Listed Buildings in Angmering

Angmering has been fortunate in retaining many of its old historic buildings.

Bunnes CottagesHowever, many buildings were lost in the 1930s when well meaning local councillors (such as Edwin Harris) wished to improve housing and introduce more sanitary conditions into the village. The historic Bunnes Cottages (see photo right) next to Eachways Cottage were demolished by 1937, as were the old cottages in Water Lane close to Dappers Lane. Barrack Yard Cottages in the High Street were demolished a few years earlier.

Old buildings and barns continued to disappear up until 1970 before, nationally, society became increasingly aware of its lost heritage. At that point, conservation and preservation organisations, such as The Angmering Society, sprang up around the country. For many areas, however, it was too late. Goring, for example, had most of its old buildings swept away by the 1960s and few of note survive today.

Below are Angmering buildings and structures appearing in the Arun District Council's Schedule of Listed Buildings. All are Grade II with the exception of St Margaret's Church, New Place, and Ecclesden Manor which are of greater historic interest and are listed as Grade II*. The majority of these Listed Buildings are probably 18thC or earlier, but the list includes some 19thC buildings such as the Public Library (ex Older's School) (built 1853). The War Memorial, of course, is 20thC.

Arundel Road

  The Parish Church of St Margaret
  Church Cottage
  The Vestry Hall
  Waterton House
  Barn at Elmhurst to the N of the house
  203 (Pear Tree Cottage)
  1 to 6 Longback Cottages
  The Public Library
  School House
  Church House
  Aberdeen House
  Outbuilding adjoining S of Aberdeen House
  Angmering Forge
  200, 201, 202 (New Place Farmhouse)
  192, (Decoy Cottage)
  The Woodman Arms Public House
  The Old Cottage
  Upper Bargeham (farmhouse buildings)
  Barn to Upper Bargeham to W of farmhouse

Church Road (Pooks Hill)

  1, (St Margaret's Cottage)
  2 & 3
  4, (Jade Cottage)
  5, (Pooks's Cottage)
  7, (Little Avenings)
  8, (St Nicholas House)
  9, (Conyers)
  Blaber Cottage

High Street

  Thorpe Cottage
  Ivy Cottage
  Garden House
  Syon House
  Bow Cottage
  Old Well Cottage
  Bennington House
  The Old House
  The Pigeon House
  Outbuilding SE of Pigeon House
  Barn to the E of Pigion House
  Wayside Cottage
  The White House
  White House Cottage
  Bay Tree Cottage
  Littleworth Cottage
  The Spotted Cow Public House
  Ecclesden Manor
  Dovecote at Ecclesden Manor NE of house

Rectory Lane

  The White Cottage
  Church Farm House

Roundstone Lane

  Pound House

The Square

  The Lamb Inn
  Hazel Cottage (formerly The End)
  Byfleet House
  Ann's Cottage
  Elm Grove Cottage
  Dolphin Cottage
  The War Memorial

Station Road

  The former Baptist Chapel
  The old Mill House
  The old Cottage

Water Lane

  Avenals Farmhouse
  Ecclesden Farmhouse

Weavers Hill

  Malt Barn Cottage
  The Malt House
  Cressingham Cottage
  Barn S of Cressingham Cottage and linking wall
  Weavers Cottage

West Drive

  Ham Manor Golf Clubhouse
  The Dower House
  The Gates of The Dower House

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