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February 2008

Angmering Planning Applications (List 6)

A/19/08/A - 1 No. double sided internally illuminated post sign at Premier Inn Roundstone Lane, East Preston. For: Whitbread Operations.

A/21/08 - Replacing exisiting conservatory with traditionally designed painted hardwood & double glazed conservatory at Littlefield Manor, Golfers Lane. For: Mr & Mrs Langmead.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 20 March 2008

(27 February 2008)

Londis Stores/Post Office - Temporary Closure

For your advance information, Londis Stores and the Post Office will be closed all day on Friday 29 February for stocktaking. They will reopen as usual on Saturday 1 March.

(26 February 2008)

Community Film Show

The community film this coming Saturday (1 March) is "ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE" which only went on general release 4 months ago. In this sequel to the hit film "Elizabeth", Cate Blanchett once again stars as Queen Elizabeth I, who prepares for war against Spain and King Philip II (Jordi Mollà). But as she readies for a major fight to save her crown, she also finds herself falling in love with the adventurer Sir Walter Raleigh (Clive Owen). While an official relationship is strictly forbidden for the Queen, she comes up with a devious plan to keep Raleigh by her side that may actually end up breaking her heart. Also stars Geoffrey Rush, Rhys Ifans, Samantha Morton,and Abbie Cornish.

The film starts at 7.00pm (doors open 6.45pm) at the Village Hall. Tickets (£5) are available in advance from Woodies or Angmering Framing & Stitches, or at the door. As usual, refreshments are available at very reasonable prices.

(24 February 2008)

Tenders for Ground Maintenance at Bramley Green

Angmering Parish Council is inviting tenders for the maintenance of the open spaces and highways verges in Bramley Green which are being devolved to the Council by the developers of the estate. Tenders are for a three year period from 1st May 2008 with the possibility of a two year extension. Tender Documents, together with a plan of scheduled works, are available from the Parish Office in The Square during office opening hours (9.00-1.00). Tenders must be returned by noon on 20 March 2008.

(22 February 2008)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 5)

A/18/08 - Single-storey side extension to bungalow to create two additional bedrooms and bathrooms at 27 Mill Road Avenue. For: Mr V Flavell

A/20/08 - Proposed double garage with pitched tiled roof, incorporating a laundry room at 22 Forest Leas, East Drive. For: Mr D Osbourne

A/23/08 - Temporary application for use as car body repairs and spraying at Unit 11 Shrublands, Roundstone Lane. For: Mr Tim Farlam

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 13 March 2008

(20 February 2008)

Rector to be Rural Dean

The Suffragan Bishop of Horsham, The Right Reverend Lindsay G Urwin, has appointed Canon Mark Standen, Rector of St Margaret's, to be the next Rural Dean of the Arundel & Bognor Deanery from Easter 2008 for 5 years.

(19 February 2008)

Snippets from Parish Council Minutes of Meeting on 11 February 2008

Police Report - It was reported that burglaries are increasing with garden sheds being targeted. Just two parking tickets have been issued since the new traffic regulations came into effect.

Skate Park - The skate park meeting between the Parish Council and the Angmering School and manufacturers has taken place and a revised design is awaited. To keep things moving forward Councillor Sue Smith requested that a mechanism be put in place to allow the design to be signed off and work started without having to resort to Committee/Parish Council meetings and the inevitable delays. RESOLVED to give the Chair of the Environment and Leisure Committee delegated authority to sign off the final designs.

Community Centre Management Committee (not part of Parish Council) - The report presented by Councillor Norman Hadley on the meeting held on 21st January, 2008 was noted. The Clerk will write to the Committee advising them of the fact that the newly formed sub- committee will be liaising directly with the Project Manager. Stakeholders will be consulted by the sub-committee as considered necessary and any relevant information/ideas will be passed on. Councillor Sue Smith pointed out that as Councillors Hadley and Mountain were becoming trustees of the Management Committee they would have to be very specific about who they were representing when speaking at meetings.

ASRA - Councillor Pat Turner reported that the bar was now making a profit. A fund raising committee is being formed. The Committee are looking into having a mains sewer connection.

Police Forum - Councillor Pat Turner reported that the organisation is now properly constituted and will be going for Charitable status. More volunteers are needed.

