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October 2005

Village Hall Plaque

The Angmering Society has this afternoon erected a cast bronze historical plaque on the Village Hall. In the last year the Society has also placed similar plaques in St Nicholas Gardens and Fletcher's Field.

The Village Hall plaque commemorates its opening in 1928 and its extension in 1989. The land on which it was build was given by Frederick James Savill, the owner of Ham Manor who lived there from 1916 to 1935 before it was sold to the Goring Golf Club (later renamed Ham Manor Golf Club). Frederick came from the wealthy Shaw Savill & Albion Line family. The family's name was originally 'Saville' but the change in spelling came about with the formation of the shipping company.

Walter Butcher, the owner of Ecclesden Manor financed the building of the Village Hall. Walter purchased Ecclesden Manor and its farm lands in 1912 and with great care and taste restored the manor house. His wife died in 1950 and Walter himself in 1951. Walter placed the stone seat on the Green in her memory. In the nearly 40 years they resided in Angmering, the Butchers were great benefactors of the village. Mr Butcher was a fervent admirer of the French Army Commander, Marshal Foch, Generalissimo of the Allied Armies during the 1914/18 War and on his death Mr Butcher bequeathed Ecclesden Manor to the Foch family, much to their utter bewilderment. The Fochs sold the Manor in 1965.

(31 October 2005)





Record Temperatures

What a superb day it has been today. Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature here nearly 19°C which must be a record for Angmering for the end of October. But a couple of strange sounds have been been heard totally alien to this time of year. Firstly, the sound of lawnmowers - every third house seemed to be cutting their lawns. Secondly, the sound of youngsters enjoying themselves in the best possible way. A game of football you may suggest. No, actually a game of cricket by 14 lads on Fletcher's Field. But let us not get too smug - a severe Winter is forecast.

(27 October 2005)

Portuguese Nights

Our much loved Portuguese cafe in The Square, Café Feliz, is intending holding monthly Portuguese Nights at The Lamb Inn in the centre of Angmering. The first will be held on Saturday 12 November 2005. These will consist of a three-course Portuguese meal accompanied by Latin music through the evening. Although Café Feliz only announced the first event at the beginning of this week, it's a virtual sell out although there is the possibility that further tables could be made available.

For the first 'Night', there will be two menus (different prices) to choose from on the evening, all of which will be traditional and authentically cooked Portuguese fare. Starters will include Granny's bread, olives, sardine paté, garlic prawns and grilled sardines. Main courses include chicken piri-piri and baked Portuguese cod filled with presunto ham (similar to Palma ham), cheese and roast peppers.

Bookings can only be made at Café Feliz. If you want to enquire about table availability for this or future Portuguese Nights, call in at Cafe Feliz or phone them on 01903 - 859292.

(27 October 2005)



Angmering Planning Applications (List 42)

A/124/05 - Proposed rear extension to enlarge kitchen and form dining area. Existing rear utility room and kitchen demolished. At 3 The Cottrells. For Mr D Del-Smith.

Observations on these Applications must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 17 November 2005

(26 October 2005)



Angmering Road Closure

Further to our article dated 20 October, despite road diversion signs being placed on the A259, Station Road was not actually closed this morning which must have caused confusion with motorists. Presumably the contractors did not commence work due to the adverse weather conditions. However, by this afternoon, more diversion signs were erected and Station Road blocked off at the Mill Road build-out. Many motorists ignored the diversion signs and were forced to turn around at Mill Road.

(24 October 2005)



Sussex Windmills


Further to my article on 15 October (see below) about Angmering's Jerusalem Mill, I have been corrected about calling the mill an 'it'. In Sussex, all windmills are called 'she'. In fact, as the old saying goes in this County:

"Everything is Sussex is a She

Except a Tom-Cat, and she's a He".

(22 October 2005)


Proposed Bramley Green Community Centre - Open Meeting


Following the performance of "Morning, Noon & Marilyn Monroe" at Worthing Rugby Club, Roundstone Lane, Angmering on Friday 4 November, there will be an Open Meeting hosted by Angmering Parish Council to discuss the proposed Community Centre in the village and future community activities. The meeting will commence at 9.15pm and, if residents do not want to see the earlier production, there is no obligation for them to do so. So go along after the performance and meet your parish councillors. An added attraction is that the bar will be open!

(21 October 2005)


Angmering Road Closures - 24 and 31 October


WSCC has just announced that Station Road will be closed for 5 days from 9.00am on Monday 24 October. The road will be blocked immediately north of the Mill Road build-out. Residents will have access to their properties but there will be no through way by the build-out. North Drive will be closed at its northern end and access will only be from the southern end near The Angmering School. Villagers will need to use Roundstone Lane or the by-pass if they want to exit or enter the village centre during that week. The closure is necessary to undertake work on the dangerous build-out imposed on the village by the WSCC - it will be made shorter and narrower. However, we believe this will only encourage motorists to take more risks at this point!


