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May 2006

Bramley Green to Honey Lane Path

Walking through from Bramley Green to Honey Lane this evening, I noted that the narrow path between the two wooden fences has had hardcore laid down, presumably in preparation for a tarmac surface. This will be a significant improvement when completed. It is also noted that the large pot-holes in the northern part of Honey Lane have been filled recently.

(31 May 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 21)

A/74/06 - Erection of freestanding fence so the existing wall will be of uniform height at Eachways, The Square. For Mr N & Mrs M Smith.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 22 June 2006.

(31 May 2006)

Road Closure

It was noticed this afternoon that by the build-outs in Water Lane there is a WSCC sign that states the road will be closed for two days on 1st and 2nd June.

30 May 2006)

Travellers (3)

Villagers with camera phones and smiles on their faces were much in evidence this evening when this "traveller" pitched up on The Green, sat on the War Memorial step, and started to devour his pot-noodle. Obviously no room in the (Lamb) Inn! Perhaps he did not think his tent would be conspicuous.

(26 May 2006)

Travellers (2)

A dozen or more travellers' caravans have moved into Angmering and are located in between The Angmering School and the A259 where cars are normally parked for the new Sunday Car Boot Sales. Access is being gained from the A259 opposite Downs Way.

(26 May 2006)

The Angmering Summer Treasure Hunt Game - Starts Tonight!

As a bit of fun which hopefully will engender community spirit and help people learn more about the village, an Angmering resident has devised a treasure hunt game called "The Treasure in Angmering" that will probably run from this evening until the end of July. The resident does not wish his name to be known but operates under the pseudonym "Voice of Reason" (VoR). He is a regular contributor in our discussion forums.

The Scenario: Thomas WEST was born 1457 at Offington. He was created Knight of the Bath in the reign of Henry VII and Knight of the Garter by Henry VIII and attended the King at the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Thomas WEST died October 11, 1525 and was buried at Broadwater. It is rumoured that just before his death in 1554, to avoid death duties, he had one of his servant boys hide a large amount of Henry VIII Groats in the close by village of Angmering - ever since then people have come from all over the world to find this hidden treasure with no luck. That is until fairly recently. It is however alleged that one of the lost coins was recovered by a local villager Mrs B Green in 1969. Records however show she no longer lives in the village having moved to Mexico in 1975. More significantly, a further coin was discovered on Monday 22 May 2006.

(Note - The coin discovered this Monday was genuinely found by a villager following a clue given by VoR as part of the opening gambit of the game - you can see photos of this coin by clicking here. The game proper starts TONIGHT! )

How will it work? VoR's game clues will be regularly updated through his own "Blog" site at which also provides the full scenario for the game. However, any questions you may wish to ask him about a clue will be done through a specific topic here on the Angmering Village Life's Chitchat Forum where you will also be able to see his replies (and assistance) - see link to portal in navigation bar to the left or click here. You will be able to join in at any time over the next couple of months by looking at the clues on VoR's Blog site and by reviewing questions and answers on our own Chitchat Forum.

We hope as many people as possible will join in the game. Good luck!

(25 May 2006)

Travellers (1)

Police were quickly on the scene this evening after travellers had smashed through a fence in Greenwood Drive and had driven into The Angmering School's grounds. Two hours later, at 9.00pm, police were still on the scene and the travellers' caravans and vehicles were parked on the verge in Greenwood Drive adjacent to the broken railings.

(Update: The travellers had gone by the next morning and new rustic wooden fencing rails were already in place where the broken ones had been)

(25 May 2006)

Presbytery Fires

Arundel Road was closed for about an hour last Saturday afternoon at St Wilfrid's Presbytery when five fires were started by arsonists. Firefighters from East Preston were called to extinguish the fires.

(25 May 2006)

Brewery Award

Hammerpot Brewery at The Vineries, Angmering, (off the A27), has been awarded a bronze medal for their Woodcote bitter by the Society of Independent Brewers. This is a tremendous achievement as the brewery was only set up last August as reported in our News page at that time. They now produce some 1400 pints of specialist beers and ales each week. Plans are in hand to sell bottled beers which will eventually be available in the shops.

