Ewens Family of Angmering (17th Century)

Angmering Library holds a bound transcript of Parish Registers from 1562 - 1687 (all nicely indexed!). The Registers show the following:


1649 Apr 23 Thomas Manning to Mary Ewens, widow


1633 Mar 13 Elizabeth Ewen d. of Robert Ewen
1636 Apr 30 Richard Ewens, sonne of William Ewens by Anne his wife
1638 Jul 29 Robert Ewens, ye sonne of William Ewens by Anne his wife
1638 Dec 26 George, sonne of William Ewenes by Anne his wife
1638 Dec 29 Sara Ewens, daughter of Robert Ewens by Elizabeth his wife
1642 Sep 4 William, sonne of William Ewins by Anne his wife
1645 Oct 4 William, sonne of William Ewens by Anne his wife


1634 Apr 29 Elizabeth Ewin d. of Robert Ewin
1638 Oct 7 Robert s. of William Ewens
1639 Dec 28 George Ewens s. of William Ewens
1643/4 Mar 1 Elizabeth ye wife of Robert Evins
1644 Mar 9 William s. of William Evins


Old Place Farm belonged to Robert Ewins in 1646. An item in the Quarter Sessions Order Book , Petworth tells of the disastrous fire 12 November 1642, when everything - barns, stables, buildings containing all his harvested crops - hundreds of pounds worth & implements - was burnt. "This untimely accident, the sayd Robert Ewins , who before lived in good repute is now fayne to go to daily labour & not able without help of a Collection to susteyne himself, his wife & his children. It is ordered by this Court that a Collection be made in the three Rapes of this County & the Ministers are desired to publish this ordered in theire parish Churches & to stir up theire parishioneres to contribute freely".

It will be noted that there is no mention of Ewens from 1649 until the end of the Register in 1687, nearly 40 years, and it would appear that they must have moved out of the parish. Their disappearance coincides with the fire at Old Place Farm.

Last updated 1 June 2002