Water Lane (east of Dappers Lane - the section to the by-pass) will also be closed from 9.00am on Monday 31 October for "up to 5 days" to allow clearance work on the corner of Water Lane and Dappers Lane to improve vision at that point. Motorists will therefore have to go south and use the A259 and the by-pass(A280) as appropriate if they normally use that part of Water Lane

Additionally, there may be delays near other build-outs throughout the village in the next couple of weeks as vegetation is cleared, especially on the cycle tracks.

(20 October 2005)


"Morning, Noon and Marilyn Monroe"


Over the last few years I've often heard people complaining in the village that there is nothing to do or there are no cultural or arts activities locally.Photo by Anthony Webber On 9 October, this page carried an announcement of the touring production "Morning, Noon and Marilyn Monroe" which has received excellent reviews from the critics. However, despite much publicity by the Parish Council around the village and elsewhere, the take-up of tickets has been rather indifferent. Come on residents of Angmering, stir yourselves - you can do much better than this! Do you not want any entertainment or arts/cultural events here?


The production will be held at Worthing Rugby Club, Roundstone Lane, Angmering on Friday 4 November. Tickets cost £5.00 (concessions - £4.00) and the performance is suitable for 12 years and over. Tickets are available in the village from the Angmering Parish Council office, Big Fry, and Southdown Bikes. Come on - take action now and do not just "pass by on the other side".


See the news item below (9 October) for full details of this production.

(20 October 2005)


Hammerpot Brewery - New Beers


We reported several months ago that Hammerport Brewery had opened at The Vinery (off A27) and that they had launched their first beer, Meteor, described as "a chestnut coloured session bitter with a combination of malts giving a depth of character often absent in a beer of this strength. Smooth in the mouth yet with a hop character derived from fine English hops that gives a pleasant refreshing and slightly dry finish.. Meteor has an ABV of 3.8%". The Brewery has since come up with a second stronger ale, Red Hunter, described as "Deep mahogany to ruby red bitter. A full bodied, rich and slightly vinous malt character soundly balanced with finest English hops. Red Hunter has an ABV of 4.3%" And a third ale will be on its way shortly, Vinery Mild, "A dark, almost black mild with just a hint of ruby red glowing though. Full of dry, flavoursome malts with a slight toasty smokiness. Delicately hopped with the classic English Fuggles and topped with a tight creamy head Vinery Mild had an ABV of 2.9%".


It you want to try some of Hammerpot Brewery's beers, it is understood they are available from The Windmill (Rustington), The Selden Arms (Worthing), The Swan Inn (Fittleworth), The Cricketers (Duncton), The Buckingham Arms (Shoreham), The Stanley Arms (Portslade), and The Evening Star (Brighton).

(20 October 2005)


St Margaret's Church Re-Ordering - Open Meeting


Many residents of Angmering are aware of the proposed controversial re-ordering of the parish church, a Grade II* Listed Building. Planned alterations include replacing the pews with more comfortable chairs which will allow more flexible seating arrangements, a baptismal total-immersion pool, removal of the pulpit and replacing it with a more contemporary lectern positioned at the focal point of worship, creating a new entrance via a glazed, gabled gabled extension to the eastern wall of the Gratwicke Chapel, and the creation of a two storey office on the north-east side of the Church complete with a meeting room and a WC.


The Rector and PCC of St Margaret's have always promised that both members of the 'church family' and residents of Angmering would be given the opportunity of commenting on the proposed re-ordering. A presentation was given to the 'church family' earlier in the year and to other parish organisations during the Summer. Some further thought has been given to the plans following those consultations. On Saturday 5 November, all residents of Angmering will be able to see the plans for themselves as there will be an Open Meeting at the church between 10.00am and midday. The Architect and his team, the Rector, and members of the PCC will be in attendance to show what is planned and answer questions posed by parish residents.


Following this consultation, the church is hoping to make its formal application to the Chancellor of the Diocese. However, as alterations to the external fabric are proposed, the church must also obtain relevant permissions from Arun District Council as the church is (a) a Listed Building, and (b) within the village Conservation Area. If all bodies approve the plans and the appropriate grants are obtained from the church authorities, St Margaret's hope to start work after Easter 2006.

(19 October 2005)


Angmering Planning Applications (List 41)


A/115/05/A - 4 no. non-illuminated fascia signs and 2 no. non-illuminated pole signs at The Car Care Centre, Roundstone Farm, Littlehampton Road. For Mr M Milnes.

A/120/05 - Single storey extensions to front and rear at 21 Mill Road Avenue. For Mr & Mrs Shields.

