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September 2006

Website Re-organisation

For rationalisation of information, we have moved the popular Aerial Photos of Angmering from the "Maps" page to the "Photos of Village" page. This will also be the location for video clips of the village and events worthy of note or interest. The first three video clips have been added and more will follow in due course.

(27 September 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 38)

A/146/06 -Conservatory at The Cottage, Dappers Lane. For Mr & Mrs Smith.

A/147/06 - Ground floor extension to private house to form library at Raffles Place, Mulberry Hollow, Ham Manor. For Mr & Mrs K Hilborne.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 19 October 2006.

(27 September 2006)

New Club for Angmering

At an exploratory meeting last month attended by about 30 people, the Angmering Horticultural Club was formed, and a committee elected with Julian Shindle as its President/Chair. Many people will know Julian as Chair of the Angmering (Honey Lane) Allotment Association and caretaker and churchyard manager of St Margaret's Church. The Club plans to meet every month except January and August on the first Tuesday of the month at Manor Nurseries (near The Spotted Cow at the far end of the High Street).

Annual membership will be £15 p.a. to cover costs of speakers etc, or £2 on the door for casual/occasional attenders. Membership forms can be picked up from today at Manor Nurseries.

The first meeting is on October 3rd at 7.30 pm, when Anna Burtenshaw will give a talk on Spring bulbs. Future meetings are planned to feature herbs, Christmas floral decorations, propagation, and a Gardeners' Question Time evening.

(26 September 2006)

The "Tangmere" steams through Angmering
First Video Footage on Website

Well-informed train buffs were at Angmering Station at 12.05pm today to see a rare sight - the S.R. 'Battle of Britain' pacific No. 34067, 'Tangmere' (4-6-2) steaming through the station on a day trip from London Victoria to Preston Park, Bognor, Littlehampton, Southampton, Salisbury, Basingstoke and back to London under the guise of the "Sussex Belle" tour. Here is a photo of the train stopped at Preston Park today to take on water, and another steaming through Angmering Station half an hour later:

You can see video footage of the train steaming through Angmering Station by clicking here. This will open up Windows Media Player and run a 20 sec video clip. This video is the first shown on the Angmering Village Life website. It is hoped to include video footage of parts of the village in the coming months.

(23 September 2006)

Snippets from Angmering Parish Council Minutes of Meeting on 11 September

Parish Crime - PC Banham-Brown reported that there had been 215 calls to the police in the last 30 days compared with 175 calls in the same period last year which was partially due to police encouraging the public to phone them. There had been 3 burglaries (1 last year), criminal damage 5 (11 last year), unattended vehicle damage 2 (3 last year), and anti-social behaviour 15 (18 last year).

A259 Footbridge - The damaged part of the bridge will be replaced with higher headroom. The work will take 8 weeks from start to finish. A start date is not currently known

Other A259 Work - The proposed toucan crossing has been abandoned; instead, the WSCC will use the money to build steps to the north side, which will be fenced in so as to channel the students to the bridge. If there is enough money left over they will look at the possibility of a traffic light system where the footpath is.

Community Centre - GML Construction had submitted the most competitive quote for the the construction and the Parish Council now needed to move forward with a firm quote and drawings and make the necessary planning applications. A site visit to a GML build would also be organised. Plans and materials for the Centre would be made available to the general public when available. On the 1st September a meeting was arranged for the people who had volunteered to help with the management of the Community Centre; 17 people have now put their names forward. Councillor John King stated that whoever formed part of the management committee would need to have charity status and work as joint trustees with the Council for the first three years.

Twinning Plaque - A suitable site needs to be agreed for the Plaque commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Twinning Association. The plaque could be weather proofed and placed in the Library forecourt.

Click here to see full Minutes

(21 September 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 37)

A/139/06/ - Renewal of unimplemented outline permission A/78/03 for the erection of a distribution warehouse (use class B8) in place of existing warehouse at Express Transport Services, Roundstone By-Pass. For IM & AR Burton.

A/143/06 - Proposed side extension to enlarge garage and cover sideway at Willowby, Ham Manor Way. For Mr J Pierce.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 12 October 2006.

(21 September 2006)

Fire damages house

A family in Fletcher Way were lucky to escape without serious injury after fire seriously damaged their house last Thursday. The family, two adults and three children, were downstairs when the fire was discovered. No smoke alarms were in the house. It is believed the fire may have started in a bedroom as the result of one of the children playing with matches or with a lighter. Fire engines from four stations attended the blaze such was its severity. An adult male was treated for mild smoke inhalation by paramedics who were also in attendance.

