7 days a week.

(23 November 2008)

Snippets from Parish Council Highways Committee Minutes of Meeting on 13 November 2008

Honey Lane - Councillor Hadley said that the allotment society had removed all the bricks and smoothed out the surface making the footpath greatly improved. The Council has received a letter from the allotment society thanking us for our £200 contribution. Councillor Hadley will be writing to Mr Ian Patrick (Safer Routes to School) asking whether further funding can be made available for more improvements.

Footpath 2127 - Councillor Bicknell said he has spoken to the Joint Eastern Arun Area Committee regarding widening the footpath by the drainage basin but they had said it was not possible.

Water Lane Parking - Councillor Hadley said he would go along and talk to Chandlers with Councillor Turner and then put his concerns about the poor parking in the area in writing, and copy the police. He also asked if the office could contact the police and ask if photographic evidence would be acceptable.

Dog Bins - Councillor Hadley reported that notices had been put in the office window and on notice boards regarding the dog fouling situation within the Parish. He has also written an article for the December Newsletter. He also mentioned that an additional dog bin has been requested in the High Street/Roundstone Lane.

Post Box (High Street) - The committee discussed the two quotes received for bricks. Councillor Hadley said that he had been looking at standard bricks and could see little difference between them and the handmade bricks. He said he will visit the brick companies and discuss the options and report back to the Committee.

Street Furniture - The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that the Palmer Road recreation ground signage had been ordered and would be installed in the early part of January. Councillor Hadley said some lights in the centre of the Village need painting and Cleaning and that WSCC do not currently have any budget available.

Street Lighting - (a) Downs Way Councillor Hadley and Bicknell will look at the need for additional lights in Downs Way and will report back at the next meeting. (b) Village Green Councillor Hadley said the cost to install a new light on the Village Green by the traffic lights would be approximately £2200. The Committee agreed to this unanimously and asked the Senior Assistant Clerk to place the order with Colas.

(23 November 2008)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 12/11/08)

A/136/08/T - Reduce crown of one Sycamore tree by 30% at Pinehurst, West Drive. For: Mr C Mulcock

A/140/08/TC - Fell 1 no. Indian Bean Tree within the Angmering Conservation Area at Old Well Cottage, High Street. For: Treemendous Tree Surgery

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 11 December 2008.

(19 November 2008)

A259 roadworks at Rustington Retail Park

West Sussex County Council has today issued a statement advising that work on the A259 Rustington Retail Park junction scheme in New Road, Angmering/Rustington is nearing completion. The civil works is now substantially completed and they plan to commission the new signals on Friday 21 November 2008. This had originally been scheduled for 18th November, but the wet weather over the last two weeks has delayed installation of the traffic signals. Therefore, the traffic management signs/items will be taken down following commissioning of the signals on Friday.

(18 November 2008)

Snippets from Parish Council Minutes of Meeting on 10 November 2008

Highways - (a) The work to re-surface Honey Lane adjacent to the allotments has now been completed and the Parish Council have contributed £200.00 towards the costs. (b) The Parish Council resolved to support the closure of Padgetts Crossing once the (alternative) alterations have been completed and the improved safety verified.

Community Centre - Samples of the proposed roof tile and brick are in the office to view. Councillor Hadley asked if was possible to have a list of any possible savings or even additional costs in planned works so far. Councillor Mountain replied that all variations will be available to the Council when the final prices from WH Catchpole and other changes have been incorporated in the design. During public question time, Mr. M. Patten made a presentation, with the Chairman’s permission, on his concerns over the Community Centre. Mr. T. Langridge asked if the Parish Council knew the full legal implications they would face if the Community Centre was not built on the site given by the developers. The Chairman said that a reply would be forthcoming shortly. Mr. J. Langley referred to the Community Centre Planning permission and in particular to the condition applied for the provision of noise control before the construction process commences. Councillor Steven Mountain replied that all 9 conditions applied are being dealt with by the Project Manager in consultation with Arun District Council, and it is expected that all issues will be satisfactorily resolved before the end of this year to allow construction to start on time. District Councillor Julie Hazlehurst thought that the Parish Council should publicise the grants so far obtained towards the Community Centre. One parishioner was concerned that the Community Centre would substantially increase the Council tax. The Clerk advised that this was not the case and that the Parish Council precept would most probably not exceed the rate of inflation. It was suggested that they visit the office if they are still concerned.

