Angmering Houses

Those extant c1840 in the Tithe Map and Apportionment

by RW Standing


The following list of houses and cottages is derived from the Tithe Maps and Apportionment for both Angmering and Ham, together with several taken from those for Rustington and Poling which had small outliers of parish land within the general area of Angmering.  These documents are on deposit at West Sussex Record Office.   The Angmering apportionment is dated 1839.


Photographs of many of the houses may be found in, Angmering in old picture postcards - Leslie Baker - European Library 2002.  Where this is so the Reference LB and Page number is given.


It should be observed that most of these photographs are of the houses in the early 20th century.  Some of them may have been rebuilt during the 19th century, and many alterations will have taken place since then.  Also a substantial number have been totally demolished. Therefore, in some instances, what a house name and location represents is a series of buildings, additions, and alterations, and not a structure unchanged over two hundred years.


The names of houses are those traditionally used, and as used in several books that have been published, including those by Leslie Baker. In many instances the houses and all record of their names have long gone and for some of these names have been created from historical associations.   These artificial names are in quotes, as for instance "Griffen's".


Notes about the houses relate primarily to the early Victorian period.


The location of each of groups of houses uses modern road names, such as the A27 and Arundel Road, as 19th century names were usually different and changeable.


1          Traditional House Name

2          Tithe Plot Number

3          Census Names mainly 1901

To see the Tithe Plot's positioning, click on the Map icon against each Tithe reference


Section 1 - Village Square and Church Road

Section 2 - The Street (Red Lion to Roundstone Lane)

Section 3 - The Street (Spotted Cow to Eachways)

Section 4 - Pound House and Roundstone Lane

Section 5 - Ecclesden

Section 6 - Old Place and Arundel Road

Section 7 - Water Lane and Avenals

Section 8 - Worthing Road

Section 9 - Ham and Station Road

Section 10 - New Place and Yarmouth

Section 11 - Priors Lease to Swillage

Section 12 - Barpham and Angmering Park



The south-east side from south to north

ELMGROVE COTTAGES                       Tithe 403-4 View Map    Elm Grove 1901


Probably only four cottages originally but not Dolphins

ELMGROVE                                          Tithe 405  View Map     Elm Grove 1901

The earliest cottage in the group, and at that date tenanted by two families.

LB 2     View of all the cottages

LB 8     The thatched cottage and others beyond that

ANN'S COTTAGE                                  Tithe 406  View Map    


Henry Ragless the school teacher retired here.

LB 8   The cottage to the extreme left.

THE ROSARY [London House]              Tithe 408  View Map     London House 1901

Occupied by the Cortis family landowners and bankers

LB 1     The house is the barn like building with half-hipped roof behind other houses on the right of the picture. It no longer exists.

Next cottages adjoining the churchyard

"LIDBITTER'S COTTAGE"                     Tithe 176P View Map    

"GRIFFEN'S"                                        Tithe 177P View Map    

LB 6  The low barn like buildings may be a part of this cottage surviving early in the 20th century

These two cottages were in an outlier of Poling next to the church, with no known names, Liddbitter and Griffen were occupiers in the 17th century.

PARISH CHURCH                                 Tithe 401  View Map    

LB 45 and 46 The west and east ends

CHURCH ROAD or Baker's Row                                                 

From west to east

BLABER COTTAGE                               Tithe 382  View Map    

Occupied by the Green family blacksmiths

LB 42    The east frontage of the cottage

St MARGARET'S COTTAGE                  Tithe 384  View Map    

LB 53    shows the cottage from the west

COTTAGES [four]                                 Tithe 384  View Map    

LITTLE AVENINGS                               Tithe 383  View Map    

All the above cottages were owned by Henry Baker of Conyers

St NICHOLAS and CONYERS                Tithe 383  View Map    

LB 43    The sash windowed houses in the foreground

At that time occupied as one dwelling by Henry Baker

LAMB INN                                            Tithe 380  View Map     Lamb Inn 1901

LB 10    The inn still has much the same appearance

Thomas Wilkinson was the innkeeper for the last half of the 19th century 


ANGMERING COTTAGE                        Tithe 379  View Map     Angmering Cotttage 1871

LB 10    The crenellated building to the right of the Lamb Inn

This house no longer exists

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South side from west to east

RED LION INN                                      Tithe 410  View Map     The Lion Inn 1901

LB 11    This public house is today a shop

For a long period in the later 19th century the Cheeseman family were the publicans.