Safer Routes to Schools - Councillor Paul Bicknell presented a report and map showing the proposed entrance to Angmering School from the A259 via the south of Bramley Green. RESOLVED that the Council writes to WSCC, the School and our M.P., stating our concerns that the pathway to join the bus terminus to the existing school through the education site is desperately needed. This will make the journey from the bus terminus to the school safe. It will also greatly reduce problems for local residents.

Fletcher's Field - The Churchwardens have advised that the Ground Source heat pump scheme will not now be going ahead. A part of the flint wall on the north side of Fletcher’s Field has been damaged in an accident. The Clerk will check with our insurers if this is covered.

Parish Land - Councillor Nigel Nunn said that he would like to see the Parish Council take over ownership of both Palmer Road recreation ground and St Nicholas Garden. Councillor Steven Mountain said that the Planning Committee had started a project on identification of land in the parish. Councillor Sue Smith was concerned that this issue was being looked at by more than one Committee and believed that any acquisitions should be considered by the Policy and Resources Committee.

(19 February 2008)

St Margaret's Church - Chairs

The church has thirty (30) stackable metal framed, brown upholstered chairs that are available free of charge to anyone who could make use of them. It is pointed out that they do not meet current fire regulations and therefore they are at the receiver's risk who is also required to arrange collection.

For availability, contact the parish office on 01903 784459 Monday to Friday between 9.30.a.m and 12.30.p.m.

(17 February 2008)

MP's Open Meeting - Report

At a worthwhile Open Meeting today held in the Village Hall attended by approx 50 villagers, Parish, District and County Councillors, our Member of Parliament, Nick Herbert, updated residents on local matters. At a board meeting of the West Sussex Primary Care Trust (PCT) he had attended in Pulborough this week, he formed the impression that the PCT, swayed probably by overwhelming public opinion, might recommend retaining A&E services at Worthing, Chichester and Haywards Heath hospitals, although the level of A&E services at each is still unclear. Even more unclear is what is likely to happen about maternity services. The proposed Ford eco-town is on a flood plain and Arun District Council (ADC) is not supporting its development and queries exist over infastructure. Notwithstanding local objections, the Government is to announce within the next month whether Ford is on their short list for a new town. On the question of policing, Mr Herbert made it very clear that he is committed to pursuing greater police visibility on the streets.

A Bramley Green resident raised the question of the proposed Community Centre and considered that the Parish Council should move the Centre to land in Mayflower Way. The discussion that followed did not raise any new points for or against the Centre. Mr Herbert made it clear that he could not interfere in this local issue but would familiarise himself with the location of the Centre. District Councillors Paul Bicknell (also a Parish Councillor), Julie Hazlehurst and Dudley Wensley answered questions on the matter and pointed out the procedures to be followed, and how and when to object/support the planning application when its was eventually submitted by the Parish Council.

The pinch points in the village were again a contentious issue but a number of people in the village still supported them. However, they are a source of accidents and County Councillor Deborah Urquart will try and ascertain whether any one pinch point is causing more incidents than the others. Councillor Paul Bicknell felt that upgrading the A259 into dual-carriageway between the by-pass and the roundabout at the south of Station Road could have significant impact in reducing unnecessary traffic through the village. One suggestion was for cobbled areas of road (as has been implemented in Bramber). Councillor Bicknell suggested that villagers might like to express their views on this and other traffic measures on the Angmering Village Life Forums.

Another resident wished to know why Carina Drive was not being swept by ADC. From this discussion, it transpired that other areas of Angmering were also being missed. District Councillor Julie Hazlehurst promised to pursue this matter with ADC.

Mr Herbert also talked about or answered questions on post office closures, immigration, EU funding, and the Arundel by-pass, the last three emanating from questions from residents.

(16 February 2008)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 5)

A/1/08/L - Application for listed building consent for internal alterations to bedrooms/bathrooms at Hazel Cottage, The Square. For: Mrs C Wright.

A/11/08 - Alteration to roof at front and formation of balcony to rear flat roof Malindi, The Thatchway. For: Mrs Mahon. (Readvertisement due to Substitute plan - increase in height to front dormer, additional balcony on rear elevation above) .

A/14/08 - Construction of two pairs of semi detached houses with two single garages and one double garage on land at West Drive, Ham Manor. For: Hargreaves Management Ltd.

A/16/08/CLP - Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed Use or Development - Single storey rear extension at 26 Oakwood Drive. For: Mr D Carrington.