(25 May 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 20)

A/71/06 - Caravan Park owners accommodation (single dwelling) together with park reception area at Acorns, Arundel Road. For Mr AF & Mrs PJ Mariner. (Departure from the Development Plan)

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 15 June 2006.

(24 May 2006)

New Day Nursery in Angmering

All pre school children in and around Angmering are invited and welcome to bring their parents to the Angmering Day Nursery open weekend on the 20th and 21st May. (From 10.30am) (Don't worry if you can't make this weekend… Please call Juliet on 01903 779324 and she will be happy to make arrangements for you to go and see the nursery!)

The Angmering Day Nursery is a new facility developed to provide the very highest quality childcare for working parents. They offer a happy and secure environment where children are truly cared for, valued and warmly welcomed. They have a firm belief that young children have a right to the very best education and care in their early years. They endeavour to provide this in an environment that is safe and stimulating but also 'home-like', moving away from the 'institutional' feel of many day care providers but not neglecting the core educational principles. They encourage the children to make decisions about the activities they wish to participate in. A wide range of activities are planned, managed and reviewed each day by the staff to provide a greater challenge, reflecting the ever-increasing abilities of the children…

They have 18 full day care places available and registration applications will be taken all weekend or you can apply for a registration form by email. More information and details can be found on their website at or you are welcome to call 01903-779324. They look forward to meeting you!

(20 May 2006)

Closure of Lamb twitten

Further to my news items on 9 and 11 May, WSCC has changed its mind about the temporary closure of the footpath and has sent the following message to Angmering schools:

"Building works have recently commenced on a site through which the above public footpath runs and, to ensure the safety of highway users, it may be necessary for the path to be closed to pedestrians for short periods (anticipated to be a maximum of two days) during certain site operations. The developer of the site has undertaken to keep the path open whenever possible, but the connection of public utility services, in particular, will require excavation across the footpath.

As the path is regularly used by children on their journeys to and from school, I would be grateful if you would make this and the following information available to children and parents who may be affected in the event of its temporary closure, if you have the opportunity to do so.

No closures have been programmed yet but advance information will be displayed on site to advise of the anticipated duration of any subsequently planned.

If the path has to be closed, this will not take place before 9am on the first morning of a closure and the path will be reopened as soon as it is safe to do so."

It remains to be seen how safety is accomplished at other times during the construction phase as, from memory, the front walls of the two new bungalows will be little more than a metre away from the footpath.

(20 May 2006)

British Legion

The women's section of the Angmering branch of the Royal British Legion raised a splendid £357.10 at their Spring Sale on 6 May. Much of the sum raised will go to the Legion's central benevolent fund.

(18 May 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 19)

A/66/06/L - Application for Listed Building Consent for the conversion of store to summer house with covered way as link plus single storey rear extension at Aberdeen House, Arundel Road. For Mr & Mrs Yates.

A/67/06 - Formation of linkway to summer house and rear extension at Aberdeen House, Arundel Road. For Mr & Mrs Yates.

A/68/06 - Extension/alteration, incorporating existing garage (re-sumission following A/58/05) at 38 Chantryfield Road. For Mr & Mrs S Thornley.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 8 June 2006.

(17 May 2006)

May Festivities

On Wednesday May 24th in the afternoon, a procession of children will set off from St Margaret's School down Arundel Road following a tractor and trailer on which this year's May King and Queen and their attendants, the May Prince and May Princess, will be seated. The procession will include 500 children from St Margaret's School, children from the Village Hall Playgroup and William Older's playgoup. All the children and staff from St Wilfrid's School will join in for the return leg back to St Margaret's where the May King - James Rocca from St Wilfrid's and the May Queen - Emma Alexandre from St Margaret's will be crowned. There will then follow an hour or so of dancing from the playgroups and both schools culminating in May Pole dancing by Year 6 St Margaret's pupils.

Villagers not associated with the school are very welcome to attend the procession and the dancing on St Margaret's School field, but no seats are provided for spectators so you might like to bring your own.