RED LION Houses                                 Tithe 411  View Map    

LB 12    Several houses at the rear of the Red Lion

Three dwellings one of which was a baker's business

WINCHESTER HSE and COTTRELL HSE   Tithe 413 View Map   The Cotterills 1901

LB 13    The nearest building

LB 15    When a shop

A draper and grocers' shop occupied later by Richard Winchester

The Cottrells [Lane] here

SADDLERS                                           Tithe 414  View Map     Prospect House 1901

LB 13    The building in the centre distance

LB 14    In the foreground

William Batcock and others were in the saddlers trade here

BARRACK YARD - 8 houses                  Tithe 416  View Map     Barrack Yard 1901

LB 16    The end of one of the two facing blocks of houses

ROSE and CROWN COTT. - 5 houses   Tithe 417-8  View Map    Rose and Crown Cottages 1901

LB 16    Various cottages set back and partly in view just beyond the Barrack Yard

THORPE COTTTAGE                            Tithe 419  View Map    

Evidently tenanted by two families

IVY COTTAGE                                      Tithe 420  View Map    

Occupied by Richard Amoore a butcher

Honey Lane here


GARDEN HOUSE                                  Tithe 421  View Map     Kinnoull Cottage & House 1901

Tenanted by three families

SYON HOUSE [Rectory]                        Tithe 422  View Map     Angmering Rectory 1901

LB 22    The north front   LB 23    The Garden front

The rector of Angmering house

SALTERS and BOW COTTAGE             Tithe 423  View Map    

Tenanted by three families

CHANT'S  Cottages                              Tithe 424  View Map     Chalk's Cottages 1901

LB 24 The north frontage

Tenanted by two families. Named after former shepherd tenants

Chants Lane here

OLD WELL COTTAGE                           Tithe 426  View Map    

LB 26    End on to the right

Tenanted by two families

BENNINGTON HOUSE                           Tithe 427  View Map     Lane End House 1901

A Miss Rose Olliver, of the landowning family lived here

OLD HOUSE     [East End Cottage]       Tithe 429  View Map     Rose Cottage 1901

George Grant a farmer lived here in the mid 19th century

Old Mill Lane here

WEAVERS COTTAGE                           Tithe 430  View Map    

BROCKETTS                                        Tithe 431  View Map    

The above four houses in LB 26 are in the middle distance

Roundstone Lane here

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North side from east to west

SPOTTED COW            house               Tithe 345  View Map    The Spotted Cow 1901

LB 29    South frontage of the present building

It was not a public house until 1860

HOUSE                                                 Tithe 346  View Map    

A cottage at the rear of Tithe 345 now part of the same establishment

LITTLEWORTH COTTAGE                    Tithe 347  View Map    Littleworth 1901

THATCHES and BAYTREE                    Tithe 348  View Map    Lane End Cottages 1901

Several cottages of different dates in a block next to the inn

The White House is of later date and is well known as where WH Gill lived

WAYSIDE COTTAGE                             Tithe 351  View Map    

Cottage near the Malt House possibly originally Pear Tree Cottage

Weavers Hill here

MALT HOUSE                                       Tithe 353  View Map     Malt House 1901

LB 36    The west frontage

Occupied by Henry Grant a malster

CRESSINGHAM COTTAGE                    Tithe 361  View Map     Cressingham 1891

LB 35 The east frontage

Occupied by two families

PIGEON HOUSE                                   Tithe 356  View Map     Pigeon House Farm 1901

LB 25    The east frontage

Occupied throughout the 19th century by the Standing family, farmers.  Part of the house was a used as a cottage.

COURT HOUSE                                    Tithe 366  View Map    

LB 21   The thatched cottage can just be seen set back  beyond Somerset House

Referred to in deeds as the manor court house, later occupied by village policeman

COMMERCE HOUSE                             Tithe 367  View Map     Commerce House 1901

LB 20   House when used as a shop

A baker, grocer and chemist were occupants here at various times

ROSE COTTAGE                                   Tithe 368  View Map    

LB 19    Thatched cottage in foreground

At least briefly a beer shop

YEW TREES                                         Tithe 370  View Map    

The house of the Sayers family farmers

BUNNES COTTAGES                            Tithe 372-3 View Map    

LB 9     A group of cottages with either two or three households at the end of the Street