A/122/05 - Outline application for demolition of existing buildings and residential redevelopment to provide 8 no. 2 bed and 2. no. 1 bed apartments and associated parking at Dane Acre, Roundstone Lane. For Mr & Mrs B Bentley.


Observations on these Applications must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 10 November 2005

(19 October 2005)


Downs Way


It is understood a meeting took place at a private house in Downs Way last Friday morning attended by our MP, Nick Herbert, and chairman of Angmering Parish Council, Chris Hughes. The meeting was attended by residents of Downs Way to discuss the parking situation in the road and Heathfield Avenue, and the speed of vehicles travelling through Downs Way as it is used as a "rat run" especially during the morning rush hour. Possibilities of restricting parking were discussed as were methods of minimising traffic speed to make the route safer - these included possible periodic police speed traps. One suggestion that seemed much in favour with attendees apparently was making Downs Way a No Through Road. Presumably this would be at the Station Road end as blocking the Roundstone Lane end would have a significant impact on the business of the shops at that end. This would be a controversial move and presumably all residents of Downs Way, Heathfield Avenue, Ambersham Crescent and Ashurst Way would need to be given the opportunity of commenting on such a proposal before any decision was made. The meeting was so well attended that it had to be held in the front garden!

(18 October 2005)


Angmering Parish News


The first issue of Angmering Parish Council's quarterly newsletter has just been published and is in the course of distribution to every property in the parish. It is a good effort and, while we do not always agree with the Parish Council on every matter, I think that their initiative in keeping residents informed should be applauded. If you haven't received your copy within the next week, get in touch with the Parish Council on 01903-850756.

(17 October 2005)


A mystery solved


It's very satisfying for local historians, or students of local history such as myself, to clear up long standing mysteries. In the course of its history in the last 200 years or so, Angmering had four windmills. Three of these have in the past been fairly well documented, but little was known of the fourth mill - Jerusalem Mill - which until the 1840s was situated near to the rear of where the Baptist Church is today in Station Road. It was previously thought that the mill had been demolished in Angmering in the mid- to late-1840s. However, browsing through Mary Taylor's excellent 1998 book "Rustington - A Pictorial History", the answer to the mill's disappearance shot out from one of the pages!


The mill in fact was transported bodily to Rustington where it worked for 9 years before again being transported to Fishbourne where it finished its days. There is a caption in Mary Taylor's book that contains the following extract from the Brighton Gazette dated 5 October 1848:


"A windmill belonging to Mr Graves Bailey was last week successfully removed, in an erect position, from near the residence of Mr Gratwicke, at Angmering, to the sea-side at Rustington, a distance of two miles; and, as may be supposed, so extraordinary an object on the turnpike road, especially while on the viaduct over the railway, attracted crowds of spectators. The removal was accomplished by the following means:- A very strong frame work, or “undercarriage”, of timber, upon four extremely broad solid wheels, was introduced beneath the horizontal timbers supporting the main-post and the spurs of the mill, and between the brickwork pier upon which the whole rested; the weight was then, by the aid of wedges and powerful screws, transmitted from the piers to the carriage, to which horses, varying along the way in number from nineteen to twenty-four, were attached, and after this manner the removal was accomplished with comparatively little difficulty. Extensive lopping of the trees had to be made along the greater part of the route".


 (15 October 2005)


New Surgery Progress


Good progress continues to be made on the Surgery. Roof insulation and wooden tile battening was carried out earlier this week and this morning the tiles are being lifted to the roof ready for laying. These are dark grey coloured clay tiles which should look quite unobtrusive when in place.

(14 October 2005)


Angmering Planning Applications (List 40)


A/116/05 - Two storey extension (Resubmission of A/74/05) at Arlington, The Thatchway. For Mr & Mrs Wood.

A/118/05 - Part change of use of redundant glasshouse to storage display and wholesale of pottery and equine related products at Foschini's Nursery, Hangleton Lane. For Mr & Mrs F Roozebehan.


Observations on these Applications must be received by The Head of Planning Services, Arun District Council, The Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 5LF by 3 November 2005

(12 October 2005)


Slideshow of Old Angmering Photos


We're always thinking of something new to enhance the site but the scope is a bit limited.

However, we are now able to bring you something novel - a slideshow of photos of Old Angmering. Currently, there are 21 photos in this new gallery which takes the form of a tour around Angmering in bygone times. The photos were all taken between approx 1865 and the late 1920s. Each photo is accompanied by explanatory text.


The tour of the village starts in Arundel Road, and comes down into The Square before going up the High Street, down Weavers Hill and then into Water Lane. The photos change every 10 seconds but you can stop and start the slideshow by clicking the appropriate control buttons that have been included.


Click here to see the slideshow. We hope you enjoy it! From the slideshow page, you will be able to return to the main Photo Gallery Index page which will enable you to see many more photos of Angmering (both old and new).


(11 October 2005)