(17 May 2006)

If you go down to the woods today ......

....... you can be sure of spectacular surprise. Angmering Woods are probably at their best this week. There are seas of bluebells with the beech trees reaching up to the sky which is mainly shielded by a canopy of young green leaves. Below (left) is a picture taken by your truly this afternoon. Below (right) is one taken this weekend by Diana Langley

(14 May 2006 - updated 17 May 2006)

Footpath Closure - Update

Understand that Angmering Parish Council have today been advised that the twitten will NOT now close for a period of approx six months. However, it may possibly close for a couple of days but we would be given a week's notice if and when that happens.

(11 May 2006)

Railway Fatality

Further to our news item on 4 May, the woman killed on the railway line at on Tuesday 2 May has been named as Mrs Maureen Weselby (59) who lived in Angmering. She was a secretary at St Margaret's CofE Primary School in Arundel Road and had worked there for 20 years. She was also a member of Angmering Twinning Association. It is understood Mrs Weselby had been suffering from depression for several years since the death of her husband, and had not been at work since January. Headteacher at St Margaret's paid tribute to her effeciency and commitment to the school.

(11 May 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 18)

A/47/06 - Outline application for the demolition of existing buildings and residential re-development to provide 10 no. two bed apartments and associated parking. Re-submission of A/122/05. Dane Acre, Roundstone Lane. For Nugent Developments.

A/59/06 - Extension/alteration at 4 Sharleloes Road. For Mr & Mrs Sharp.

A/61/06/L - Application for Listed Building Consent for a single storey kitchen extension and conservatory at 2 Longback Cottages, Arundel Road . For Mr HJ Hood.

A/64/06/A - 1No internally illuminated box sign and 1No internally illuminated fascia sign at Angmering Medical Centre, Station Road. For AAH plc.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 1 June 2006.

(11 May 2006)

Footpath closure

West Sussex County Council have announced that they intend closing the footpath from Water Lane (near The Lamb) to Lansdowne Road for approx 6 months from 29 May. This is to ensure safety while the two new bungalows are constructed to the west of the twitten. WSCC state that the alternative route is via Church Road and Arundel Road.

We must be concerned about this closure as WSCC previously agreed that this was the safe route to school for children coming from parts of the east of the village. When the Government Inspector allowed the developer's planning application appeal for this site in May 2005, she stated the following:

"Local residents have also raised concerns regarding traffic, safety and disturbance during the construction process. I appreciate that this is a constrained site with restricted vehicular access. However I am satisfied that separate controls would ensure the safety and amenity of the local community during the construction period."

Throughout the long, hard-fought planning process, villagers were concerned that the footpath would be closed during the construction period and it was hoped that, if necessary, it would be re-routed around the 24 Water Lane building site while the two bungalows were being built at the rear of 6 Lansdowne Road adjoining the twitten. It was obvious that pedestrians would not be able to walk so close to the construction for safety reasons. When permission was originally sought for building on both these sites (a single planning application No. A/18/01), para 4.20 of the developer's accompanying planning statement said "The public use of the footpath will not be restricted during the construction period". When the later Planning Application A/84/04 was submitted, it is understood the developers advised Arun District Council that the twitten would not be affected, although it was never clear how they would be able to achieve their promise.

The Government Inspector, who reviewed all the written submissions, also recognised the amenity of the footpath and believed that separate controls would be implemented to ensure its continued use during the construction stage. Clearly, WSCC appear to be going to impose this closure without apparently being aware of their own establishment of a safe route to school, forcing villagers to take a less safe route. They have ignored (or misunderstood) the intent of Government Inspector's comments, and been ignorant of the developer's undertakings. This is yet another example of the insensitivity of WSCC to the wishes of residents. It is understood that Angmering Parish Council are pursuing this matter with WSCC.

WSCC intend making the Order for closure on 18 May. If you are unhappy with this, it is suggested you get in touch with WSCC at County Hall without delay and let them know your feelings.