A/17/08 - Erection of 2 no. industrial buildings (Class B1) at The Vinery (Unit 34), Arundel Road, Poling. For: Vinery Management.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 6 March 2008

(14 February 2008)

Sussex Model Car Club

Angmering residents and other readers of this News page may not know that, in late 2006, the Sussex Model Car Club (formed in 2002) moved to the Angmering Motorsports Centre in Water Lane, which enabled them to provide better facilities for their membership. They are affiliated to the British Radio Car Association (BRCA) and as such carry full insurance.

The club race Radio Control Model Cars, and cater for all ages of driver, from children to retired, and provide a safe environment for all to enjoy their hobby of on-road model car racing. The club believes that this form of hobby is good for the youngsters as it introduces them to the basics of engineering and also helps their social skills especially dealing with problems and communications (and it helps keep them off the streets!).

The club runs race meetings on a regular basis throughout the year (where the lap times are recorded like F1), and also attend local events such as Wheels 08 in Littlehampton. The track is available 7 days a week for all to use (except when the Oval is being used or an organised Radio Control race meeting is being held).

If anyone is interested in joining the Sussex Model Car Club from in or around Angmering, they would be most welcome. Further details of the club and its activities can be found on their website at

(11 February 2008)

St Margaret's Church Reordering Fact Sheet No. 3

(Reproduced here on behalf of St Margaret's Church)

Church heating
At a special meeting of the PCC it was decided, as a result of recommendations from our architect and Building Project Group, not to proceed with with the ground source heat pump. This decision was taken after extensive investigations into every aspect. While the PCC is mindful of the need for a responsible attitude about environmental issues, it has been proved impractical to proceed with the heat pump. The church will now be heated with two gas fired condensing boilers which will reduce our carbon emissions in comparison with the existing boilers.

Farnrise have now started excavating outside the old church office in order to make arrangements for the re-routing of the gas and electricity supplies to the church. During this work several human remains have been found which have now been excavated by the archaeologists who have dated them as from the early 1800s. These remains are in the keeping of one of the local undertakers and will be re-interred when all the excavations both outside and inside the church have been completed.

Yew trees
Every care is being taken by the contractors with the yew trees and Farnrise are in regular contact with Arun's tree officer who has given his guidance over the care of the roots and permission for limited pruning where necessary.

The furniture which is being relocated to other churches has now been removed and will be collected during the week of February 11th.

Church office
This is now established in the temporary accommodation beside the church hall and is open as usual (9.30 to 12.30). Thanks are due to all those who worked so hard to remove everything. Demolition of the old office will start during the week of 11th February.


We, as a church, owe a debt of gratitude to the site manager, Paul Hassell, for his cheerful willingness and helpful response to the multitude of details involved in this project.

Richard Hance, Churchwarden
6th February 2008

(6 February 2008)

Snippets from Parish Council Highways Committee Minutes of Meeting on 31 January 2008

St Wilfrid's Cemetery Footpath - The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that she had contacted Father Rea regarding the request for a sign indicating the footpath to St Wilfrid’s Cemetery. Father Rea felt that the funding should come from the Parish Council as it was a church yard used for people of all faiths. Councillor Paul Bicknell will look to see if there is a post already in place. The Committee agreed that if could be funded for under £100 we should proceed.

Honey Lane - Councillor Norman Hadley produced drawings giving three different proposals for the improvement of the Honey Lane right of way. The Committee agreed that we should get quotes for all three solutions but that priority should be given to the foot path for pedestrians. Councillor Paul Bicknell said that the fence at end of Honey Lane where it joins Bramley Green still need to be reduced in height.

Twittens - Square/Lansdowne - Councillor Nigel Nunn requested that the developers of the Red Admirals site be contacted and asked to give an update on when the adjoining Twitten would be resurfaced and the two new lights installed. Greenacres Ring - The Committee requested that WSCC be asked to look at fitting an extra metal railing at the entrance to the Twitten leading to Greenacres Ring, to deter motor cyclists from using the grass verge.

Parking in The Square - Councillor Nigel Nunn raised the issue of the 8 unrestricted bays from the Parish Office to Mavericks Hairdressers saying that he believed these should be restricted to 1 hour as well’ with parking permits for the flats above. The Committee requested that the Senior Assistant Clerk contact WSCC requesting this.