Village Environmental Projects - During public question time, Mr. N. Rogers-Davis reminded those present that the Greening project for Angmering is being launched this very week. In view of the fact that the Parish Council's LIVE! Project seems to have lost momentum - should this not now be terminated?

Skatepark - Councillor Edwards advised that he was preceding with the provision of floodlights but there has been a problem in locating the owners of the adjacent electricity supply box. This has now been established as in West Sussex County Council ownership. EDF will be asked to provide an new supply box for lighting, next to the WSCC box.

Traders' Evening - The staff will be running the tombola stall in the office and light refreshments will be available for visitors.

(16 November 2008)

Drop-In Police Surgery

Angmering's PCSO, Andrea Oakley, will be holding a Drop-In Surgery this coming Thursday (20 Nov) between 6pm and 8pm at the Angmering Parish Council Office in The Square. If you have any issues that you wish to raise, please go along and speak to Andrea.

(16 November 2008)

News in Brief

Royal British Legion - The Poppy Bazaar at the Village Hall on 25 October raised £641.96 for the Poppy Appeal.

Mamma Mia - All tickets for the Community Film Show "Mamma Mia" at the Village Hall on Saturday 29 November have been sold and none will be available at the door.

(13 November 2008)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 05/11/08)

A/135/08 - Variation of condition no. 6 of planning permission A/156/02 to retain existing mobile home and lean to for ancillary purposes in connection with the cattery. Non-domestic use only. Ally Cats, Dappers Lane. For: Mrs K Prinsloo.

A/138/08/TC - Surgery to two Yew trees within the Angmering Conservation Area. St Margarets Church Yard, Arundel Road. For: St Margarets PCC.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 4 December 2008.

(12 November 2008)

"On the Black Hill"

Next month, The ajtc Theatre Company are staging a production of "On the Black Hill", an adaptation of the acclaimed 1982 novel by Bruce Chatwin. The Angmering Community Association has arranged for this play to be performed in the village which is suitable for audiences from 12 years old. The following is a synopsis of the play:

'For forty- two years, Lewis and Benjamin Jones slept side by side, in their parent's bed, at their farm which was known as 'The Vision'.' So begins Bruce Chatwin's award winning tale of twinship, love and belonging, set on the border of England and Wales.

Charles Way's beautiful new adaptation captures the harsh realities and humour of farming life and the unique struggle of the twins, who have one identity but two realities.

Their remarkable lives span almost the whole of the last century and throw an extraordinary light on the values of our changing times through war and peace. Bound together and yet driven apart by nature they struggle to find meaning and purpose in their existence which, finally, is dominated by one question. Who will inherit their farm, their 'Vision?'

The play will start at 7.30pm on Saturday 6 December at Angmering Village Hall. Tickets are priced at £6 for Adults and £4 for Under 16s, and are available from Angmering Framing & Stitches, Woodies News, or by phoning (01903) 774247. poster (pdf file)

(11 November 2008)

Snippets from Parish Council Environment & Leisure Committee Minutes of Meeting on 4 November 2008

Notice Boards - Councillor Nunn informed the Committee he would be meeting up with Rob Simons later this week to erect the notice board in its original position in Downs Way as West Sussex County Council had refused to allow it to be re-sited on the Downs Way Pocket Park.