EACHWAYS                                          Tithe 374  View Map    

Occupied by several families including later the postmistress

Water Lane here

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POUND HOUSE                                    Tithe 339  View Map     Pound House 1901

FLINT COTTAGE                                  Tithe 438  View Map    

Cottage at north end of the road

ROUNDSTONE HOUSE                        Tithe 544  View Map     Roundstone House 1901

Occupied by John Bennett later by East Preston curates

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5          ECCLESDEN

ECCLESDEN MANOR                            Tithe 309  View Map    Ecclesden Manor 1901

LB 30    The south frontage

The most well known large house in Angmering at that time occupied by Grant family

ECCLESDEN MILL COTTAGES             Tithe 314  View Map    Highdown Cottages 1901

A pair of cottages by the mill

ECCLESDEN UPPER                             Tithe 300  View Map   Lower Ecclesden Farm 1901 [sic]

Farm house occupied by William Miles

The following pair have alternative name Lower Ecclesden

UPPER HANGLETON                            Tithe 290  View Map   Ecclesden Farm Cottages 1901

UPPER HANGLETON                            Tithe 291  View Map   Ecclesden farm Cottages 1901

Both houses ruined and demolished about 1995

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Rectory Lane

OLD PLACE                                          Tithe 451  View Map   Old Place Farm 1901

The old house has gone, tenanted by Thomas Amoore farming both Old and New Place farms

CHURCH FARM                                    Tithe 395  View Map     Church Farm 1901

Occupied by the farmer John Heasman

WHITE LODGE                                     Tithe 392  View Map     The Limes & Lime Tree Cottage 1901

Occupied by two families and probably named after a later smallholder tenant

Arundel Rd west side south to north

WATERTONE HOUSE                           Tithe 391  View Map     The Laurels 1901

Occupied by Sarah Amoore

ELMHURST                                          Tithe 390  View Map     Elmhurst 1901

LB 40    The buildings to the left

Various occupants of independent means included later an artist

PEAR TREE COTTAGE                          Tithe 250  View Map     Pear Tree Cottage 1901

Occupied by two families

LONGBACK COTTAGES                       Tithe 249  View Map    Longback Cottages 1901

LB 41    East frontage of the cottages

Owned by the parish a terrace of six cottages

Arundel Rd east side north to south

COTTAGES                                          Tithe 252  View Map    

Long gone with little known about them a group of cottages

ABERDEEN HOUSE [Woods]                 Tithe 389  View Map     Aberdeen House 1901

LB 40    The buildings on the right

Occupied by the Amoore family malsters and butchers

COTTAGES                                          Tithe 388  View Map    

Another little known row of cottages with three families

CHURCH HOUSE                                  Tithe 387  View Map     Church House 1901

Later occupied by John Heasman the farmer

OLDERS SCHOOL                                Tithe 385  View Map    

LB 38    This is the late 19th C school, the original house was to the right of the picture

Henry Ragless occupied the old schoolhouse

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7          WATER LANE and AVENALS

From south to north

COTTAGE                                            Tithe 375  View Map    

This cottage was behind Eachways

COTTAGES                                          Tithe 258  View Map    

A pair of cottages later replaced by Gladstone Cottages

COTTAGES                                          Tithe 259  View Map    

LB 31   Cottages in the foreground

Another pair of cottages now gone

COTTAGES                                          Tithe 260  View Map    

LB 32   facing over the road to Weavers Cottage

A row of seven cottages that were probably of different dates

WEAVERS COTTAGE                           Tithe 261  View Map    

LB 33 partly seen to the left

Occupied by Curtis Monk a baker it is the only Water Lane cottage that survives

COTTAGE                                            Tithe 261   View Map    

LB 33   small cottage in foreground

AVENALS FARM                                  Tithe 265  View Map    Avenals Farm 1901

Farm house off Water Lane occupied by James Penfold

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8          WORTHING  ROAD

Houses near Ferring and Hangleton Lane

HANGLETON FARM                              Tithe 322  View Map     Hangleton Farm 1901

Farm house occupied by Charles Mills

HOGTROUGH                                       Tithe 559  View Map    Hogtroughs 1901

A small cottage on the south side of the road - "troo" as pronounced

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9          HAM and STATION ROAD

HAM MANOR                                        Tithe 68H  View Map    Ham Manor 1901