(9 May 2006)


A child's two wheel bicycle with stabilisers was left at the Village Hall on Sunday 7 May after the performance of "The Gardener". If you have forgotten about the bicycle or know the owner, please get in touch with Mark at Big Fry in The Square.

(9 May 2006)

Snippets from Parish Council Minutes of 10 April

Resignation - Cllr. Martin Richardson had tendered his resignation due to pressure of work.

ASRA - Arun District Council have been asked to put the new lease for Palmer Road on hold.

Crime - Sgt. Stobart reported that there had been a 5% reduction in reported crime in Angmering in the 90 days preceding this meeting. Between 1st and 31st March there were 207 reported incidents.

Downs Way - Arun District Council have been asked to clear the litter at the Downs Way pocket park.

Chandlers - The Parish Council meeting with Chandlers had established that although they wish to move to a larger site, they have as yet been unable to find anything suitable and will be staying in the village for the foreseeable future.

Angmering Village Life Forums - There was disagreement among councillors as to whether the Council should respond in the Forums to points raised by residents as the identity of some people raising questions may be unknown which might cause an anonymous slanging match. It was agreed that the matter would be taken back to the Policy and Resources Committee for further discussion.

Community Centre - A letter and questionnaire is being sent to all households asking what leisure/indoor activities parishioners would like.

Senior Assistant Clerk - The new Senior Assistant Clerk, Miss Sue Wicks, who started work on 3 April, was intoduced at the meeting.

(4 May 2006)

Railway Fatality

A woman in her 50s was killed on the tracks at Angmering Railway Station on Tuesday 2 May at around 1.50 pm. The woman has not been named but it is believed she was from the Littlehampton area. Train services were severely delayed until later in the afternoon. Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

(4 May 2006)

Car Crash

Two people were critically injured and a third badly hurt at 10.25 pm last Wednesday (26 April) when a BMW M3 went out of control on the A259 on the Rustington side of New Road (south carriageway) closing both carriageways. The BMW was in collision with a Toyota Corolla on the central reservation which is the boundary with Angmering. The Toyota landed up in an Angmering field on the north side of the carriageway. The police did an excellent job of freeing and caring for the injured and one needed hospital treatment for a deep hand wound.

(4 May 2006)

Football Success

Congratulations to Angmering Football Club who won the West Sussex League Centenary Cup last week. They beat Eastergate 4-2 who are in the division above them. Angmering, having gone a goal behind in the fifth minute fought their way back. Early in the second half the score was 2-2 ant that was the way it remained until Tony Gallagher scored two goals in the last 15 minutes to put the game beyond Eastergate. Angmering manager, Mark Murphy, reckoned that this was Angmering's best performance of the season and is hoping that the win will spur the side on to gaining promotion to the Premier Division by the end of next season.

(4 May 2006)

Angmering Planning Applications (List 17)

A/24/06/L - Application for Listed Building Consent for provision of flue at rear of property to serve new central heating system at 4 Longback Cottages, Arundel Road. For Mr R Belch.

A/42/06/A - 1 No. non-illuminated fascia sign and 1 No. non-illuminated pole sign at The Car Care Centre, Roundstone Farm, Littlehampton Road (Ferring). For Mr M Milnes.

A/51/06/A - Externally illuminated shop fascia sign above the main entrance to retail unit at 5 The Square. For Thresher Group Ltd.

A/58/06 - Renewal of unimplemented planning permission A/42/01 for bedroom extension over garage at Rose Cottage, Ham Manor Way. For Mr A R Chaney.

Observations on this/these Application(s) must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 25 May 2006.

(3 May 2006)

Downsview & Coopers site - Social Housing Development on A259

Several people have asked me recently whether there is any news on this controversial development (Planning Application No. A/153/05) which has been with Arun District Council for many months. I phoned their Planning Department this afternoon and all they were allowed to tell me was that the application was still being considered by their department and it was not on the list of applications for discussion at the next Development Control Committee Meeting on 10 May. The next meeting of that Committee is on 7 June but there is no indication whether the application will be on the agenda at that meeting either.

(3 May 2006)