(21 September 2006)

Chestnut Tree Sponsored Charity Ride

I understand that the sponsored charity ride today in aid of Chestnut Tree House raised over £1000. Congratulations to Angmering Parish Council chairman, Chris Hughes, and all the youngsters and others who took part for such a magnificent effort. Chris has selected Chestnut Tree House as his nominated charity this year and has been instrumental in arranging and participating in several events this Summer. Thanks are also due to the Hangleton Farm Equestrian Centre for their sponsorship of the charity ride.

(17 September 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 36)

A/140/06/CLE - Application for a certificate of lawfulness for an existing use of single dwelling in breach of condition no.1 of planning permission A/42/48 at St Denys (South), Dappers Lane. For Mrs UL Perelli.

A/141/06 -Use of the land for the storage of bottled gas, erection of security fencing, locating the portacabin on site at The Vinery, Arundel Road (Poling). For Vinery Management. (Dual Parish with PO/1/06)

A/142/06 - Demolish conservatory and construct utility room plus conservatory at Olders Lodge, Station Road. For Mrs N Baird.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 5 October 2006.

(15 September 2006)

New Dentist

The change-of-use application (A/83/06) for Bygones in The Square changing to a dental surgery appears to have been approved by Arun District Council principally on the basis that this would be a NHS practice. Arun overrode Angmering Parish Council's objection which was based on the approved Parish Plan which seeks to maintain retail shops in the village centre to help maintain its vitality. Angmering PC have been extremely upset that Arun has ignored its recommendation.

However, there have been rumours recently that the practice will not be a NHS practice after all. I have today received the following email from a reader of this site which seems to confirm this:

" I rang Miss Shah to have my name added to her waiting list only to be told that it would NOT be a
NHS dental practice but a private one. I think the website information should be updated accordingly."

See Forums for more definitive information and comment on this issue

(14 September 2006)

Angmering School Crime Statistics

A national Sunday newspaper has claimed that The Angmering School has the 6th worst crime record in England. Headteacher, David Brixey, has rejected this claim as a distortion of statistics. In one case, multiple thefts in single spree had been counted as individual crimes while other incidents had taken place near the school but outside its bounds but had been counted into the statistics.

Mr Brixey also maintains that it is a safe school. While there has been a spate of vandalism and petty theft at both the school and elsewhere in the village over the last year. Angmering Village Life supports Mr Brixey's claim that the school is a safe and secure place for children and that the published statistics are distorted and are grossly unfair on the school. Unqualified reporting of this nature casts a slur not only on our comprehensive school but also on the whole community. Angmering, for all its minor faults, is a lovely place to live and the vast majority of residents never feel threatened or intimidated at any time, but reporting of this type is irresponsible and quite unfairly gives a wrong impression of Angmering. Nevertheless, the school must take a very firm line with students who perform anti-social acts of vandalism and theft.

(8 September 2006)

Rapist Faces Life in Jail

A Worthing man, Ernest Martin Newberry (55), faces life in jail after he was found guilty at Chichester Crown Court last week of drugging and sexually assaulting three women over a 12 year period. Newberry was at one time president of the Angmering Social Club in Arundel Road and one of the drugging incidents took place at the club in 1999. Newberry filmed his rapes on video which were found by police in his Worthing flat. He will be sentenced next month.

(8 September 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 35)

A/110/06 - Outline application for erection of 2 No. detached dwellings and detached double garages on land at West Drive, Ham Manor. For Hargreaves Homes. (Departure from Development Plan) (Readvertisement due to amended description)

A/131/06 -Storage facility for greens equipment at Ham Manor Golf Club. For Mr R Brown.

A/137/06/T - Surgery to row of 6. No. tall and 10 No. smaller Cupressus Leylandii trees at Blue Cedars, Blue Cedars Close, Ham Manor Way. For Mr AW Evans.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 28 September 2006.

(6 September 2006)

Balloon Race

Angmering Community Association has been selling balloons for the last couple of weeks as part of their community balloon race activity. Many of the balloons were sold at the Twinning Association's event on Fletcher's Field the Saturday before last, but tickets can still be purchased at Big Fry in The Square. The gas-filled balloons will be released this Sunday afternoon near the play area on Fletcher's Field as part of the party following the performance of The Wedding Present, the free play in 3 acts which will move between the Church Hall, Church & Fletcher's Field and which commences at 2.30pm in the churchyard. The balloon release will take place between 3.45pm and 4.00pm. There is a prize for the balloon which travels the furthest.

(5 September 2006)

Changes and Additions to Website - Aerial Photos

We have now reorganised our maps page in view of the growing number of map images and usage, and this has now become an index page to 20 different maps. The latest additions are 14 interesting aerial photos of Angmering which we hope you will enjoy. Can you spot your house? .

(4 September 2006)