Fletcher's Field - (i) Following the letter received from James Smallman, solicitor, Green Wright Charlton Annis, it was agreed to write to Richard Hance, Churchwarden of St Margaret’s Church advising him that, as from 10 November 2008, the management and the responsibility of Fletchers Field is now the Parish Council’s and that this will be raised at the Full Council meeting on 10 November 2008 and they are welcome to attend. (ii) It was also agreed to ask Mr Hance to clarify the area leased to the Scouts and ask for a copy of of the lease. (AVL Editor's Note: Lease interpretation disputed by Fletcher's Field Trustees who were not notified of PC's intention until after Parish Council meeting on 10 Nov having not been invited to attend.)

Skateboard Park - There had been a fire in litter bins on 3 November, but upon investigation there did not appear to be any serious damage to the bins. The quotes for the floodlights were discussed at length and Councillor Edwards recommended option 1 – LTL. Councillor Turner suggested sending a ‘letter of intent’ to LTL subject hearing from EDF regarding the connection to the power box. This was agreed. Councillor Edwards queried the safety fencing between the skate bowl and the youth shelter as one of the poles had been damaged and removed. This will be investigated. Councillor Bicknell put forward the suggestion that perhaps tarmacing around the edge of the skate bowl would be a better option than concreting, as originally suggested. This will be discussed at a later date.

Bramley Green Open Spaces - The Chairman read out an email recently received from the tree warden, Ken Penny, regarding the Willow trees. She will contact him for further details regarding quantity, siting and when they can be planted. Councillor Turner reported that ISS Waterers will commence the maintenance of shrubs on 13 November starting in Bramley Way.

Community Centre - (a) The Assistant Clerk informed the Committee that grants had now been submitted to the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP) and the Big Lottery’s Community Sustainable Energy Programme. Councillor Hadley informed the Committee that the grant from LCBP had been awarded. These grants are to cover ground source heat pumps and solar photovoltaic panels. Val Jerram is registering with ENTRUST and will be looking at other grants. (b) Councillor Bicknell queried the lack of applications for grants for the building of the Community Centre. He asked if this had been addressed and if not, why not? He then proposed that the Committee instruct the office to go forward, as a matter of urgency, and apply for grants for the build. This was seconded by Councillor Nigel Nunn. It was agreed that Councillor Nunn would speak to the Clerk about this. It was also agreed to ask the office to set up a file for grants.

Village Green - Councillor Turner reported that there were still problems with the electrical box as when it rains the lights go out.

The Lamb Public Toilets - Councillor Turner reported that the public toilets were now open and the Assistant Clerk reported that the Parish Council will continue to pay the same rent of £427.00 per month including VAT.

Chandlers Garage - As a reply to our email, dated 21 October 2008, to Keith Ward/Clive Mcwilton of BMW, had not been received, it was agreed to write to the head office of BMW at Bracknell regarding the noise issue.

(11 November 2008)

Ex-Airline Stewardess Sentenced

Further to our news item of 17 October, Gillian Patterson (36), the former BA stewardess of Merryfield Crescent found guilty of stealing up to £100,000 of airline passengers' donations to the children's charity, UNICEF, has received a 50 weeks' gaol sentence that the Recorder of Isleworth Crown Court 'very reluctantly' suspended for two years. She was fined £13,000 - £1,000 for each month she offended - and she was also ordered to pay £1,300 costs and do 200 hours of unpaid work.

(10 November 2008)

Angmering Planning Applications (p/e 29/10/08)

A/134/08 - Proposed first floor flat over existing garage at Four Elms, Ham Manor Way. For: Mr G Harries.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 27 November 2008.

(5 November 2008)

Arun Times

The Winter 2008 issue of Arun Times is in the process of being delivered to every household in Angmering. Do not cast it aside without opening it. Inside is an important leaflet detailing Refuse, Recycling, and Green Waste Collections over the Christmas/New Year period. If the notice is missing from your issue or you have mislaid it, you can download a copy by clicking here (PDF file).

(4 November 2008)

New History Pages

In the last month, two further history pages have been added to the website as follows:

(2 November 2008)