20mph Speed Limit - The Senior Assistant Clerk reported that the mobile SID scheme had been put back until March as WSCC were having some technical difficulties with the equipment and it had been returned to the manufacturer.

Lighting - A259 Footbridge - The new light on the northern side of the footbridge had been installed on 29th January. Arlington Crescent - WSCC had visited Arlington Crescent and were satisfied that the lighting was adequate, so no further action will be taken on this issue. Cumberland Road - The Committee agreed for a new column to be installed beside the steps at the junction of Cumberland Crescent and Highfield Close. The Cottrells - After consultation with the residents of the Cottrells the new upgraded lighting would be installed in the near future. The cost will be met by WSCC. Palmer Road - The committee agreed for a new column to be installed in Palmer Road in the region of no. 154 at an approximate cost of £1300, once the need has been confirmed.

Dog Bins - The Committee agreed to a new dog bin to be installed in Ecclesden Lane at a cost of £250. The Committee also agreed for a replacement dog bin in Bewley Road with the old one being moved to the public footpath by the Woodman’s Arms.

Post Boxes - The Committee discussed the quote from Amicus but felt that £4238 was far too high for the installation of the post box. The quote will now be sent out to three other contractors.

Village Gates - Councillor Paul Bicknell said that gates at the entrance to villages created an optical illusion and encouraged drivers to reduce their speed. Councillors Hadley and Bicknell will review the site near the Oval Race track to ascertain the best position.

(6 February 2008)

Snippets from Parish Council Policy & Resources Committee Minutes of Meeting on 30 January 2008

Community Centre Sub-Committee - A sub committee comprising of Councillors Edwards, Mountain and Mrs. Smith was elected and Terms of Reference agreed.

Angmering Community Centre Association - The Constitution of the ACCA was noted. Councillor Hankinson had some concerns over areas of responsibility. The Clerk advised that there will be a formal lease between the Parish Council, owners of the Community Centre, and the Association who would be managing the day to day affairs. The lease will clearly define maintenance responsibilities and ownership issues. The Parish Council will need to cover the building for insurance under the general policy for all assets.

Web Site - Councillors agreed that the web site needs to be made more attractive and easier for visitors to use. Better links and an improvement to downloading speed were considerations. Arun District Council will be visiting the office on 19th February 2008 to discuss web site issues. Councillor Steven Mountain will ask how our site can be improved.

Office Security - The recommendations and quotation from PM Security Systems had been passed from the Parish Council to the P & R Committee for consideration and approval. RESOLVED to accept the quotation plus the upgrade to wire free panic buttons.

(6 February 2008)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 4)

A/10/08 - Variation of condition no 2 of planning permission A/110/05 to increase no of children accommodated at the premises from 18 to 24 at Mill House Croft, Station Road. For Mr B Pointon.

A/12/08 - Construction of two new dormers to the eastern elevation. Revised fenestration details to approval A/116/07 at Littlefield Manor, Golfers Lane. For Mr Stuart Langmead.

A/13/08/T - Fell one Evergreen at Oak Manor House, Mulberry Hollow, Ham Manor. For Peter Leach.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 28 February 2008

(6 February 2008)

School's scientific enlightenment!

In the last week, The Angmering School welcomed Dr Jonathan Hare (from BBC’s “Rough Science”) and Richard Robinson from the Brighton Science Fair to the school for workshops with Y8 students based on “Talking through Light”. The students were able to investigate how sound travels through a lightbeam using torches and silver foil. Mr McConville, Science Teacher, said “I thought the workshops went really well. The students were engrossed in testing the theory and it was wonderful to see so much interest and enthusiasm in Science".

Mr Robinson returned to the school on Thursday 31st January for the school’s Winter Science Fair for years 7 and 8 where he presented his exciting physics show “Why Toast Always Lands Butter Side Down”. He explained the rule of Murphys Law : If something is going to go wrong, it will! Using audience participation and props such as a chocolate bar and visual illusions he kept the audience enthralled with scientific explanations. Mr Robinson awarded prizes at the end of the show to the students in Years 7 and 8 for producing excellent science projects as part of the “Route to Independent Learning” homework last term. The work was all displayed in the Science Curriculum Area for parents to view and admire.

Mr Brixey, Headteacher said “This was a real celebration of the school’s Science Specialism and the quality of the students’ science projects verified the dedication of the teachers in our excellent Science Curriculum Area”.

(2 February 2008)