LB 51    The east frontage of the 19th century house

The residence of WGK Gratwicke until his decease in 1868 - golf club today

COTTAGE near Manor Hse                   Tithe 71H  View Map    

Station Rd from north to south

OLD MILL HOUSE                                Tithe 531  View Map    

Next to the mill on the east side of the road. with two dwellings and families

The following two cottages belonging to Ham also listed under Angmering

On the west side of the road now gone

COTTAGE                                             Tithe 85H or 513  View Map    

COTTAGES                                          Tithe 86H or 521  View Map    

OLDERS LODGE                                   Tithe 523  View Map    School Cottage 1901

A cottage that belonged to the Olders Charity on the east side of the road together with surrounding farmland


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10         NEW PLACE and YARMOUTH

North and south of A27 west of Dover Lane

Cottages north of the road

COTTAGE at Charlow                          Tithe 125  View Map    

A cottage at Naked Boys

COTTAGE at Charlow                          Tithe 124  View Map    

Another cottage at Naked Boys croft

South of the road

WOODHOUSE                                      Tithe 142  View Map    Yarmouth House 1851

The farm house formerly

YARMOUTH                                          Tithe 143  View Map    Yarmouth Farm 1851

WOODEN CHIMNEY Hse                       Tithe 168  View Map   Wooden Chimney House 1851

Above places used as several cottages

DECOY                                                 Tithe 164  View Map    Decoy House and Cottage 1901

This cottage still exists in the woods near New Place it

was occupied by two families.    

NEW PLACE                                         Tithe 182  View Map    New Place 1841

The ancient Palmer mansion, become cottages with five families in occupation

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Mainly north of the A27 Road

LEATHER BOTTTLE                              Tithe 109  View Map     Leather Bottle 1851     

A cottage for a time used as a beer house in Dover Lane, or Priors Lease Lane - now gone

PRIORS LEASE FARM                          Tithe 115  View Map    Priors Lees 1901

The farm buildings still exist but the house is gone, in Dover Lane

GREEN LODGE                                     Tithe 174  View Map    Green Lodge 1901

A cottage north from New Place on the Arundel road

COTTAGE Hammer Pot                        Tithe 99   View Map    

A cottage now under the main road south of the inn.

WOODMAN'S ARMS                             Tithe 100  View Map    

A pair of cottages that became the public house

LB 57    A view of the west front of this inn

COTTAGE Hammer Pot                        Tithe 101  View Map    

This cottage site is now under the car park north of the inn

OLD COTTAGE Hammer Pot                Tithe 158P  View Map    Bewley's Cottage 1901

This cottage still exists north of the inn it was in a Poling outlier

HARROWAY                                         Tithe 91   View Map    

Occupied by two families a cottage near Swillage Lane

"SWILLAGE"                                        Tithe 84   View Map    

A cottage on the east side of Swillage Lane

"WOOLVINS"   Dappers Ln                  Tithe 215  View Map   Woolvens Cottages 1851

The only ancient cottage in Dappers Lane

"CRIPPLE GATE"                                 Tithe 196  View Map   

A cottage that was on Ecclesden Common on the Worthing-Arundel Road.

FOX INN                                               Tithe 193  View Map    Fox Inn 1901

At the extreme east of the parish by Selden Lane tenanted by William Hode.

A new inn was built c1951 and the old building later demolished.

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The northern parts of Angmering on the Downs - Barpham not to be confused with Burpham

LOWER BARPHAM                               Tithe 20     View Map    Lower Barphan Farm 1901

The farm house.

UPPER BARPHAM                                Tithe 18H  View Map    Upper Barpham farm 1901

The farm house occupied by Charles Hersee

COTTAGE Upper Barpham                   Tithe 30H  View Map    

In the woods south of the farmhouse

COTTAGE Upper Barpham                   Tithe 34H  View Map    

In the woods south-west of the farmhouse


The tithe apportionments of Ham and Angmering are confused concerning the park.

PARK FARM                                         Tithe 220R View Map     Angmering Park House 1851

In a former Rustington outlier within the park.  Occupied by George Olliver.


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RW Standing 2004


Angmering tithe map surveyed by Henry Salter of Arundel 1839

Ham tithe map surveyed by Henry Salter of Arundel 1847

Tithe Apportionments: Angmering 1839: Ham 1849.

Last updated: 17 February 2004