Angmering Parish Registers - a light-hearted glance

(by Andrew Woodford)

Here are a few unusual names found in the Angmering Parish Registers 1562-1687: Batmansone, Dimvike, Frogbrook, Furlonger, Godlyman, Hash (Temperance), Hogsflesh, Hogtrough, Only, Pitchforke, Scardefeeld, Topsayle, and Turneagayne.

Many of these names have long since disappeared but Hogsflesh certainly still exists although it is often pronounced "ho-flay"! I wonder why?

Among the surnames for this period were a number of local villages or locations, namely: Beedinge, Broadwater, Clappam, Goringe, Parham, Patching, Wepham and Worthinge.

There are also a number of amusing surname groupings which no doubt are reflected in the registers of other parishes of the time but nevertheless quite interesting for a smallish community:

Bacon, Bangger & Hash;

King, Duke, Earle & Knight;

Baker & Bun;

Pope, Bishop & Monke;

Brown, Gray, Green, Red & White;

Short & Long;

Daughter & Sone;

Moon & Star;

Shepheard & Lambe;

Rice & Barly;

Constable & Sergeant;

Birde, Bustard, Capon, Eagle, Sparrow & Swift.

Here are some other entries which may make you smile:

Baptism: 20 November 1757 - James, son of Widdow Crossingham, sworn and confessed to have begotten by her late Husband's Son. Upon examining the Lad, he solemnly declared the Hussy attacked him on his Bed, first in her cloths, then naked. He did not comply. But afterwards She rushed into his Bed and seized the Premisses.

Baptism: 3 April 1765 - William son of Anne Roberts by God Knows Who

Baptism: 2 June 1763 - Sarah daughter of Elizabeth Tye who still remains un-Tyed

Burial: 26 Feb 1764 - Marble Stone

Andrew Woodford

June 2003

(re-published from Angmering Society Newsletters 2001-2002)